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Social Engine is a software community that helps to customize online community. It was first released in June 2006, developed by Webligo Developments. Recently it was updated to 4.8.8 version on March 23rd, 2015. Specifically written in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Social Engine is available in multilingual. It can be classified into many types, such as – Social software, online community, Social networking service, PHP Script, SaaS, Cloud computing, etc. Review - Build Your Own Social Network 1

This next invention of social media software performs as a trustworthy base that you can modify with numerous plugins. Driven by PHP Zend Framework, the software massively depends on the latest technology that supports cache supervision, protected hosting (antispam, hidden SQL injection), original URLs, and database generalisation. Unlike other related tools, this one permits hosting the social network from your own hosting account, which you will be capable of controlling your system including code fully with no restrictions.

Taking a closer look at the analysis of this particular platform, let us discuss some points in below mentioned subheadings.

Social Engine -Social Network

  1. Plans

Methods of the social engine can be broadly categorised into two heads- 1) SocialEngine PHP. 2) SocialEngine Cloud.

SocialEngine PHP– It is PHP based social networking service platform, which offers my provisions that are similar to a social network on a user’s website. The main features of this plans are- a) free support coverage for 30/60 days b) Instant download c) PHP and HTML code access d) Broadcasting emails e) Chat, blogs, polls provisions f) Plugin friendly, etc.

SocialEngine Cloud– It can be defined as software as a service, in short SaaS. It gives facilities like interest graphs or people with similar interests, including discussion polls. This has much similarities with the style of Facebook or Reddit.

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Create your own Facebook!

Socialengine Cloud

2.Pricing system– This software community is not free obviously. Everything comes with a price.

SocialEngine PHP has only one-time price plan and it can of three types. For starter $299, for professional $499, for advanced use $699. Both starter and professional have a free coverage for 30 days and for advance use 60 days.

Social Engine Pricing

SocialEngine Cloud has two types of plans. Monthly and annually. It has monthly pricing plan of $39/month and yearly pricing plan of $29/month which provides discount of 25%. Both these plans have 14 days of free trial of 25%.

social engine free trail

The code and license for fixing your network are a prior purchase, as are the additionals and plugins. Plugins charged in between $30 – $40, and you can get a discount for purchasing them all for a total of $370.

  1. Benefits– There is lots of benefits that come from this widely used platform.
  • Quick setup – you can launch a beautifully set up website in minutes. Easy integration to your current website or let socialengine host for you for free.

Social Engine Quick setup

  • Social and friendly– Members can sign-in instantly with their already existing social accounts like twitter, Facebook etc. They can also posts images etc back on their accounts.

Build your own Social Network!

Social engine UI

    • Easily customizable– It is easy to custom and to have full control over. Anyone can add their own logo, pictures, colors, layout backgrounds etc. And the process is not complicated at all. It is easy to handle and deal with.

Create your own Facebook! Review - Build Your Own Social Network 3

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Social Engine Easily customizable

  • Individual Plugins- And the one of the best benefits of using this platform is that you don’t have to buy plugin in a complete package. You only have to buy plugins which are necessary for you unlike other sites. Yet you can add any plugin when you feel like it to be.
  • Flexibility- SocialEngine offers you a variety of different styles, and you can always decide how your members will connect or interact with each other. It has many options regarding social framework with an easy drag and drop in management. It also offers you to have multiple stages of membership, there are no restrictions.

Social engine very friendly

  • Active Support Team- The team of Socialengine is 100% active with their Los Angeles, California office. They are friendly and quick too. You can always contact them and it is just a click away.

Social engine has active support team

socialengine support

Apart from this, they have already made an instant question answer panel, where you can get your useful information.

  • Security- The security system on this platform is pretty strict and useful too. They have security features like banning, blocking or blacklisting abusive words and unauthorised users, if necessary. There are also many options to control over manual spammers.

Social engine has anti spam feature

  • Non encrypted plugins and source code- In the case of PHP version, the source code is not encrypted so anyone can change the way a particular software works. Many plugins are chargeable, but mostly the community plugins are free of cost.
  • Client showcase- It has a great feature like client showcase, where you can find out what others clients have already created using this platform.
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You can show your clients in social engine

  • Language packs- In case of PHP version, socialengine has a large variety of packages in different languages, e.g. French, Spanish etc.

Social engine has multiple language

  • Activity feed- It has an activity feed. Without activity feed, many find any platform boring to deal with. In activity feed, members can see each other’s post that they are following or are in their friend list. This activity feed concept is quite similar with that of news feed of Facebook or Google plus. In here, one can also filter post on the basis of interest.

Socialengine Cloud active feed

  • Private Messages- The private messaging allows users to contact members personally, just like any other social platforms like Facebook or Google plus. Anyone can send messages to multiple people at the same time.

Social Engine is certainly an effective means for those who are hunting hard for a quality-rich, reliable, and client-familiarized social network software. The tool can be your perfect option in case you need programming expertises. In case you are on a strict budget, you can use it’s free options too. Some clients have found this slow to load and apply and say when they add a lot of plugins it slows the whole thing down, but replied saying they were alert of “a few matters” and were working to resolve them.

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