6 Best WordPress Translation Plugins For A Multilingual Website

‘Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave.’ That is an epic example of translation gone wrong. Not only Pepsi but numerous other renowned brands like Mercedes, Coca-Cola, and KFC learned about the importance of translation the hard way. Talking of these big brands, Coca-Cola’s brand name was translated to ‘Bite the Wax Tadpole’ when marketed in China. Joining the league of embarrassing global marketing mistakes is the Mercedes-Benz whose brand name ‘Bensi’ was translated to ‘rush to die’ when it was introduced in China. I could go on and on with the rather hilarious examples of translation fails but I think I have successfully gotten my point across. While the world was laughing in hysterics at these rather hilarious fails, it cost the companies millions of dollars to correct their mistakes. Hence, proven that translation plays a vital part especially when we now talk about the world being a global village. It is not difficult for me to watch an Arabic, Turkish, or Indian show as the subtitles help me to understand the dialogues that are being delivered. I do not speak these languages. But does that act as a barrier for me to enjoy shows and movies from various cultures? No, it does not. My subscription to Spectrum packages allows me to tune in to any channel and the subtitles then work their magic.

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Talking of subtitles and Turkish shows, another famous concept these days is blogging. Bloggers publish content using WordPress to communicate their thoughts with the world. Therefore, it is important for people to install WordPress Translation Plugins to be able to read the blog. Six of the best translation plugins are as follows:

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1.     Google Website Translator:

Google translator is the go-to tool when it comes to easy and quick translation. The translations might not be top notch but given the fact that it is a free tool, the quality is justified. Apart from this, the tool has 100 languages that can be translated from one to another. Again, this is a good feature that a free of cost tool has. Another reason why you would want to install this translator is the ease of its use. You just need to activate the plugin once you have installed it apart from specifying your website’s native language. And Tada! You are ready to pen down your thoughts. However, do not forget to choose the languages that you want the content to be offered in. Once you have followed these steps, you are ready to upload your writings on your blog/website.

2.     Lingotek Translation:

Lingotek offers three different variants of translations:

  • Machine Translation: Free for the first hundred thousand characters.
  • Community Translation: Translations that are not automatic but are provided by you.
  • Professional Translation: It will cost you your bucks, but the experience will be worth it, as you will get to choose from 5,000 professional grade translators.

The third category is unique to Lingotek and will translate into quick, high-quality and more reliable translations. It also allows the user to track the progress during the translation with its live percentage bar.

3.     Babble:

One of the fastest translators, Babble is open source. The tool has been acquired by Automattic and asks of you to simply download the app and follow the simple instructions. Once done, Babble will enable you to translate your blog/website to an unlimited number of languages. You will need to go to the translations section on WordPress and click on the post/blog that you would like to translate. Babble will then display in front of you two versions of the visual editor simultaneously. One will be the original content and the other will be a blank canvas where you can feature your translation. Once you are through this part, you would simply need to place the Babble Language Switcher on your sidebar for the readers to enjoy reading their preferred languages.

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4.     qTranslate-X:

There was a time when qTanslate dominated the other translation plugins available. However, with passing time, the updates became sporadic and the plugin was abandoned as a whole. But it wasn’t gone for long. A better and more famous version of the plugin qTranslate-X is on the rise and is a hot favorite amongst the bloggers and website developers. The plugin works by you installing it and feeding in it your default language apart from the other languages that you would like your content to be available in. When the readers visit your blog/website, they are automatically presented with their preferred language.

5.     GTranslate:

Powered by Google Translate, GTranslate is one of the most famous WordPress translation plugins amongst writers and bloggers. The plugin allows you to translate your content into 103 different languages it gives the users the option to choose from an array of widgets from which they can choose their preferred language with ease.

6.     WPML:

This plugin supports forty languages and provides the user with the option to add a language of their own. It supports both the self-translate and auto-translate categories. Apart from this, the plugin also allows the readers to add their own translations. But you will have to assign them the role of the translator before they can do it for you.

If you ask me, I would vote for the Google Website Translator as my all-time favorite. In fact, this I am currently using this plugin as you guys are reading along with my blog post. The plugin coupled with Spectrum Internet in my area with its super-fast speed helps me to connect with you all.

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