5 Tips To Use Online Tools For Conducting Customer Surveys 1

5 Tips To Use Online Tools For Conducting Customer Surveys

Customer feedback is the lifeline of business because it gives you a fair idea of the expectations they have.

Further, you can act on the feedback to improve your products and services for delivering what they want.

Since you will probably have a large number of customers, taking individual inputs is not feasible. Customer surveys are a great idea to gather and analyze feedback.

Even better, you can use an online tool for conducting customer surveys for your business. The best part is that these can be completed in a few clicks, making it convenient for the customers to participate in them.

On your end, the data will be easy to collect and analyze if you leverage an online tool. Despite these benefits, an online survey gives the best results only if you use it properly. Here are some tips that can help you to use online customer survey tools effectively.

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Start with a specific objective

Even the best online survey tool will not give you relevant data unless you have a proper objective to start with.

The strategy and questions will vary according to the objective.

For example, you may have to follow a different approach for gathering feedback for a specific product as compared to collecting it for gauging customer satisfaction for the brand as a whole.

Similarly, it will differ if your objective is to validate a product idea by seeking inputs from potential buyers.

Therefore, it becomes critical to establish a clear goal for the survey even before you plan one.

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Identify the survey population

The next step for using an online survey tool for the best results is to identify the survey population.

This metric again depends on the purpose of the survey because it determines the people you would want to reach out to.

The size of the customer base matters as well because you need to ensure that the online tool is capable of handling the same.

The type of audience you are targeting is another factor that makes a difference. If you deal mainly with individual customers, the focus should be on gathering a significant sample for analyzing by segments.

Conversely, you should concentrate on the key decision-makers in top accounts if dealing with B2B consumers.

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Define online survey questions

Perhaps, the most critical aspect of running an online survey effectively is to define the questions that you need to include in it.

Once again, it is the objective of the survey that decides the questions. For example, if you want to conduct one for calculating the net promoter score for your business, there will be only one question in the survey.

It asks the customers about their likelihood of promoting the business to their friends.

On the other hand, the questions may vary for other types of surveys. Look for an online tool that gives you the flexibility to choose the questions according to the purpose of the survey.

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Consider the cost of the survey tool

When you choose an online survey tool, its cost is another consideration that you cannot overlook.

While there are some free tools, you can also opt for paid ones depending on the features you want it to have.

The customer survey is more than a form; rather, it is a touchpoint of your business with the customers and may even consolidate your relationship with them.

It indicates your intention to serve them better and align your products and services with their expectations.

Therefore, you should not compromise with the quality of the tool you choose and be ready to spend a little extra if you need to.

Make it a consolidated effort

Even though online survey tools can empower your business with relevant and valuable insights, do not depend on them completely.

The collection of customer feedback needs to be a consolidated effort. Combine the results of online surveys with other forms of market research to get a holistic picture of the customer expectations.

You can blend surveys with strategies such as face-to-face interviews and research of online behavior and preferences to get more comprehensive and refined insights.

Online survey tools simplify your research to a considerable extent.

Not only do they give reliable results, but reduce the manual efforts to a considerable extent.

Further, the probability of human error and personal bias is minimal if you use these online tools.

However, you need to be extra careful about choosing the right online survey tool and applying it properly if you want to get the best benefits.

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