15 Best Productivity Apps for Teachers to Keep You Organized

A professional segment in society that needs most, to stay organized is of teachers and academics.

Minds of youth are designed and their personalities are developed in educational institutions.

Therefore, teachers must enact themselves as role models worthy to be imitated. Teaching is not merely about delivering lectures and class lessons.

It involves remaining punctual, productive, regular, and most important organization of their schedule.

Technology can’t be kept separated from the education sector.

In fact, here it’s needed most. Future scientists, tech geeks, and business pioneers will be produced from these very academic bodies.

That is why the very same technology is needed to streamline the work routine and increase productivity levels among teachers. Some of the best ones are mentioned below:


Evernote is an app encompassing multiple features needed by teachers. It includes lesson planning, note-taking, photo capturing, audio reminders and a list of to-do tasks. You can also gather feedback through it. Student portfolios are created and managed on it making things more convenient, and transparent.


This is an equivalent of facebook for teachers and students. Its a social media platform where not only teachers or students are added but also, their parents or guardians can be added.

This way progress of students and their work portfolios can be uploaded and shared on this platform.

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Evernote scannable

It is available on IOS as a document scanner. It will automatically find and scan documents regardless of their size and will offer options for improvement.

Google Docs

An ideal place to save and secure your files where you don’t fear to lose them. Since it’s associated with your Gmail account, there is little chance of losing them.

If you are crafting a lesson plan, or want to keep your notes and lectures safe, then it’s an ideal platform for you.


If you want to create a chat group with your students and fellow colleagues to discuss work-related issues. Slack is for you.

Not only it’s one of the most popular tools for businesses but it can act beneficial for the educational sector as well. Because all they need is better communication tools to engage with.

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Teacher Kit

It’s a useful organizational tool for teachers. With the help of it, teachers can keep track of their students’ academic records, grades, feedback or attendance, etc.

Also, it can help them maintain their class schedules as well.

Book Widgets

You can design and plan tests and exercises in a digital format that shall be graded in an automated manner without you taking any actual trouble. Therefore, it becomes lot easier to deliver your feedback without any hassle.

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Explain everything

This app will provide interactive explanations for the lessons delivered.

It can engage students visually and provide whiteboard on a screen to give a feeling of being physically located in a classroom.

Presentations and tutorials can be incorporated in it to make things clearer.

Focus Me

This app can help you raise and maintain your productivity levels by blocking and restricting any site which can act as a distractor. It can include social media outlets mainly like facebook, snap chat, Instagram, etc.


This app is your personal notebook. You can create folders as notebooks with all the required and needed stuff. You can convert them into PDFs and organize them accordingly. Also, it offers integrations with many reputed tools including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


This chart is helpful in making charts. Unlike the old days, when you have to do this physically and required much more labor was needed to execute.


It’s a helpful tool that you can utilize to save any photos, files or documents to read when needed. This app is like your information carrier. As a teacher, you always need to learn more and deliver. This software will help you enhance your knowledge.


This tool acts as a schedule maker to deliver reminders whenever needed. Manually managed sheets to set reminders can never act as efficient as some automated system to give you reminders.

Stafftimer app

This is a Staff time monitoring software that can act as a real-time monitor for your attendance and time management. The most precious thing to worry about as a teacher is to maintain your time.

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Starting your lectures and classes at a time and before that arriving at your workplace on time. Manually you can’t ever make this process smooth. Therefore a time tracking software is a must for you.


If you commute for a long time between your home and workplace then Instapaper is there for you. You save your required articles that can be helpful in drafting your lectures.

If those were lengthy reads then you were short of time and couldn’t read those. Then with Instapaper, they are saved for later on read.


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