Best Money Management Apps

Best 8 Money Management Apps in 2021 You Should Consider

With over 240 million smartphone users in the USA alone, the evidence clearly shows how popular they now are.

A large part of this has been the handy mobile apps which users can download onto their phones.

These apps make it simple to order goods, book tickets or catch up with news while on the move. Another very popular use for mobile apps is managing your money.

The best apps can help to keep your personal and business affairs in order while also helping you with any investments you wish to make.

But which are the top money management apps to consider using?

Best apps for investment

When it comes to your finances, you might choose to invest some money.

Trading currency on the world’s Forex market might be something you need an app to help with – in this case any forex trader will love the mobile trading apps big brokers like eToro or FxPro offer to download.

Stash is also a well-known investment app and offers lots of information to help you make the right investment choices.

If you would rather take a more hands-off approach, the Acorns investment app is pretty cool.

This rounds up any transactions you make to the nearest dollar and then invests this spare change on your behalf.

Best apps for managing personal finances

Many people will need a handy app to simply manage their personal finances. Luckily, there are some really good ones to take advantage of.

Mint is a very popular choice and gives an easy way to track spending, create budgets and generally keep on top of your cash.

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Then You Need a Budget app is also very popular and gives every dollar you make a job to help with tracking your finances.

As the name implies it helps you to create realistic budgets which can be adjusted as you go in order to manage your money.

Best apps for business use

As well as making investing easier and looking after your own money simpler, many businesses use apps now to operate efficiently.

Examples of this are apps like Quickbooks which make it simple to keep company accounts in order. With the ability to create invoices and reconcile payments, they are very handy to have. For larger companies, Slack is a cool app.

This makes it simple for teams to stay in touch when on the move with instant messenger functionality. Mobile payment apps may also be something your business needs. Square is perhaps the best as it is easy to use and reliable.

Mobile apps are here to stay

As more and more people use smartphones mobile apps are sure to become more popular also.

The way they allow us to perform key tasks wherever we are is a real boon in modern life or when running a business.

Managing your money is certainly something they can help with.

If you need apps to help with investing, personal finance or business operations, then the ones we have looked at are worth consideration.

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