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5 Best Time Management Apps to Utilize Your Day Productively

It’s not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.


Time keeps ticking, and yet you are stuck on the same task. You realize you are way behind schedule, and there are other tasks lined up that must be taken care of.

5 Best Time Management Apps to Utilize Your Day Productively 1
5 Best Time Management Apps to Utilize Your Day Productively 4

The stress and misery in these circumstances are beyond control, for many.

While some people believe time management is an art mastered by few, we don’t agree. Instead, it is a set of principles, habits, and skills that everyone can learn.

Research by ReliablePlant reveals that 87% of students could achieve better grades if they had better time management skills.

Increasing inclination of the public towards time management courses shows the eagerness of a common man on how to command time. You must be devoting the right amount of time for the right activity.

Fortunately, as tech reaches incredible fruition, we have a lot of perks at hand. It has allowed us to connect, perform, improve, and deploy resources beyond what we ever imagined.

And time management apps are the must-haves for everyone struggling with time.

But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which ones to use?

This is where we plan to step in. Enlisted below are apps that’ll track time and let you know about distractions.

Rescue Time

A rare, five-star application with loads of die-hard fans.

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

Rescue Time is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to make the most out of their time.

Whether you get glued to Netflix at odd hours, or you want an overview of how you spend most of your time, this is the tool for you.

Non-work related browsing leads to a 40% loss in productivity for American businesses.

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Consequently, 63% of companies decided to monitor employee browsing through time tracking software.

RescueTime has enabled the leading entities to scrutinize how their employees are using the Internet.

So, it is a tool for individuals as well as teams.

There are many other productivity-boosting apps to win the race against time. However, Rescue Time has gained popularity for its ease and efficiency.

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Focus Keeper

It lets you do more in limited time!

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

Focus Keeper follows the principle of the Pormodro Technique.

It is mainly for those people who laze around more and tend to feel overwhelmed by their work.

The focused time blocks compel you to adhere by fixed times, and your encouragement for task completion increases.

The interface is intuitive and straightforward. Every user can personalize the UI according to their requirements.

You can set a general round of daily goals and productivity that you want to accomplish.

Besides this, the app also generates charts to display your performance over 14 to 30 days. Developers aimed to cut off the anxiety that tags along when someone is unable to accomplish their tasks.

Unfortunately, if you want to post those charts on a website there’s only the option of doing a screenshot. An alternative would be to collect the data that the app provides, add it to a table with the help of a WordPress table plugin and create a dynamic chart. 

They work without time pressure and end up achieving more in small time frames.

Millions of users across the world have used this app and vouch for its effectiveness.

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Capture all your ideas, no matter how absurd they seem to be!

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

Evernote is a note-taking app. It has been around since 2004, and it aims to organize your life.

It’s default schema relies on the convention of Notebooks. They store files in a notebook, which later shapes them into thematic journals. One of its useful features is the app’s template gallery.

It comes with dozens of templates divided into three categories:

For Life, For work, and For School.

They also have sample templates, including personal planners, habit trackers, meeting agendas, blog-post worksheets, and many more.

You can record your thoughts on the go.

Plus, it allows you to record audios, create lists using voice/text attachments, and share the files with friends/colleagues.

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Streamline tasks and accomplish your goals!

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

Toggle is a tool to track how you are using your time and allows you to spot the weak areas.

Effective time management begins by being clear on how you spend your time on specific projects.

This app brings analytic tools at your disposal. Using these, you can understand the productive and problematic areas.

It is an app that’s equally useful for individuals and teams.

It is not only tracking and categorizing your time entries but also provides robust reporting capabilities.

The app successfully gained the trust of over 800 000 businesses across the world. And the number is growing with each passing day.

Toggle is a product of Toggl OÜ, an Estonian private limited company, and Toggle Inc, a Delaware corporation.

The companies have come up with a fool-proof security algorithm, much like the AirG spam-free applications.


Sharing stuff was never this easy before!

Available on: Android, iOS, and Desktop

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With Dropbox, you can quickly shift files from one place to another. You can start your work on a laptop and then upload your documents on the app to access via smartphone.

It enables you to manage your time by prompting you to execute essential tasks on the go. So instead of wasting your time, you try to reach your targets.

All you have to do is install the app on all devices that you use.

The files sync on all devices as soon as they connect.

Time and again, Dropbox has proven to be a valuable collaboration tool. Multiple people can work on the same files, with all changes synced to the cloud.

The working of this process seems far more efficient that one person sending an email to another and waiting for their response.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking to regain control over time and use it in the best possible ways, these apps are an excellent starting point.

But of course, you cannot expect these apps to be the wizards and prolong your day through magic.

A good dose of willpower and motivation is necessary to make the most out of these apps.

So, what are you waiting for?

Select a suitable app and control your time right away!

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