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7 Best Website Designs Inspirations

While surfing the net we often come across some websites that simply impress us and draw us in. There might be different reasons and standards for the sites to be outstanding but all have one thing in common— impressive and innovative idea.

Whether it’s the value that the site provides, interactivity, sound design, usability or design aesthetic each one can be easily called a masterpiece in their respective fields.

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Why are They Best?

In the present world of intense competition (especially in the virtual commercial web world) there are basically three things that make a website attractive and successful. They are:

1.Idea: the main reason that mankind has soared to this technological peak is, probably, the diversification of his thought and taste. He can do one thing in a wide variety of ways.

Every minute you can find so many new ways to do what you want to do. The best websites have done this job in the most convincing and persuasive way.

2.Innovation: It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to invent something new. It rather refers to the unique and extraordinary way you express and present your idea.

Here you’re different, you’re distinct and somehow beyond regular. Now you’ve got one reason for their being the best.

3. Focus: They are all focused. On what? On their service and on the people they mean to address. The less ‘extra things’ are there the better the comprehension of the viewers is and, ultimately, the stronger the attraction is.

Equipped with these three qualities, there are sites for web design inspiration that are gaining visits from millions of interested people from all over the world.

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If you are looking to create such a website for your business and need professional help, then you can check out Denver Web Design.

They have created award winning websites and web applications ever since it started in 2002. Their quality can be seen in the hundreds of sites and mobile apps they’ve developed.

Among their creations there are Envision Mechanical Engineers, Warbonnet Outdoors, Guiry’s Art Supplies and Paint, Visiwick Scalable Mobile App Development and many more.

Easily predictable, Denver Web Design is going to assume one of the top positions in the web design industry.

There is no point of thinking twice to rely on their innovative design for your own website or web application.

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7 Best Websites

Now we’ll go for some of the excellent websites and try to explain why and how they’ve got to the position.

1.Virgin America

A new precedent in the airline website industry, Virgin America has created one of the most engaging sites with remarkable accessibility, usability and responsive design. It’s no wonder that it won the ‘Most Significant Industry Evolution, 2014 UX Awards’.

Here’s The Site for you to see for yourself.

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7 Best Website Designs Inspirations 7

2. ESPN Sports Programming

Anyone would see what ‘professionalism’ means once he opens the site and straightway encounters the gateway to his favourite sports. It’s really hard not to be tempted by the extra large fonts and high resolution video slide-shows on the top background.

Inside it’s even more engaging. The whole sports network’s activity is vibrant in this site of subtle hover and transition effect.

And the season’s information, schedule, statistics and highlights? simply awesome! You might like to visit there once.

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3. Montage

You’ve heard a lot about ‘easy to maneuver’ sites, right? Here’s a big example. The showing off of their service through large responsive icons, an impressive menu bar and the spectacular slideshow can quickly draw a visitor in.

This is a powerful example of highlighting your product and focusing on the most important features of what an inquiring visitor would be searching for. Your kind visit there would not be a waste of time at all.

4. Feed

Remember we set up three criteria for sites to be great? If we name a site that contains all three in the most powerful way, this is it. Right from the moment you enter you are awe-struck.

Appearance of the logo alone in the dark for a couple of seconds and then suddenly the mystique animated nebula in the background— it’ll infallibly shake your understanding and interest.

Then it comes with an excellent idea of scrolling of the basic info (rather introducing words) that appears out of the dark with the mystique background. Well, that’s not the end. After the monologue ends there’s a video.

And at last there’s the magic of virtual creation of animation— Dots cluster to form shapes. It still doesn’t end there and takes you to a more mesmerizing introduction to a vast digital world. A complete blend of idea, innovation and focus.

It was awarded with ‘Site of the Day (6/6/2015), Awwwards’.

Just take a look.

5. Wozber

It’s just about writing your resume. Nothing new, nothing very interesting. But they are there to tell you what introducing yourself to a globally known company might actually be like.

It’s really not that simple like you write about yourself, add your smiling photo and mail. There are many more to know, many more to focus on and many more to do.

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You visit there and you’re simply interested to learn more when you see how they have captured Google, Nike, BARCLAYS, Microsoft, DHL and many other giants with their smart, professional and precise resume.

6. Mikiya Kobayashi

There’s only one thing to see there: showcase of their products. You have quality, you don’t speak, you only present. That’s how this site is designed.

Our third criterion, ‘focus’ is executed here with great performance. Here I’ve found the traditional impressive Japanese neatness. Here’s the site for you.

7. Cap HPI

With the increasing interest in automotive data around the globe in mind this site has offered a new taste for the type of solutions their customers might be looking for.

The subtle and comprehensive animation quickly and easily tells them whether or not Cap HPI is going to help them.

Rounding up the Discussion

The virtual web world is seemingly larger than our actual world and it’s gradually growing to compete with our entire universe from the sense of variety, diversity and greatness.

There are so many other sites that may satisfy you. Yet the ones I’ve collected seem to be sound enough to tell you how they make the difference. You can have enough practical examples and inspiration from them.


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