How to Enable Dark Mode On iTunes

You might be wondering what is Dark Mode on iTunes? and How to Enable Dark Mode On iTunes? if it’s needed.

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Well, Dark mode is a trendy and convenient new mode that aids your eyes by exposing them to less brightness than usual.

As screen brightness causes insomnia and eyestrain among the users and happens to affect their health adversely.

Recently, Tech giants like Apple, Android, and others have shown support for dark mode for their devices to facilitate their users. iTunes is one such app that can use in a dark theme.

By default, the dark iTunes theme is attractive and bright during all times, and though it works fine during the daytime, it’s hard to use it in low light and nighttime.

That’s why, Apple has introduced the iTunes dark mode to it, which has made it more convenient to use at all times. It is visually appealing, giving off a rather trendy look, and user-friendly to cast less strain on the eyes.

If you switch to the dark mode, the outlook will change from a very bright interface to a dark interface. This article will shed light on the usability of the iTunes dark mode and how to enable it.

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What is iTunes Dark Mode?

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iTunes Dark theme functions the same on iTunes as it does on every other app. The bright Interface will change with a dark interface when you choose to make a switch.

The letter will remain in white while the background changes to black to make it convenient for use. To enable iTunes on Apple devices, go to the settings and choose the dark mode.

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This will minimize the effects of bright light on your eyes that cause eyestrain and sleep issues.

Switching to iTunes dark mode:

The following step will help you in setting iTunes dark mode.

Enable iTunes night mode on macOS:

Enable Dark Mode On iTunes

Your Mac PC was updated with the latest macOS Mojave to enable the dark mode for the switch.

Note: Updating to macOS Mojave will enable the dark mode by default. However, if you haven’t updated already, then follow the following given below procedure.

  • Press the Apple logo from the left side of the screen.
  • Select “system preferences” from the list of given options.
  • Click on General on the Systems preferences menu.
  • Choose dark from the appearance section.
  • Launch iTunes on Mac, and it will be available in a dark theme.

Pro Tip – To use dark mode only during the night, select System Preferences > choose Desktop & Screen Saver option. On the following screen, select Dynamic Desktop (window showing day and night icon).

iTunes dark mode on Windows 10 PC:

How to Enable Dark Mode On iTunes 5

To use iTunes in dark theme on Windows PC, follow the following steps given below:

  • Use Windows 10 search bar to launch settings from the menu bar.
  • Select the option “Personalization.”
  • Choose the option “Colors” on the next screen.
  • Select the “Dark” option under choose your default app mode.
  • Now, launch the app on your Windows PC, and it will be available in dark mode.

The alternate method:

If you see that iTunes isn’t working fine, then you can use a third-party repair to fix it. iMyFone and TunesFix are two software that you can use to improve the dark mode issue on your PC.

These tools are specifically designed to address the problems with iTunes dark mode and fix the bugs.

Follow the following steps for a quick fix, and you will be good to go in few minutes. 

  • If iTunes does not work after enabling the dark mode, it will fix it.
  • It helps you eliminate corrupted files, unnecessary documents, and other junk to free up space.
  • It will provide a permanent solution to the existing problem.
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What makes dark mode a better option on iPhone and Android phones?

The dark theme has gained soaring popularity among the masses and for obvious reasons. People have long debated the negative impacts of the bright mode that have been around since the advent of smartphones, and people have only known the bright mode.

A few years back, no one would have thought about a dark mode and how it will facilitate users in the most impactful way.

Dark screens started as a necessity and became a sleek display option in the technology world. Everyone is opting to introduce dark mode for their devices as it is trending, but people consider it an integral part of the user experience.

Dark mode, which is sometimes referred to as the night mode, isn’t something that the early computer designers would have foreseen.

This interface option that is available on browsers, smartphones, and other devices is a result of the massive leap of technological advancement that has happened in the last few years.

It’s hard to pinpoint when this feature was introduced, but it has gained popularity in the previous year or so after the adoption by tech giants like Apple and Google.

Facebook introduced it first, followed by other social media apps, and now it is available on almost all the social media platforms, and if not, it will be soon. 

Historically dark mode has been associated with boxy and buzzy computers that ran on CRTs and guaranteed limited mobility.

Dark mode, a peek into the old day’s screen, is more of an indication of the future of display technology.

Computer screens changed from black to white, and now they are reversed back to the black screens by introducing the “dark theme,” which is inherently and aesthetically similar to the screens of the past. 

But what has triggered this change?

The change from white screens to black screens and massive adoption of the trend compels one to ask this question and look for possible answers.

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Bright screens were hard to figure out in the daylight but were around for decades and shouldn’t have been forsaken like this without an influential factor and a usability factor that dark screens provide; the usability factor of dark screens lies in their Interface and user-friendliness. 

Before the advent of smartphones, people didn’t have phones that performed multifunctions; hence screen time was considerably less than today.

People use their smartphones for almost everything, and it is often debated how excessive screen time is aiding adverse health effects.

It has negatively altered our behavior, sleeping patterns, and concentration time. The popularity of dark screens lies in the fact that they take less toll on your health as they don’t cause eyestrain as the bright screens did.

Not to say that the excessive screen time problem has magically disappeared with the introduction of a dark theme in devices, but it has worked around one factor that bothered the majority of people.

People have opted for night mode because of the ease it offered, a principle rule for innovation. If you’re working on something that will facilitate the masses in their day-to-day work, then the chances of it becoming a success are far more than something that caters to a particular niche.

Another observation is that dark mode is much more popular among the younger generation as they spend much more time on their phones than the older generation.


Whether iTunes dark mode or dark screen in general across devices, the trend of “dark mode” is here to stay, and it will grow further. 

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