Best Free Survey Makers Online

16 Best Free & Open Source Survey Makers Online

We’ve rounded up 16 of the best free & open source online survey maker tools and summarized the features they offer.

Usually, people turn to surveys when it comes to gathering data, receiving feedback and improving the connection with the audience.

They are both relevant for content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, etc.

When creating web content, it is important to make sure that it is original, well researched and features no plagiarism.

Just like there is a plethora of various survey tools, there is as many checkers to help you examine your pieces – so you can surely find something to your liking.

At, you can find a lot of useful information about how to boost your content and check your write-ups for any unintentional appropriations.

Best Free Survey Makers Online
Best Free Survey Makers Online

Still, there are other factors that influence the engagement of your audience, and that is – relevance.

In this regard, feedback and polls help to receive actual data, analyze and subsequently increase the performance of what you share on the web. Here are the top 16 free tools that will help you to achieve this.

Top Free Tools for Creating Surveys

There are many options to get audience feedback. The paid ones are more complex and have plenty of different functions, but if you are not planning to conduct serious research, you will be perfectly fine with a free one.

Here are some good survey tools to consider:

Google Forms

This is yet the easiest choice in the field of free survey tools. The only downside is that the design cannot be customized, but the functionality is pretty great.

It is completely free, and the interface is pretty easy to use, everything is done intuitively.

There are also an unlimited amount of forms and entries, which is also amazing.

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If you want to analyze the received data, you can simply download Google Sheet.

Overall, it is a great and simple choice to have an easy feedback form.

SoGo Survey

This is a great and more sophisticated choice that has free functionality. It provides unique question opportunities and data analysis possibilities.

There is also a 24/7 support service that is amazing even if you are using a free version. Here are some benefits of this tool:

  • Unlimited surveys
  • The surveys can be embedded in emails or web pages
  • Data can be exported as a separate document
  • 24 question types

Kwik Surveys

This tool is also great, it is absolutely free, but it is ad-based, so when answering questions, the respondents will see some ads.

It might seem like a downside, but, taking into consideration the functionality of this software, it is not so crucial.

The benefits include customizable design; there are more than 30 templates. The survey form can be simply embedded in your website.

The interface of the tool is also amazingly simple; you can create a survey using the drag-and-drop function.  

Another great benefit is that the result can be downloaded as a file in almost any type of program.

The only downside is that there is no open question opportunity.

HubSpot’s Online Form Builder

This free form builder is more advanced, yet it doesn’t require any special expertise when using it.

It helps to create various forms and surveys and saves all the contacts in a CRM system, so you can actually create a database of your audience members.

Quick Tip – Also, checkout Keap Review – A Best CRM Software for Businesses

Survey Monkey

It is suitable for small polls in its free version. It allows creating up to 10 question surveys and getting up to 100 respondents.

There are also customization options regarding design, which is always a benefit.

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There are 15 different types of questions one may ask. There is, however, a downside – there is no opportunity to export the result data.

Lime Survey

This is an open-source download option, so there is a great community of developers behind it. The benefits of this tool include:

  • More than 80 language options for surveys
  • Unlimited amount of surveys and respondents
  • The form is very simple

The downside is that it requires some back-end work, so it is more suitable for those who have an IT specialist in their team.

Type form

This elegant tool has a free version with a lot of advantages.

First of all, it provides an unlimited amount of questions and respondents.

Secondly, the design is customizable with stylish templates.

Thirdly, there is a data export option. The only downside is that there are no logic jump possibilities.


It is a professional business tool that has a good free version with some major functions.

It allows the creation of one free survey with up to 8 different types of questions and 10 outgoing emails.

The number of responses is limited to 100. It provides summary reports and surveys logic jumps.

Zoho Survey

The free version of this tool provides an unlimited number of surveys. You can create up to 15 questions and get up to 150 responses.

The interface is simple and intuitive. It is a great and easy tool to start with.

Poll Daddy

This is a great option for those who have a WordPress account as it is free and allows implementing your brand logo into the survey.

The form can also be embedded in your website.

For those who are interested in polling outside the Internet, there is an offline data collection opportunity.

The only disadvantage is that there is no opportunity to export the poll data.

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Survey Planet

This tool ensures unlimited polls, questions, and responses, which is amazing for a free version.

The poll can also be embedded in your web page or email. There are also some design options, however, there is a Survey Planet brand logo in it.


This is the best tool for the mobile interface as it has a question-per-page design.

There are also great options regarding the design – you can add your logo, change the button colors, and upload your own background picture.

There is a question logic tool, and the data can be exported to Excel.

Survey Gizmo

It is simple and flexible; there are 20 types of questions, an unlimited number of surveys and data collection.

The responses are also unlimited and are always stored in your account, so it is easy to access them any time you want.

Microsoft Forms

It is a great opportunity as it works with all Microsoft products. There are plenty of customization options.

The platform allows creating polls, surveys, quizzes, etc. The data can be exported in an Excel sheet, which is also a benefit.

Form Crafts

This tool is pretty basic but yet comfortable to use. You can create polls, surveys, sign-up and feedback forms with it.

The interface is simple, and the design leaves a nice impression.

Survey Sparrow

This great tool has a free version with nice functionality. The surveys can be embedded; there are three of them for a free account.  

You can create 10 questions per one form and have up to 100 responses.


The choice of a survey tool should be based on the type of questions you want to ask, and the number of respondents you are interested in. All these tools are great and have various advantages.

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