How to Write italics on instagram

How To Write Text in Italics On Instagram

How to Write italics on instagram

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve probably seen people changing the Instagram fonts and writing their captions and Instagram bio in italics.

This might have got you wondering “Can I do Italics on Instagram?“. or How to write italics in Instagram?

The answer is ​YES

You too can type text in italics on Instagram.

Today I am going to guide you through some simple steps to teach you how to use italics on Instagram.

Importance of Italicized Text

Before we divulge into the main discussion let us first understand why you need to use italics on Instagram posts.

Changing the text fonts is a great way to emphasize a part of the text or to catch your follower’s eyes when they are scrolling through their Instagram feed. 

A meticulously formatted text that is broken down into small bite-sized fragments with proper emphasis is super-easy to read.

Italic letters on Instagram help you format your text in such a way that your followers will actually stay to read everything that you’ve posted.

Using italic captions on Instagram and italics on Instagram bio is a great tactic to emphasize the important parts and make your content more appealing.

Making Text Italic on Instagram

By now you must be wanting to know how to type in italics on Instagram. So I’ll share some cool and easy ways in which you can use italics on Instagram. 

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To be honest, Instagram does not offer any text formatting option to make text italic on Instagram.

However, you can use italics on Instagram with the help of Instagram text editors.

Let’s have a look at the best editors that will help you achieve the effect that you want.

These tools will convert your text into a number of amazing fonts and styles including regular italics and cursive italics, which you can copy and paste directly on your Instagram.

Free ​Instagram Italics Font Generators Online

  • ​​MetaTags Font Generator​​​
  • ​Instagram-Fonts
  • ​Cool Fonts
  • ​​LingoJam

MetaTags Font Generator

​The MetaTags font generator tool is the best answer to your question of how to write italics on Instagram posts.

Simply head on to and type any text that you want to format. 


​If you’re wondering how to put italics on Instagram, then there’s no better text generator tool than Instagram-Fonts. 

Just navigate to Instagram-Fonts and type in your text in the input box. 

Cool Fonts 

​Cool fonts is another simple online tool that helps you make text italic on Instagram with ease.

To use it, head over to Cool Fonts and type in any text that you want to make italics.


​When you ask how to make words italic on Instagram, has to be the central topic of discussion.

You can customize the style of the text in your Instagram captions and bio with its effective formatting tools. 

To get italicized text, simply go to LingoJam and follow the steps.

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​Instagram Marketing Tools For More Followers

​An effective way to gain more followers on Instagram while appealing to your existing ones is through the use of social media marketing tools.

Here’s a list of online tools that are a boon for Instagram influencers and marketers.

You can create influential Instagram posts and schedule them as per your requirements.


​Crowdfire is a robust social media management tool that helps you customize the style of your Instagram posts from the picture choice to the editing of the post’s text.


​Addressing all your content marketing needs at a single place, Storychief provides a one-stop editorial software solution for digital marketers and social media enthusiasts who wish to publish enticing posts on Instagram.


​SocialBee helps you create effective Instagram Marketing campaigns.

The mobile app and buffer integration-driven web app allows you to create Instagram posts and choose where you want that text to appear – in your feed, story, or direct message.

These were some of the best Instagram font generator tools that will help you add text in italics on iPhone Instagram and Android Instagram.

I hope that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding how to use italics on Instagram.

If you want to get some expert tips for top-class Instagram marketing, then you should definitely give this article a thorough read.

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