10 Hacks for How to Get Faster Streaming Online

Slow streaming speed can be your nightmare. It holds you back from enjoying your favorite shows. When the buffering is so bad, you can have a hard time getting a minute or two of smooth streaming without interruptions. This can push you to the verge of smashing your computer on the wall.

After paying for your internet subscription, there is no reason you should be held back from enjoying your videos. Here are ten easy and realistic hacks that can help you improve your streaming speed:

Switch to Ethernet

The convenience of Wi-Fi is irrefutable in the world we are living in today. However, for your device to deliver the streaming speed you want, you must ensure you are getting Wi-Fi signals properly on your computer.

Technically Wi-Fi is slower than a wired connection. Most people underestimate the power of directly connecting an Ethernet cable to the computer. The internet signals will be transmitted directly to your device without delays. You should enjoy better speed then.

Disable Auto Updates

Auto-updates on a computer almost always seem to happen when you want to watch something. The updates may be necessary for your computer, but they will slow down your surfing speed. Endless buffering will occur since a lot of bandwidth will go in performing the updates.


Check your Plug-ins. Do they need fixing or updating? The more plugins you have on your browser, the slower your device will be. Plugins serve different purposes. However, beware of the plugins that are shady or simply unnecessary. However, for the plugins you need, for example, adobe flash player, keep them up-to-date.

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Delete temporary cache and Internet files

The cache and internet files on your browser can weigh down your computer and decrease functionality. There are tons of tiny files that your device downloads as you surf the internet. The files help display web pages. If you let them on your computer long enough, they may tamper with the load time of your videos as you watch.

Use a VPN

A VPN service has several VPN servers globally. Using VPN servers will allow you to connect to stable speeds of internet. You may want to visit to learn more about using VPN servers as well as proxy-supporting automation tools.

10 Hacks for How to Get Faster Streaming Online 4

Sit close to the router

If you do not have an Ethernet cable you can connect directly to your device, consider shifting your position and move nearer to the router. The closer you are to a router, the quicker your surfing speed will be.

Watch videos in lower quality

Chasing the best quality is a way to make your video fun by assuring you quality. However, when it comes to boosting the streaming speed, watching your video is lower quality can help. It takes more bandwidth to load high-quality videos than it does lower quality. Instead of 1080p or 720p, opt for 360p. This is especially so for YouTube videos.

Restart all your devices

Very rarely do people restart their routers when they do their computers. A buildup of leftover internet crud can slow down your router, especially if you have never restarted it. Shut down your router and disconnect it from the power source for a couple of seconds. This should give you a fresh start when you put it on.

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Stop competing for airtime

The IoT has picked up popularity on homes. Home electronics and smart devices all rely on the internet to work efficiently. However, when you are watching a video, competing for airtime will all the smart devices in your home will not help your case. Your connection will work faster if fewer devices are connected to the internet.

Disable hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration settings are known to result in pixelated graphics and slow streaming. Even so, you must remember that hardware acceleration is necessary for the proper functioning of computer gaming and other video card-intensive activities. Make sure you disable it for the watching period and turn it back on soon after.

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