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20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store

In a world that is almost solely driven by technology, going digital has been the order of business. And the field of commerce has not been left behind either, as woocommerce has stormed stage.

If you are not aware, woocommerce is a platform that is categorized under eCommerce. Worldwide, woocommerce is used for businesses of all calibers, as long as they are under eCommerce.

Most woocommerce developers are still grappling with the idea of how to come up with efficient woocommerce compatible themes for users. Well, count yourself lucky because here you go!

1. Maxstore

It is an entirely free woocommerce theme. In its design, it allows WordPress woocommerce designers to strike an eye-catching display of things. The items can be displayed at the center of the woocommerce page. This woocommerce for WordPress theme layout has added the advantage of displaying additional icons for the user.

20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store 1
20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store 10

2. Styler

As the name suggests, this is a woocommerce product page template for professional hairstylists and beauty therapists. It is one of the best woocommerce themes for beginners. Its layout is easily customizable to feature icons for different services. The homepage has widgets that enable drag and drop customization depending on your preferences.

3. Pepper+

This woocommerce theme is specially designed for online shops and stores. Pepper+ has advantage of having additional woocommerce sites within it that are simple to install. Of all the latest woocommerce websites that are currently trending across the world, Pepper+ has been outstanding for its integration of standard woocommerce components. Additional information can also be added by drag and drop on the page.

20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store 3

4. Oceanwp

OceanWP is one of the most powerful and wonderfully designed woocommerce themes out there. If you take a glance at it, you will immediately get the impression that it is a premium quality eCommerce platform, but it is not, It is free.

In terms of the ability to customize it, it is much more like the rest that we have discussed. You can easily customize it in any way that you esteem.

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20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store 5

5. Flash

From multiple users that have given their review, no woocommerce storefront theme feels and appears more professional than this one.

The additional feature that makes this theme preferable is that it comes with extra plugins. This plugin allows for the importation of woocommerce demo info into eCommerce site.

This plugin allows for the importation of woocommerce demo info into eCommerce site.


6. Flora

Flora is one of the many free woocommerce themes that are topping the charts currently. The designer of this impeccable presentation had vibrant flower online shops in mind. The admixture of colors in layout is scintillating, as the iconic features it comes with. It has a translation icon plus an e-shopping cart, making it all better.

7. Loft

This theme has been tipped to be one of the most uncomplicated woocommerce templates that have been developed in recent times. It features extensive and expansive navigation planes and menus.

Among other features, there is a slider at the top before the site for content. Notably, this woocommerce theme allows for live customization of website.

8. Bento

Bento is another premium-like woocommerce theme that has proven to be extremely flexible. It comes with an exciting range of functionality.

You can use any builder plugin to customize your woocommerce site fully. Other woocommerce featured products within this theme are multiple layouts, custom headers, and unlimited colors, among others.

9. Corner

We cannot sufficiently talk about stylish woocommerce theme packs without mentioning Corner. The Corner has the advantage of the full support of woocommerce.

Its display features a slim sidebar and a more extensive zone for the content to be displayed. A range of color control tools and widgets that are easily moved about are also available; including twitter and other apps.

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10. Peak

The standalone feature of Peak as a woocommerce theme is image tiles at the top. That always strikes the attention of any user. The tiles can be customized as well to feature your preferences.

After the tiles, the layout allows for the display of your content. This woocommerce theme has a user-friendly mega menu.

11. Shopstar

This woocommerce theme is mostly preferred for marketing of apparel and lifestyle associated commodities.

Its design is far reduced than the rest, giving it a definite edge in emphasizing products. It has additional navigation planes and blog pages.

12. Balance

The Balance design theme is meant for marketers who prefer having the brand in the middle. It is an elegant woocommerce theme, with unique styles for product display. Besides, it has several blog panaches and unlimited customizations.

13. Homestore

This unique theme has features that are specifically suited to marketing of household items. The design fixed in Homestore woocommerce theme is spacious enough. Moreover, it has the flexibility and ease of use uncommon among other themes.

14. Bellini

Bellini theme has been developed from Bootstrap framework. It is among the few woocommerce themes responsive themes to be developed. With its always optimal performance, it is capable of handling all plugins introduced.

20+ Best WooCommerce Themes to Build Awesome E-Commerce Store 7

15. Highend

The Highend theme is known for hosting a more recent design. It has a variety of arrangements and panaches that a user can choose from.

Some builder plugins allow for relevant customization. With fonts, social media icons, and widgets, this is one of the top themes out there.

16. Toyshop

From its name, we can all tell that it will be associated with toys and other children playing paraphernalia. This woocommerce theme has focused a lot on fun aspect that is required to market this lot of products. It is a colorful theme whose graphics are adjustable.

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17. Indigo

Indigo is probably the most freestyle and flexible theme so far. With the drag and drop feature, the theme can be made into any layout you so wish. The theme also carries several templates, a contact form page, and social media incorporation.

18. Arcade

Arcade is the most renowned woocommerce in the marketing of gaming equipment and aid. Its display is remarkable; most goods are visible from the front page. The other parts of the exhibition are also well magnified.

19. Creativo

Creativo is considered to be only multi-purpose. It is incredibly flexible and can be customized with a single click. Many layouts are present within this template and a theme settings customization corner.

20. Estore

This woocommerce theme also resembles the premium package. In its association with the different widgets, it appears like a professional deal. Building upon the theme is an easy way since the theme is highly flexible.

21. Demandware

It’s no secret that personalizing e-commerce can increase conversion rates, resale opportunities, and average order value. For example, in Demandware, one way to personalize is to use content slots.

A slot for content, such as a book of ra online free, is a marketing feature in Demandware that allows you to personalize the content of your site based on certain rules.


There are very many themes out there that suffice when it comes to woocommerce themes and eCommerce displays. Depending on goods and clientele, there are always options that one can pick one from. The beauty is in the possibility to choose many results at the same time. And definitely, there is always a catch and dilemma over what theme to pick.

Did you find this helpful? Let us know please.

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