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4 Easy Steps to Implement a Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Do you have a Facebook marketing strategy?

Is your Facebook marketing working?

If you don’t have a strategy with goals in place for your Facebook Page, you won’t know if you are getting an arrival on your social media effort!

Your Facebook marketing strategy shouldn’t live in a vacuum—it should be incorporated with your general marketing plan.

Here are 4 stages to get your Facebook marketing strategy in place –

1: Set Goals

Any strategy starts with goals. What do you need out of your Facebook Page? Sales are the conspicuous decision, however there can likewise be secondary goals that prompt sales.

Consider some of these Facebook marketing goals as you craft your plan:

  • Increase general exposure and awareness.

This objective can be somewhat difficult to measure, however could come as new likes to your Page. Join a specific and feasible figure to this objective (i.e., 500 new targeted likes in the following 3 months).

  • Create a devoted, engaged group.

    This objective will be measured through your engagement measurements, for example, the People Talking About This figure (PTAT).

With the goal for individuals to work with you, they as a rule need to become acquainted with, as and trust you first. Making an engaged group can help encourage that trust.

  • Establish specialist and showcase your knowledge.

Facebook is an immaculate place to showcase your past work, your top to bottom knowledge of your topic and demonstrate your identity in how your company works.

  • Gather leads

    Utilizing Facebook as a lead generator is an extraordinary objective. Utilizing some kind of email select in is an extraordinary approach to accumulate leads from individuals who might be occupied with your item or administration.

You can give away a freebie that identifies with your item, have a free online course that may have an offer toward the end orhost a challenge that gives away your item to the champ.

  • Get sales

Offering specifically from Facebook is in some cases a test. You can’t push your sales messages on your fans time after time (I propose 10%–20% of your posts, at the most). In any case, you can track your sales.

Ensure you have unique links when you post your sales messages. Or, then again set up Google Analytics to track conversions. If you are running Facebook advertisements, ensure you are tracking the promotion conversion.

Whatever goals you set up for yourself, ensure you are joining specific numbers and due dates with every objective. Likewise ensure you know how you will measure every one of these measurements.

2: Research

Your Facebook research will incorporate these ranges:

  • Identify your gathering of people and where they spend their time.

    If you know your present statistic, you can take a gander at the socioeconomics of any Facebook Page by tapping on the Likes tab to get more data.

  • Research your competition and watch what is working for them.

Hunting down different Pages on Facebook has really gotten somewhat more challenging with the new Facebook Graph Search. You can do some fundamental looking on Facebook, however you are in an ideal situation utilizing Google to discover Facebook Pages.

  • Understand the latest techniques

Ensure you know the latest techniques on Facebook that are viable. Stay aware of the trends so you know what is working for others.

3: Design the Facebook Experience

Now that you have your goals set up, work in reverse from those goals to decide how you will accomplish them. Need to get 500 new fans in the following 3 months? Ensure you either have the action level or the marketing budget to bolster that objective.

Set Up an Editorial Calendar

Having a plan in place for what you will post every week will help you streamline your movement since you can plan a portion of the posts, search for good content and be more normal with your posting.


Set up calendar Chart (for Facebook as well as all social sites).

Credit: ShoutMakersDream

Set Up an Activity Calendar

The other thing you need to do is plan your movement so you don’t get sucked into the dark opening of Facebook by watching excessively numerous feline recordings. You can plan your every day movement, week by week action and month to month action by utilizing a straight forward Excel spreadsheet.


Set up an activity calendar chat and limit your time on social media.

Likewise set aside some opportunity to outline your long haul action and marketing plan, alongside a gauge of your results. That way, you know what techniques you should realize or setting up beforehand.

4: Measure Your Progress

Set aside opportunity to glance back at your advance on Facebook so you know if you’re marketing is working.Understand how Facebook Insights function so you know which posts are working for you.

You can sort your posts by Engaged Users to perceive what number of individuals are interfacing with your content somehow (incorporates likes, shares, comments and link clicks).

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