JS Frameworks

5 Best Javascript Frameworks for Newbie Developers to Learn Coding

JS Frameworks

A wise man once predicted that programming would be the most in-demand skill in the world.

Well, it is right now.

Learning to program gives you the key to manipulate data and create solutions that drive efficiency in our world.

Mobile apps, you guessed right.

Today whole organizations and even industries are run on single apps.

Could it be that JavaScript is your foot in the door in this new world?

​Benefits of Learning JavaScript?

Learning to program in JavaScript can strengthen your knowledge base and ready you for more complex coding languages.

It is the first step that everyone needs today to become indispensable employees.

React JS training introduces you to one of the most loved JS frameworks for creating superb UIs.

Starting with this framework, you will have a sure path to creating modern applications and leveraging other JS frameworks for limitless functionalities.

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​Best JS Frameworks That Changed The Game

We have already mentioned one of the critical JS frameworks for modern app building.

JS frameworks speed up development and make it possible to build secure apps.

Even Facebook leveraged one of these to lower costs and achieved an efficient DevOps.

Briefly: Benefits of JS frameworks in app development

JS is one of the easiest to learn programming languages with similarly easy to use frameworks.

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You can leverage key frameworks to write codes that optimize the performance of your apps and web pages.

The libraries have many snippets of code that you can use to save time and accelerate app development.

JavaScript code is object-oriented and thus elevates the speed and efficiency of web apps.

Proficiency in JS and its frameworks improves your proficiency in other languages.

Quickly: JS frameworks that every developer needs to be proficient in:

  • ​jQuery Mobile
  • ​NativeScript
  • ​React
  • React Native
  • PhoneGap

1. jQuery Mobile

jQuery is based on HTML-5 and is lightweight and touch-optimized.

The framework finds use in both web and mobile app development.

You can expect broad compatibility with operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Using this framework reduces the amount of code that you have to write for your functions.

You can quickly design a website or app that delivers the same responsive UI on any mobile device or browser.

You will be able to work with JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, and CSS3 and take advantage of a ThemeRoller kit for drag and drop theme component changes and layout manipulations.

2. NativeScript

Here you have an open-source platform for building Android, iOS, and Windows apps.

You will be able to create apps that are native to these operating systems using a native API.

The heavy reuse of code between platforms shortens the development process.

Working with NativeScript, developers can use JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, and even Vue.js.

​3. React

Facebook, Apple, PayPal, and Netflix have all used the React JS framework.

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You will find it easier to write a component with the JS React framework.

HTML quoting is possible.

Sub-component rendering is a cinch.

You can use React to create custom components or build high volume mobile apps.

React makes it easier to reuse code components for faster development.

React leads to better performing apps through the use of Facebook’s Virtual DOM for high load apps.

On top of these features, there is a React Developer Toolset that you can tap into for simplicity and efficient performance.

These are debugging and also design tools that make coding fun, even for beginners.

You get a browser extension through which you can monitor reactive components and inspect their current states.

​4. React Native

The framework combines native app-building capabilities with React.

Facebook created it for its use but then released it to the public in 2015.

You can expect capabilities for code reuse on multiple platforms.

React Native is the JSX version that focuses heavily on mobile app development, giving you the advantage of native performance.

The JS framework has real-time reloading that leads to streamlined and responsive development processes.

Developers can get speedy feedback on changes in the app-building process and leverage several user-friendly features and community support.

​5. ​PhoneGap

PhoneGap is another robust back end JS framework that is free for all.

It closely mimics Apache Cordova. You can use one code base to build several platforms.

Working with PhoneGap, you will have the flexibility to write in JS, HTML, or CSS.

The cross-platform framework has a library that speeds up development.

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All you need is a few basic web development skills to utilize PhoneGap’s development features.

That means that you will spend less time and less money on building a highly versatile app that can be used on several platforms.

​Should Anyone Learn Javascript Today?

There are so many JS frameworks and ready to use codes today.

There are so many new programming languages.

Is JS still relevant?

The short answer is this; if JS weren’t that important, we wouldn’t have new websites and mobile apps with an interactive UI.

But that’s not all.

The introduction of new libraries and frameworks, as seen above, has made JS a key player in backend development as well.

JS still matters.

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