10 Best MP3 player Apps for Kids

In this age of technology, even children have wide access to all types of websites, applications, and content on the internet. And although the music might seem pretty harmless, there’s a lot of inappropriate stuff that isn’t ideal for younger children.

This is why you need to carefully pick the best MP3 player apps for your kids.

You might also need these apps if you want to expose your children to good music from a young age and encourage them to develop a keen interest in music.

Some parents can take matters into their own hands by using an mp3 player app maker to create a music application for their kids, so you can do that too.

These mp3 player apps usually come with other kinds of content, educational activities, and more that would also keep your kids engaged apart from music.

If not, we have compiled the best MP3 player apps for kids to use in this guide, as well as the features that they have to offer. The apps are listed in no particular order.

10 Best MP3 player Apps for Kids 1

Moon Tunes 

Moon Tunes - Symbol and colour based music player app for kids | Product  Hunt

Moon Tunes is a well-known music player app that is based on colors and symbols. Its structure makes it easy for young kids to navigate and play music, unlike the applications that come with your Android or iOS devices.

Instead of getting the names of the songs in the text form, the songs are recognized through color and symbol that you set for them. So, even the youngest kids can pick songs they want to play easily. 

There are over 150 symbols to choose from so you can teach your kids to identify their favorite songs through the symbols, whether they know how to read or not. There are also fun environments like dancing dinosaurs and orbiting planets, and your kids can add sound effects to their music.

Through the parent’s section, you can choose the songs that you want to appear in the Moon Tunes app.

Children’s Jukebox

Toddler Jukebox: 6 free songs | Kids app, Free songs, Twinkle little star  song

The next item on our review is Children’s Jukebox, which is a minimalistic music app also made by a guardian for their little sibling. It is a paid app targeted to children between 3 and 5 and features a very simple design that anyone would easily navigate.

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You can choose the album bookmarks from your Apple library and feature them on the Jukebox for your kids.

There are also no buttons on the app, so you simply tap an album to play, tap it to pause, and hold it to skip to the next song. This would make it straightforward for your kids to switch songs.

There is Kids Mode and Guided Access, preventing your kids from deleting albums and going out of the app, respectively.

You can make all these settings through the parent’s mode of the Children’s Jukebox app.

A+ Kids Radio

A+ Kids Radio - Radios Children's Music - Kids by Jorge Olvera

The A+ Kids Radio encompasses a full children’s radio and not just a music player for kids. The app is free and it would give you access to different kid’s radio channels, so you can be sure that your kids are getting quality content without constantly having to filter their music.

The app can be used immediately and without playback drops. Some of the radio channels that you can turn on for your kids include Kinderling Kids Radio, Kids MIXX, Fun Kids, Radio Nursery, and tens of other channels.

You can set up sleeping music for your children too to help them sleep better at night.

Spotify for Kids

Spotify is bringing its kids app to the US, Canada, and France - The Verge

Spotify is one of the most popular mp3 player apps among adults out there, and they have built a standalone app for kids. It is packed with over 8,000 lullabies, stories, and songs for your kids to meet their needs.

It includes a lot of child-friendly content, so parents don’t need to peer over their kid’s shoulders every second to check what they’re doing.

Although the app is connected to Spotify Premium Family subscription, which gives them a protected environment to get content. The app does not include any ads so that your kids don’t end up clicking on inappropriate content. 

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids Review for Teachers | Common Sense Education

Another music-playing app for your kids is YouTube Kids, and it also includes videos and all kinds of kid-friendly content for your children.

Like Spotify, this is similar to YouTube but tailored towards children. It allows parents to set up an account for their kids based on their age.

With YouTube, there is a wide range of content, but all of them are based on your kid’s age range.

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You get educational programs and animations asides from music, and so your kids can learn on different kinds of topics and pick up various interests. It can be easily downloadable on any device.

KidZik Niki Music 

Niki Music by Alessandro La Rocca

Another great mp3 player app for your kids is the KidZik Niki Music, which is known for being very easy to use. The app is tailored towards kids aged between 2 and 7 years. Your kids can easily navigate the music app on their own without having to read texts. 

The app also features a colorful design that would keep your kids hooked, and the songs are combined as a chain so your kids can easily browse these songs.

With the KidZik Niki Music app, all other music on the device is out of sight and your kids only get access to the music you selected.

Frozen Penguin and Elf Music Player

Six Pack Science Company: Frozen - Penguin and Elf

This is one of the Nightlight Music Players from Six Pack Science Company.

It features a Frozen Penguin and Elf theme and can act as a nightlight for your kids while playing music for them, but the app is only compatible with iOS devices, so Android users can’t use the mp3 player app.

You can select the songs for your children so that they can set it and play for themselves, whether they want to sleep or not.

But you have to download music albums from iTunes to your mobile device so that the music player can access these songs.

Baby Mozart

Baby Einstein Baby Mozart Music Festival - Full Episode - YouTube

If you need an mp3 player for toddlers, babies, and infants, then Baby Mozart would make a great choice for you. It’s an ideal app to go for if your child is cranky, bored, or just can’t sleep.

While some of the features can make your kids sleep, there are also fun activities to engage their minds.

There are funny sounds, flashcards, lullabies, and children’s songs that teach your kids the basics like their ABCs. The Baby Mozart app comes with a white noise feature, so you can help your kids sleep at night, and a collection of classical music.

Epublica Kids’ Music Player

Kids' Music Player Free by epublica

The Kids’ Music Player from Epublica is directed towards preschool children and has a cute and funny design. This mp3 player app allows you to play music from your iTunes library, so you can select music that is kids-friendly and give your kids access to it.

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It has a cute design where you can assign songs to animals, so kids that can’t read can easily find their favorite songs and play. Since it depends on iTunes, you would need to download it on an iOS device but not on an Android device.

Happy Nightlight Music Player 

Happy Nightlight Music Player by Six Pack Science Company

This is another nightlight music player from Six Pack Science Company along with Frozen Penguin and Elf. The Happy Nightlight music player would give your kids a brighter mood with its smiling emojis, and it can also be used by kids who can read.

It gives happy quotes as you play music and also comes with a nightlight that would help them sleep while listening to music.

It is also compatible with iOS devices, so you can get songs from your iTunes to your iPad and iPhone. It would locate the selected albums and play them for your kids to help them sleep. 

Keep Your Kids Engaged

Children love music, so if you have a family tablet or a mobile device for your kids specifically, it’s a great idea to set up an mp3 player app on the devices.

If you don’t want to take your chances with any third-party app, you can make an app with a trusted mp3 app builder and download it for your kids. You can also share it with other kids. 

With music, you can change your kid’s moods and make them feel better when they’re down.

Many of these apps also come with activities and content that can keep your kids engaged without exposing them to inappropriate content.

These mp3 player apps also help in putting your kids to sleep, so this is another plus when you download it for your children. And, your children can get diverse interests, especially interests in music, and learn new things daily.

So, if you think it’s time to expose your kids to all kinds of fun music or you just need a way to keep them engaged while you’re busy, then you should go for the best mp3 player apps for kids on our list.

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