6 Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo with Online Tools

The logo speaks a lot about branding. An excellent logo will not only help you establish brand recognition, but also build customer trust and deliver your brand values as well. So carefully tailor your logo to suit your business profile is a necessity.


However, not everyone has the ability to hire an expert logo designer and pay a substantial fee for the design service. For small businesses, startups and individual business owners with limited time, resources, and budgets, the do-it-yourself route perhaps is the way to go. Thanks to a variety of logo design software and apps available in the market nowadays, you can get this job done with ease.

Choose a Proper Online Logo Design Tool

Google “online logo maker”, you’ll get amazed at umpteen choices of logo design tools. But don’t let those choices make you go astray, pay attention to analyze and compare their features and performance to choose a proper tool that works best for you. Besides, read reviews and comments from people who have used those tools is also a wise way. Although some of them might require you a fee to use its whole features or download high-quality logos, there are still free tools like DesignEvo if you want to save budget especially in the initial stage of a new business.

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Strat from A Scratch

Before start making a logo, you can draw a sketch firstly. It can help you define the overall design concept and direction. At this stage, you need to have a general idea about the kind of logo you want to have to for your business. Make sure your logo reflects your industry, as well as your brand. Get creative and be inspired.

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Less Is More

Keep your logo simple and clear is very essential. Think about the logo of McDonald’s, it’s just a yellow M- couldn’t be simpler. But you can immediately recognize there is a McDonald’s restaurant around by seeing its bright yellow anchor sign.


Simplicity always makes a logo easily recognizable and memorable.

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Select Right Color

Colors can convey a wide range of emotions and meanings. For example, red can evoke feelings of love, passion, strength, etc. Some brands are recognizable solely by their distinct color. So carefully decide your logo color that matches the characteristics and values of your company or product. Besides, don’t use too much color on a logo which might add to a feeling of chaotic.

Typography Matters A Lot

If a logo contains texts, then the logo font type and size play a vital role in the overall design. Like colors, fonts also communicate a message of their own. Make sure that the font you used is clear and legible, especially when it comes out with script fonts. Take into account the kind of product or service you’re offering, identify your target audience, and spend some time sorting through various font types, you’ll find out a nice font that suits your brand best.

Preview Your Logo

Once you finish the logo, you can use the preview feature to see how your logo looks like on different occasions, like on business cards, T-shirts, website pages, book covers, etc. So that you are able to make adjustments accordingly in case it looks improper somewhere.

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Just boost your creativity to create a logo that’s appealing and unique. The possibilities are limitless.

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