10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites

PhpBB is a form of forum management for businesses and websites.

Forums are particularly important for those wanting to build an online presence, this is because they allow both clientele and audience to chat with one another.

By communicating across a public feed, businesses can answer general questions while creating and growing a brand presence.

A powerful tool, a simple positive comment on a forum can really boost productivity and lead to the growth of the company.

The way in which PHpBB works, is that customers can create and design a bespoke forum that they can place and host on their website.

It manages, responds and designs a theme compatible with the websites needs, theme and aesthetic.

We have taken a look at the top PhpBB themes and put together a list of top 10 themes that should be taken into consideration for those taking the leap and building a website forum in the near future.


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 1

With a name matching the look we know as milk, this forum of PhpBB is crisp, clean and modern. This form of set up is rated perfect for creating an online community that creates a satisfactory experience for all of its users.

It is a well designed and sophisticated theme that gives the business the ability to choose from an unlimited colour range, 3 header layouts and 3 navigation bar colours. This can make sectioning off the forum, per category a lot easier with the opportunity to colour coordinate them.

The theme also has some excellent CSS3 styling and animation, as well as a limitless collection of control panel options, allowing the business to create their forum to exactly how they want- for minimal disappointment.

United Forum

10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 3

The United Forum PhpBB is a theme that allows easy access for businesses, allowing them to manage their online forum.

With the theme coming with a collection of pre-made color schemes for added simplicity, this theme gives you the chance to build a personalized color scheme.

For those focused on getting their business’ website top ranking, this theme was designed with search engine optimization in mind, ensuring that this forum will rank as high on the google leaderboard as possible, when optimized correctly.


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This very much modern inspired PhpBB theme is called Volare. The best thing about this theme is its ability to be used across all devices, so anyone can access the forum at any time.

10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 5

The theme has been built with a huge set of high quality features such as an options panel extension, RTL support and a custom menu.

Including the extremely popular Material UI, that works to improve the user experience- making the audience want to return.

For the designers side of the theme, Volare allows the business to create all icons to a fully scalable size as well as look clean, clear and great quality on every high resolution device.


Our fourth PhpBB theme is a high quality and professional design called Eles. This is an entirely responsive theme that is designed for optimum performance and completed compatibility with any device.

10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 7

Allowing business to personalise their forum to suit the website, through the use of CMS solution. However, this is only available through the coreframe extension, which is provided within the PhpBB theme after purchasing.

This theme is one that will really allow the forum to stand out against the rest, and hopefully will drive traffic and productivity to both the website and the business itself.


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 9

Ravaio is one of the somewhat simpler PhpBB themes to control, however, does not lack in high quality features.

The design is very modern and sleek, perfect for those who want a forum that isnt over the top, and gives the users exactly what they need within a clean format.

The features this theme include range from an unlimited colour palette, customizable navigation settings (to deduce whether the users need a simpler format to work around the forum, or whether they can pick up that of a more technical set up), and a sidebar with free reign of editing.

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10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 11

forum to appear a high quality on any resolution screen.

Marina is a simple yet effective theme for PhpBB. It is one of the best choices for building a forum community that will be responsive and sharp looking.

Its formatting allows the design to be reached from many devices, so users can connect and talk within the forum at any point of the day.

The make-up of the theme allows it to be entirely retina ready, with all icons having the ability to be completely scalable, allowing the

The theme not only comes with the tools to customize a personal forum design to suit business themes, but it comes with some pre set themes too to save some time. It offers the business 7 pre-set themes with a variety of colours within each.


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 13

There is a huge buzz surrounding the PhpBB theme that is Flatboots. The search engine compatible design allows Google to easily distinguish where the main content is, making it far easier for users to allocate where they need to be from just one Google search.

Likewise with the otherthemes, the Flatboots allows the user to have full colour customization, including being able to play with both bold and muted tones in all aspects of the forum.

What separates Flatboots from any other PhpBB theme, however, is it being the only design that is bootstrap powered.

This means it has been entirely written from the ground up, coded by engineers. Many themes try and mimic this feature, which can be unnoticeable to buyers so it is important to try and look out for copycats and save money.


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 15

Metro is the PhpBB design that is made up ultimately on simplicity, and gives the users a satisfactory yet easy experience around the forum. It comes with a metro UI that will aid in the design suiting any kind of forum community from technology, all the way to animals.

The design lastly is very compatible, allowing users to enter the forum

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from any modern web browser, and access it on any device (laptop, mobile, tablet or desktop).


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 17

Quarto is a clean and responsive PhpBB design, compatible with just about any device.

Its style is respectable and supports the most up to date version of the PhpBB3 software, as well as being retina ready.

Its light aesthetic will be sure to look very sophisticated and crisp on any resolution screen, with a high payoff.


10 Best Selling Responsive phpBB Themes for Forum, Community Sites 19

Anami is an excellently supported and user friendly PhpBB theme. It comes with a cross browser compatibility allowing the forum to be accessed from any web browser as well as its very simple customization tools to personalise the forum to your choice of theme.

Anami comes with a huge selection of FaQ’s, which enables anyone to create their own forum with ease, while offering help at hand when needed with a low waiting time.

It also comes with a selection of google fonts, going deeper into the personal customization of the forum, and the option of larger or smaller headers- which are very similar to those of the bootstrap format.


Overall, it is clear from our top 10 PhpBB themes, that PhpBB are enabling businesses to create successful and entertaining forums, which a large selection of benefits.

With forum themes getting smarter as time goes on, more and more tools are being added for the benefit of web designers as well as businesses to create a forum that meets not just their standard but also their liking.

It is likely that designing a forum will become easier in the future, and these designs will only upgraded and developed as time progresses for a fully immersive and interactive experience of its users.

Let us know which template you have used, or whether there is a layout that you think should have been included within our top 10 PhpBB themes by commenting below.

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