6 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters In The E-Commerce World

From foods to cars, the world today is moving to choices that offer more speed. The digital marketing world is not an exception to it – from website loading time to navigations, if a website isn’t performing to the expectation of the customer in the fast world, businesses do take the heat! 

Decreasing footfalls and high less time spent on the website is an indication that your website is not up there with the expectations.

The speed of your website determines your business in this day and age and it becomes pertinent to improve your website speed if you are eyeing it big in the e-commerce world. Here are some reasons why speed matters for a website. 

First Impression is the Best Impression

You have done all that it takes to bring your customer to your website. The first thing that a potential customer does is to browse through your website, check your products and services on offers and see what they like.

Mind you, they want to do this in a quick time as they do not want to spend their precious time waiting for your web page to load and a first-time customer will immediately form an impression about your website and services based on how best your site is responding to their needs.

If your site takes an eternity to load, then bingo, you have lost your customer right there.

That’s the Expectation

Customers today expect more from brands. It comes as no surprise that website speed is on top of that list.

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If we discuss in numbers studies have shown that approximately 47% of the online traffic expect your website to load in less than 2 seconds and 85% of internet users expect your website to load faster on their mobiles than the traditional desktop!

This pushes businesses to do it right the first time i.e. when the website is built or renovated. Website designing is not just about having or maintaining a website, it is about understanding what your customers need and giving it to them in style.

The onus is to get a good web designer in the first place. Stuart Taylor from Rouge Media says that a good web designer will do more than just create an attractive website, they will make sure it functions in the best way possible for your company’s specific needs.

Speed is one such and a good website design team will ensure that it gives you all this first time around.

Hence, choosing the right website partner matters to meet the matter-of-fact expectation of your end-users.


Speed Enhances User Experience

As discussed in the previous point, building a website is all about user experience.

Today much is being talked about UX design and rightfully so as this becomes the one thing that will let your website stand tall amongst the competition.

When end users navigate through your website, they want to see web pages, product lines, load faster. No one has the patience to wait.

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A faster website offers faster visibility of what they want to see and thereby provides them the feel-good factor which helps increase footfalls. 

Reduces Bounce Ratio

The ratio of the number of people who leave a website after just glazing through the landing page to the number of people who visit the website is called the bounce ratio.

When the website has supersonic speeds, the visitors are glued to the screen, moving from one page to another, browsing and reading through thereby reducing the bounce ratio considerably. 

Faster Websites Aid Conversions

A faster website that has a reduced bounce ratio is bound to aid conversions better.

Statistics show us that 40% of those browsing your website will bid adieu to your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. As much as it is shocking, it is the truth.

With a footfall of say about 100,000 a month, you could potentially be losing about 40,000 end users which can be detrimental to your online business progress and bottom line.

This is not just a speculation but a proven fact.

The best online business today – Amazon did tests that showed that they lost close to $1.6 b a year even if their website slowed down by 1 second. If this logic applies to Amazon, it does to other sites as well. 

Enjoy Repeated Customers

End-users are a loyal group provided we keep them happy. If we give them what they want, they would hardly have a reason to call it quits with your brand. Having a fast website really helps in retaining your valuable assets.

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It is up to you as a business or brand to hold them close or drive them away.

A faster experience, a well-updated website, good content, etc. go a long way in enjoying customer loyalty apart from the usual marketing tools used. 

To sum it up, speed matters! It affects your user experience, sales, rankings, conversions, and customer loyalty.

Never take it for granted as it can well be the most important detriment to your success or failure in the e-commerce world.

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