3 Ways To Clear Cache On Mac

On all devices that you own, It’s important to regularly clear your cache, whether that be your mobile device, windows device, or mac.

The longer you use your mac without clearing the system cache, the more information that it will collect, which over time can cause it to slow down.

By clearing it, you will also benefit from protecting your personal information, help improve the efficiency of the programs that you run on your mac and you will find that websites will load quicker for you. 

So how do you clear the cache on your Mac?

Below we look at three different methods. 

3 Ways To Clear Cache On Mac 1

Clean your mac cache manually

Cleaning the cache on your Mac manually is not as hard or scary as it may seem.

Below we have put together the simple steps for you to follow: 

  • Load up the finder app on your Mac
  • Select Go followed by Go to folder 
  • Type in the following: ~/Library/Caches
  • Browse the folders that are presented and delete the files inside
  • If you are ever concerned with deleting something, make a backup first. 

Clear internet cache on your Mac 

It’s always advised that you clear your cache on your browser regularly. The process to do this is very similar on each browser, as detailed below: 

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How to clear Safari cache 

  • Load up the Safari browser on your mac
  • Browse the top menu and select the Advanced tab
  • Enable show develop menu 
  • On the top menu however over the develop tab 
  • Clock the empty cache option 

How to clear Chrome cache 

  • Select the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser 
  • Select the settings 
  • On the left-hand menu click on security and privacy 
  • Click the clear browsing data button 
  • Click cached images and files 
  • Choose to clear your cache from the beginning of time 
  • Click clear data to confirm

How to clear Firefox cache 

  • Select settings within the menu bar
  • Navigate to privacy & security 
  • Click clear data and decide on your time range 
  • Confirm cache is checked 
  • Press the clear now button 

The automatic way to clear your cache 

If you don’t have the time to remove your cache manually or you do not feel confident enough to do it yourself, you could get an app to do it for you.

By browsing the app market, you will find many apps that are designed specifically to remove the cache on your Mac.

These apps will scan your laptop and also present any potential malware or viruses and give you the option for the app to remove them.

Before downloading any app, make sure you read the user reviews as this can give you a good indication of whether that app works efficiently or not. 

When clearing your cache from your mac, what methods do you use?

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Is there a method that we have not included in the above list that you would like to share with our readers?

Do you follow any of the methods that we have included above?

Let us know which method you find best in the comment box below.

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