How SEO & Design Can Affect Your Rankings {Top 10 Reasons}

Whenever you plan to invest in a business, your first concern is how much it returns?

SEO and the website design are two essential factors to accelerate a website ranking. As the SEO parameters keep changing and it’s important to stay in touch with the latest updates, Google has invented. Likewise, web design has gone through amendments time and again. 

With this article, we will get to analyze the top 10 reasons on how SEO and Website design can influence business ranking.

1. Mobile-friendly website

How can you say a website is not optimized Google ranking if it’s not a mobile-friendly. The simple reason behind this is, more and more people are accessing the web through the mobile device instead of desktop.  

Now, it’s a reality that Google categories websites in the top results which are mobile-friendly. In short, you can say SEO is the foundation of a business’s website. Undoubtedly, search ranking is one part of the story but don’t forget to add user experience when the user lands on your website.   

The important elements, it includes are:

  1. Easy accessibility
  2. Navigation
  3. Killer content should be in front of the user’s eyes

2. Optimized content

There is a huge discussion going on a topic, website content. And it should be because actual ranking is based on unique and impressive content.

Simple website design is not enough to fill up the cracks of a website, alluring content must be at the top.

Overwriting or excess text on a single web page doesn’t seem professional, insert phrases to manipulate a user. Because phrases are simple, short, attractive and help the reader to understand services more clearly.      

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On a professional note, Financial Website Design would be completed with world-class writing. An investor wants to know the scheme in clear words instead of complex or lengthy sentences.


3. Technical SEO

Like single variation in coding can ruin a whole program, similarly, its substantial to run SEO technically. Look below for technical SEO elements:

  • Apply phrases related to keywords in the titles of web pages. It will help a user when they search for anything relevant to your business.  
  • Use header tags. Insert h1 for main heading and h2, h3 for sub-headings.
  • Develop meta descriptions to impress a reader at the first look.
  • Add keywords phrases in images to make a connection between images and content.

4. Speed impacts

Website speed matters a lot. If a user feels, a website is taking too long to open up, he/she might turn down. Every second speed gets slower and you will lose visitors. 

Suppose, a user clicks on an ad or link and divert to your website and at last, they realize the poor speed, definitely they will turn to another website.

This way you will feel your website ranking is getting lower and lower. So amplify the website speed to maintain the stability of your business.

5. Links

A website exists on the shoulders of links. There is no error if you say, links are a natural resource for SEO ranking. Generally, links are classified as inbound links and outbound links.

The inbound links are picked from another website to your site whereas outbound links that originate from your website to another site.

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But these both are an important part of SEO ranking. The inbound links are also known as backlinks and its worth if it’s of high-quality links.

From the part of link building strategies, outbound and inbound links actually work to your advantage, letting Google know that you are a high-quality, popular, trustworthy source of information.

6. Good Design & SEO increases traffic

The organic search traffic is built based on organic search results in Google. It is not paid activity. With this way, 50% of traffic is driven to your website.

Maximum people think to click on organic results signify that your website is genuine and the best for any query. As per record, 75% traffic falls to the category who balance your position on the first page of search engine results. 

Time and again, Google is working to improve its algorithms to bring out the best websites in front. The search traffic is what we all expecting or the success of our business and here it is just for you.  

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7. Clear design

Give first preference to simple design instead of getting a puzzle with complex website designing. A clear and smooth design is more comfortable to understand.

Moreover, it looks natural and professional. Addition of content, images and videos in excess and irrelevant to subject is not enacted by users.

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A visitor love to scroll a website which is easy to navigate plus services are defined in simple words rather complex sentences.

As nobody has time to spend on a single website, they find something hard at one site, they have plenty of options to switch. So, it’s better to make things just amazing.

8. Typography

Currently, there is a trend of variable font sizes and styles. We all have the right to express and experiment. And getting engage with typography is the right decision.

Apply different expressions like Bold, Italics and outlined in the same paragraph to depict the real beauty of the design.

9. Animated images

Walk with the trend as animated images have special importance to enhance web traffic. Through animated pictures, you can closely observe a website and it makes you feel like a website tries to communicate you.

You can feel the words, images and relate them with your query if you have any.

10. Unique style

A common design is not in the position to attract viewers for a longer duration. Take an innovative style and use your creativity in designing.

Usually, the audience gets bored with the same font and style, this time does something fantastic and beyond anyone’s expectations.


Although there are some short cuts to improve a website ranking, that will not hang around for a longer duration. The right SEO and phenomenal design can only help you to earn the best result on search engines. 

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