How to Delete Duplicate Rows in Google Sheets Using an Add-on

If you want to address issues with duplicates beyond simply deleting them, such as:

  • Identifying duplicates (not deleting them)
  • Deleting both instances of duplicated data
  • Comparing data across sheets
  • Ignoring a header row
  • Automatically copying or moving uniques to another location
  • Clearing any duplicate data or removing an entire row where there are duplicate data
  • Ignoring letter casing (e.g., finding duplicates even if one is uppercase and one is lowercase)

If you need to address any of those situations—or if you have a more robust data set than in the example above—use the Remove Duplicates add-on instead.

As Google Sheets doesn’t come with any inbuilt functionality, you need to take the help of a Chrome extension called Remove Duplicates.

Step -1: To install this Chrome extension for Google Sheets, you need to open your Google Drive account, and then over to this page and install it.

Delete duplicate rows in Google Sheets

Step-2: Then, open the desired spreadsheet > click on Add-ons > select Remove Duplicates > Find duplicates or uniques.

Step-3: Then you need to select the range of the table. In other words, you can choose the columns and rows range.

How to delete duplicate rows in Excel and Google Sheets

Step-4: select Duplicates (Find duplicates, exclude the first instances) and go forward. After that, select the column title and hit Next.

In the next step, you need to select Delete rows within selection. After hitting the Finish button, all the duplicate rows will be removed instantly.

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