Best Free Educational Apps For Students

15 Best Free Educational Apps For Students

Imagine having a wide range of educational resources on your iPhone, iPad, or digital device. You don’t carry piles of books to class. Just thanks to the click of a button, you can learn from the best teachers and communicate with many students from across the globe.

This is the power of having apps, especially free educational applications. The 21st-century student can no longer complain about the lack of information. Therefore, this student can easily achieve academic success.

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15 Best Free Educational Apps For Students 4

But, what are these education apps for students that are a must-have? In this post, I am going to reveal the 15 best educational apps that help in your studies, time management, assignments and even where can i pay for someone to write my paper.

1. Ted Ed

With more than 3,000 Ted talks from different inspiring and smart people, you can learn a lot. You can bookmark talks to listen later.

Also, you can download these talks for offline playback while using the app. A student using the app is self-learning and is doing everything for future success.

You’ll expand your knowledge and have new ideas, like how math has correctly predicted the future. This free education app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

2. Khan Academy

Just from their motto “Changing Education for the Better by providing a free World-class Education for Anyone Anywhere.” They are helping both students and teachers to achieve their success.

Khan academy is one of the most popular educational sites and resources. The app allows you to have access to videos and articles that cover various categories like science and humanities.

All these resources are free and available in the app, and they are compatible with your iOS and Android devices.

3. Udemy

This online learning platform has more than 100,000 video courses from experts. You’ll have access to this entire course, and you can learn anything from writing to communication skills.

For example, you’re researching or writing a paper on the history of Ancient India. With the Udemy app, you can learn more from their video courses. It has both free and paid courses or content that a student can use in his research and learning.

4. Evernote

This is a note-taking app that you can use to organize your tasks and notes. Some of its many features include sharing notes with your fellow students, having and setting reminders, and you can even recover deleted notes.

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Besides students, the app is a favorite for many, including entrepreneurs, teachers, and business leaders. It’s the best note-taking app that students should have on their Android or iOS devices.

5. Pocket

Most students spend a considerable amount of time online, either researching or reading. But it’s not sometimes easy to read everything from the articles to the videos.

Fortunately, the Pocket app is available. Here you can save these videos and articles for offline reading. If you’re in a group project, it’s possible with the app to share those articles on the class or group’s social networks.

With all these saved articles, reading can sometimes be boring, but with the app’s headphone icon, you can play the article. Therefore, your research skills and learning will be positively impacted.

6.  The History of Everything

This free education app is for the student who loves history or is studying historical events. You will go through the various periods, whether it was the First World War, or the invention of the Internet.

7. Ready4 SAT

If you’re to pass that SAT, you need to prepare and be ready for it. This is what this app does for you. With over 1,000 questions to practice with, you’ll have answer explanations to your questions.

You will be able to track your progress, thereby knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. Also, you can set your desired SAT score according to the college or university you wish to apply to. This means you’ll be able to track your progress on getting enrolled into that top college.

8.  Mathway

Sometimes a math problem can be pretty difficult for you, and getting help is the only viable option. The Mathway app can be your best helper to that algebra or trigonometry question.

You can type or take a picture of the math problem, and you’ll have your answers. But they also show you how they reached that answer, so you’ll be learning in the process too.

For example, if you pay to do my math homework, with such an app, the different math problems wouldn’t be hard to solve. This app is essentially your math tutor, and you’ll get to improve your math skills in the process.

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9. Ancient History Encyclopedia

If you want to learn about ancient civilization, getting this app is a must-have. Whether you are interested in Ancient Rome or the Persian culture, this app will satisfy your curiosity.

10. Science360

Learning about nature, space, and engineering can be possible with this app published by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It’s a great educational tool for both teachers and students.

There are videos, articles, and photos to go through, plus they constantly update their information. With science being everywhere and part of our daily lives, learning some basic concepts would be smart. For example, you’ll learn how jellyfish are helping to identify changes in the environment.

11. RefMe

The app means Referencing Made Easy. You have written that essay or paper, and you have to cite or provide your references. Whether it’s APA or Chicago referencing style, you can have it done with the RefMe app.

This bibliography reference generator has a web clipper feature that allows you to clip different websites and have them cited in any style. You can also scan the barcodes of a book, and your citations will be generated. A student won’t be worried about citations anymore and will just leave the app to take care of it.

12. Oxford Dictionary

Whether you’re a native or non-native English speaker, you can’t know every single word’s meaning. If you’re a student, this app is more important because you don’t need a loss in translation when writing or reading.

Also, this dictionary app is usually revised and updated, so it will have the latest phrases, vocabulary, and words.

13. MyHomework Student Planner

It will be a great replacement for your school diary. You will track your assignments and tasks, thereby improving your study sessions and habits.

You can receive reminders and even sync it with your other devices. This is a great organizational tool that you can use, therefore you won’t forget to attend that class, do that assignment, and submit that essay.

14. Exam Countdown Lite

With this app, you’ll be tracking and knowing when the exam or test dates are. Therefore you will know if that science or math exam is ten days or five days away. This daily countdown will make you more focused.

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You will start preparing for the test earlier. The type of student using this app is a better planner and manager of his time. They start getting prepared for that math test because they know when it will happen and don’t rush.

What most students lack is a plan, and when it’s too late, a week or two before exams, they start reading more. This strategy usually has mild success and results, and it won’t be a surprise for that student to fail.

When you know the exam dates, you’ll start preparation early. The early starter will have a higher chance of success than the late starter.

15. Google Docs

The best app to share, make edits, save, and create new documents. With its offline feature, any document you have can be worked on anytime and anywhere. You can even share documents with fellow students when working on a group project, and they can respond by adding their feedback or comments in the app.

Teachers can also use this app when giving out assignments and telling students when it has to be done, completed, and submitted under this platform. Voice typing is one of the many nifty features that students tired of typing or writing can utilize. But a key advantage of knowing and using the Google Docs’ app, is that it has become integral in professional life.

Therefore, a student knowing its many features and usage, won’t struggle at his career or job. A student can have this app because it is available on both iOS and Android devices.

These apps are meant to achieve your academic goals, and it wouldn’t be a surprise when you start seeing grade improvement. With all these apps having a basic or free version, you can start using them today to change your study habits and help in learning.

Every student must use these applications because they are tools when used right, give you power.


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