5 Best Plugins and Apps for Salesforce AppExchange 1

5 Best Plugins and Apps for Salesforce AppExchange

In this article, we have made a list of 5 Popular SalesForce Plugins and Apps for Appexchange that you should definitely be using with your Salesforce documentation tools.

If you are looking for some smart ways to ensure that your sales and customer relations up and running high, you have to run something more than a marketing team.

By ensuring maximum productivity and an analytical approach to have and understand about the market and customers and real-time data in hand which you a proper insight to what to be done at the right time and whatnot.

As powerful and functional Salesforce is, there have also been some specific things, which it cannot do simply out of the box.

However, Salesforce has lately created an AppExchange also, which is a market place for a large number of plugins, add-ons, and systems to integrate with Salesforce which can enhance Salesforce functionality and also help the marketers and developers to take advantage of these in various ways.

Best Salesforce AppExchange Plugins & Apps :

5 Best Plugins and Apps for Salesforce AppExchange 2

In fact, it is easy for someone to get overwhelmed by looking at AppExchange.

There are various proprietary systems with integrations and hooks, so it is worth to know what is ideal for you to choose.

To create that list, you need to closely evaluate each of the plugins and determine how much suitable it is for you and your audience.

To start, with here we will discuss the five most important plugins and apps which are popular:


The social selling focus of InsideView aims at delivering the right kind of messages to the right customers at the right point in time.

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This is achieved by analyzing the social network connections of your / brand and then triggering events based on the trends out there.

If you find your already our existing contact database of Salesforce lacking in volume, then you can use the features of InsideView to update and important it.

InsideView will enable to you simultaneously monitor about 25000 sources which to gain close sales intelligence a business may need in terms of product releases, business executive shifts, mergers, and other factors which are vital for someone to stay ahead in the industry.

Using InsideView, your sales team members can also fetch valuable info through the Alerts, which will enable tracking of activities of your social profiles and then trigger events at the apt moment.

It is also possible to import some filter lists based on industry, revenue, events, and more.


Executive the administrative tasks related to every process can be frustrating for anyone, and Force.com has some smart apps to take up this job for you.

As Flosum.com points out, there are many tasks like the removal of the duplicates, imports, exports, verifications, and a lot of other tasks to be done.

For all these, DemandTools will act as a one-stop solution. It will take care of all these monotonous, boring, and time-consuming tasks to be done with ease.

It can not only help remove the duplicates but can also standardize and clean up the data in order to sort the data for easy access.

For the administrators, the task of accessing, filtering, and sorting data becomes much easier with DemandTools.

Compared to the built-in data management tools of SalesForce’s, DemandTools has much more capability in terms of an enhanced structure and wider usability on automating more complicated administrative tasks.

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If you are a Salesforce user looking for anything that will help you to boost the marketing campaigns alongside ensuring the quality of your leads to expedite the lead to the sales process, then Marketo is a pick.

With this app, you can create catchy landing pages easily and also streamline the mail marketing campaigns to nurture leads across the channels.

One of the major features of Marketo is its built-in ability to do accurate lead scoring.

If there are so many prospects getting into the sales funnel, you have to prioritize your follow-up by understanding which is more worth to act on by understanding which all are lukewarm.

The Marketo’s approach to lead scoring is very fresh and intuitive, which can save your time and effort.

You can simply add the fields on Salesforce get them reflected in the Marketo, which makes the campaign adjustments much easier and managing landing page more comfortable.

Cirrus Insight

If you use various apps and tools like Google Calendar and Gmail along with Salesforce, then you can use Cirrus Insights as a useful resource to integrate these all.

It can effectively integrate Salesforce with the Office 365 tools and Outlook 2013 etc. You can enter the details at any one platform and get seamlessly integrated as Salesforce to Gmail or vice versa.

Along with this, you can also track the mails and with details like when they are opened and where along with the details of which devices were used to open the mail.

Integrating Cirrus is much quicker and easier, and managing the workflow using this is so effortless and smooth.

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You can access AppExchange to learn more details about Cirrus Insights.

Cogna Composer

Conga Composer is a mighty tool for business marketers and administrators, which can automate the process of taking out your Salesforce objects and fields and then turn them into reports, documents, plans, presentations, contracts, etc. to be shared as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

This also works well with the HTML mailers, PDF forms, etc. It requires only a few clicks for even the beginners not to prepare quotes, sales presentations, invoices, and proposals.

The major feature of Cogna Composer is its ability to integrate things effectively within the existing Salesforce workflow alongside maintaining the existing rules to fine craft reports and share them automatically.

The users can instantly deliver the finished reports through various channels like Salesforce, Google Drive, email, etc. It is also possible to do e-signature by using EchoSign, DocuSign, or Sertifi.

For those who are on the go, you can easily schedule the solutions or simply use the event triggers in order to enhance productivity and to create a large number of documents by using mail merge.

You may not require all of these for sure, and there are also plenty of other apps and plug-ins which may come handy to you.

At the first point, you need to assess your requirements well and then explore the AppExchange in order to identify which out there best suits to your needs in hand and start using them.

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