8 Most Popular Apps for College Students

It is hard to imagine a modern student who doesn’t use any apps on their smartphone.

The variety of educational apps is truly amazing today. You can find anything from apps that help you learn a language or cite your paper to apps that offer write paper for me cheap services, not to mention the variety of gaming apps. 

But in this article, we want to pay special attention to communication apps to write my research papers.

It is extremely important to be able to communicate with your friends and relatives.

This question is relevant for many different groups of people, but it’s young people who decide to leave their homes and enter universities and need special opportunities.

All of them will feel homesick at some point, so they need to have a chance to communicate with family and friends even if they chose education somewhere abroad.

Fortunately, every smartphone with access to the Internet can help to solve this problem today.


Although the opportunity to keep in touch with those at home is extremely important for foreign students, financial issues are always relevant.

Therefore, most students prefer to use free messengers and communication apps for these purposes. Essaysreviewer.com collected the most popular apps among students.


Skype is a beloved app of all people who like making video calls. Skype was the very first app that offered an opportunity to communicate this way. That’s why this app still has many fans all over the world, and it is not surprising.

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A user registered in Skype can make video calls to other registered users, chat with them, and send different files. All you need is the Internet access and an active Skype account. In addition, this app provides paid communication services that are much cheaper than the same ones from mobile operators.


WhatsApp is a simple and convenient messenger that gives users the opportunity to exchange messages in real time.

Although this app also has a video call function, many people prefer to use it as a simple messenger. However, many businessmen like WhatsApp because it has the function of group chat function.

Therefore, it is very simple to send different messages to multiple users simultaneously, and groups in WhatsApp became a popular tool to promote business in different spheres.


Telegram is a relatively new messenger created by Pavel Durov. This messenger is known due to its simple design, usability, and the secret chat function. In addition, it became popular due to the opportunity to create different public channels for a great number of users.

However, Telegram is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation today because of its best data encryption system that has no chances to be broken. Therefore, if you need to have a really private talk, you may use Telegram for this purpose.

Facebook Messenger

Although Facebook is known as the most popular social network for English-speaking people, it was very uncomfortable for users to check their messages in different mobile browsers.

That’s why Mark Zuckerberg decided to create a new messenger for different mobile platforms. With the help of Facebook Messenger, all registered users may exchange messages in Facebook on their smartphones and laptops.

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Viber is considered the most popular messenger among students because it is comfortable enough and has many functions that help to save time. In addition, Viber also has a video call function, which makes it a good competitor to Skype.

Moreover, Viber is oriented toward students and offer free video calls to different countries and even offers a special student scholarship! So, it is quite clear why ever more students all over the world prefer Viber to other messengers.

So, these are the main messengers and apps that help students who move to live and study abroad to stay connected with their significant others in any situation.

How to Save Time with Viber?

Viber, as the app of choice among students, deserves close attention. Here are some of its functions that may help you to save time every day and be more organized:

  • Quick replies

The function of quick replies can help you to save a lot of time because you will have no necessity to open full version of this app. All you need is to switch on push notifications on your mobile, and you will have the opportunity to reply quickly from this push.

  • The opportunity to send video and voice messages

Although video calls are popular today, you need to have time and place to talk with another user. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find enough time. Therefore, Viber launched the function of video and voice messages. If you don’t have enough time or it is difficult for you to type a text on your smartphone if you are in a crowded bus, you may record a voice message and send it.

  • Free phone and video calls
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As it was said before, one of the most demanded functions in Viber is a video call function. It was realized in Viber long ago; therefore, the quality of video calls is rather good. In addition, all video calls are free, and all phone calls to other users of Viber are also free!

  • The opportunity to share contacts easily

Today, you may happen to need to share someone’s contact with others. It is very easy to do so with the help of Viber. You don’t even need to open the contacts on your smartphone, just find the button menu in the actual chat with a person to whom you want to send necessary information and tap on the share to choose a needed contact from your list.

Emojis is considered the quickest way to show your reaction to an incoming message. Viber has a great number of different emojis and stickers that will help you to share your emotions with other people.

Although today people have many opportunities to live in a world of open borders and move wherever they want, it is still important to have good communication with your friends and relatives.

While this question is actual (it will always be actual), different companies will do their best to improve their messengers or create new ones to successfully connect people all over the world.

Therefore, if you need to go to another city or country to get an education, you don’t have to worry about keeping in touch with your family and friends.

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