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7 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business

A corporate telephone network is a multi-line phone system with capabilities including call recording, voicemail-to-email performance, ring groups to call numerous employees simultaneously, unlimited calls, and automated menus.

7 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business 1
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Small firms are adopting cutting-edge business VoIP telephony solutions to improve communication between employees and customers.

The best small company phone services offer premium voice, video calling, and texting to enhance client satisfaction overall and boost team members’ productivity. 

In this article, you will learn about the top small business phone systems of 2023 and the services each company offers, which will help you choose the best for your company.

Top 7 Business Phone Services

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the leading business phone services regarding functionality and usability. They provide a wide range of functionality, are easy to set up, and are reasonably priced. The integrated communication platform is simple to use. It has a web-based admin panel, which enables entrepreneurs to handle it like an expert.

The entry-level subscription from Nextiva has premium features that let you quickly engage with customers and prospects from any device. 

They feature limitless texting, video conferencing, desktop and mobile apps, online faxing, and autoresponder. You can maintain your business phone number with Nextiva because number porting is supported. The ability for team collaboration incorporated into your calling platform is Nextiva’s most significant feature.

As a system, Nextiva also offers several powerful features like customer relationship management (CRM), live chat, online polls, call statistics, and other products that integrate seamlessly with commercial phone systems. Nextiva is the industry’s top small business phone system from a feature and cost perspective.

2. Ooma Office

Ooma Office is a business telephone system that seeks to provide small businesses access to prominent company phone features. Ooma may lack some capabilities offered by other providers. Still, it positions itself exceptionally effectively as a cost-effective option for smaller businesses.

But don’t think it is something other than an essential business phone service; Ooma Office offers all the vital capabilities you’d expect and some more sophisticated features like an automated receptionist that can automatically route calls to the appropriate department.

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In addition to call forwarding, which allows calls to be forwarded from your office phone to your cellphone when you’re somewhere else, subscribers also gain access to hold and transfer music. Ooma also offers applications for iOS and Android. 

With one exception of CRM connectors, Ooma generally offers a lot of capabilities for a reasonable investment.

3. RingCentral

A cloud-based message, video, and phone solution called RingCentral work for companies of any size and in all sectors. The answer is an efficient communications platform for companies facilitating remote and hybrid employees. 

Workers worldwide may cooperate efficiently through a single communication channel utilizing any internet-connected device thanks to an intuitive user interface and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Develop a digital workspace with tools like team chat and texting so you can share data and set up specific files and threads for assignments, subjects, and teams. 

RingCentral has 32 servers worldwide, direct connectivity with more than 45 carriers, and 200 online service providers to guarantee reliability and call quality.

RingCentral enhances collaboration by integrating with the other company resources you use daily to keep organized and run effective business units. RingCentral has more integrations accessible than most other systems.

4. Grasshopper

Every company does not require an office phone and numerous extensions. Even if their requirements differ significantly, freelancers and independent business owners occasionally need a business phone system similar to any other firm.

Grasshopper explicitly targets this market. This company doesn’t concentrate on desktop phones, unlike many other providers on this list. Instead, it offers a mobile application that simplifies managing the company from your mobile device, which for many solopreneurs also serves as their personal phone.

For instance, Grasshopper can automatically send an SMS to follow up after a missed call so that you avoid losing your customer to someone else. 

Alternatively, if you frequently take up business calls while engaged in personal activities. In that case, you may instruct Grasshopper to notify you whether a call is work-related so you can locate a quiet place and be ready to make a good impression. 

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However, Grasshopper is expensive, mainly because it is hardware-free. However, it is one company phone system that is worth checking whether you’re a freelancer or solopreneur.

5. Google Voice 

Google Voice is a well-liked small business phone solution for organizations that already use Google services like Gmail and Google Docs. 

Business Phone Services

It provides several essentials for expanding companies, such as voicemail transcriptions and unlimited calling to the US from anywhere worldwide and from the US to Canada. Other vital features include interfaces with Google Calendar, Google Meet, voicemail transcriptions, and mobile and online apps. 

However, Google Voice can make it challenging to develop your business and educate your workforce broadly because it does not offer toll-free access or call recording features for business accounts.

6. Dial Pad

Dialpad is a company phone system driven by AI with many cutting-edge features, including shared numbers and corporate app integrations. It can even update you when team members talk too fast or slowly. 

Additionally, it offers international SMS, free calls to the US and Canada, mobile and desktop apps, a Chrome plugin, speed coaching, and interfaces with Slack and Zapier.

Dialpad, though, can be more expensive than it first seems. Clients who want to migrate more than one current number into Dialpad must pay a fee, and access to multiple phone numbers per user requires a software upgrade.

7. Zendesk

Zendesk’s VoIP service and Talk service, combined with their advanced call center software, offer businesses a powerful and streamlined communication solution for managing customer interactions.

Zendesk’s VoIP service enables businesses to make and receive high-quality phone calls over the internet. By leveraging Voice over Internet Protocol technology, companies can eliminate the need for traditional phone lines and enjoy cost savings while maintaining crystal-clear audio. Zendesk’s VoIP service seamlessly integrates with their help desk software, allowing agents to access customer information, ticket history, and other relevant data during phone conversations. This integration enhances efficiency and enables agents to provide personalized and effective support to customers.

In addition to VoIP, Zendesk’s Talk service provides businesses with a full-featured call center solution. It offers essential call center functionalities such as call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, call queuing, and call recording. With Talk, businesses can ensure that calls are efficiently directed to the appropriate department or agent, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience. The call recording feature allows businesses to capture important conversations for training purposes, quality assurance, and compliance requirements.

Furthermore, Zendesk’s call center software empowers businesses to optimize their operations with advanced features and analytics. Supervisors and managers can monitor call volumes, track agent performance, and gain insights into customer satisfaction through detailed reporting and analytics. This data-driven approach enables businesses to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their call center workflows.

Zendesk’s call center software is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs. They can create custom call flows, set up intelligent routing rules, and configure automated workflows to ensure efficient call handling. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt the call center software to their unique processes and deliver personalized customer experiences.

In summary, Zendesk’s VoIP service, Talk service, and call center software offer a comprehensive communication solution for businesses. With advanced features, seamless integration with help desk software, and robust analytics capabilities, Zendesk enables companies to efficiently manage customer interactions, enhance agent productivity, and deliver exceptional customer support.

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Employing Business Phone Services for Your Business

7 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business 3

No matter the organization’s size, reliable and cheap business phone plans are essential. While traditional phone service providers are well-known, their small business phone services pale compared to business VOIP. 

They have hidden costs and a general mismatch in handling the demands of small businesses and modern business communication tools like team messaging.


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