12 Most Popular Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Sliders are part & parcel of modern websites. Webmasters use them extensively to display multiple graphics, videos, and images with cool transition effects to make their websites elegant and attract visitors.

At a time when the virtual world of online business is full of cut-throat competition and all vie against each other for their share of business, sliders allow you to highlight the best content on your site, make an announcement about the sell- off days, catch the attention of targeted users and achieve your targets easily.

If you operate a WordPress blog/website, you can use slider plugins to add a value to your site. To ease your work, a collection of top 10 slider plugins for WordPress is given here below:

1. Slider WD Slider Plugin

Slider WD is a user-friendly and feature-packed slider plugin which allows you to create fully configurable sliders with a number of transition effects and styling options.You can add unlimited sliders to your website by using the provided shortcode, or display sliders as a widget on your sidebar area. The plugin supports both images and videos, and lets you apply text, image, video, social sharing and, hotspot layers to the slides. Slider WD comes with 26 transition and 38 layer effects, and supports filmstrip, parallax and carousel effects. It perfectly integrates with Instagram,Flickr and Dailymotion.


2. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

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With the help of Ultimate Responsive Image Slider, you can add several image slides in a slider by making use of image up-loader techniques. It comes with numerous settings such as navigation buttons, slide thumbnails, auto play slides, customizable height and width, and so on.

You can add image slider to any post or page of your WordPress site by using a short-code [URIS id=123]. If you talk about its core feature, it is fully compatible with all major browsers. Additionally, it supports all major devices and translation for various languages.

3. Meta Slider

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Meta Slider plugin helps you to create slider easily and quickly by choosing images from media library. Just select the image, set slide captions , SEO tags and links, drag and drop the image/video and its done. You can add the slides to across your WordPress site using a short-code or template tag. It supports translation for 16 languages.

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This plugin allows you to preview sliders before making them live on your website. It has automatic image cropping tools, custom widgets and shortcodes. It is fully compatible with translation plugins (WPML, PolyLang & qTranslate). It supports location too, which increases your business substantially.

4. Smooth Slider

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Smooth Slider is JQuery based simple content slideshow creator, which is created mainly for WordPress CMS. You can use this plugin to display your site’s content in slides. This also allows you to create your slides by uploading images from computer or other web applications.

It has a mobile-friendly auto adjusted design, which helps users to see your slides on mobile devices without any difficulty. You can change the layout of your slides easily as you get the option to place images on left, right or center in your slides.

5. Soliloquy Lite

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There are several occasions in digital marketing, where you need to use a good slider to convey your message to visitors easily and make them understand (about your products and services). Soliloquy lite comes into action during such situations.

With this plugin, you can create numerous WordPress slides easily. You can place the created sliders anywhere on your site.

It helps you in your SEO efforts too by allowing you to add title tags and alt tag for images in sliders. It comes with several features such as filter to manipulate the slider output, a number of hooks, simple to understand slider options, an intuitive user interface, etc. Ease of use, responsiveness, and speed make it perfect WordPress slider plugin.

6. Master Slider

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Master Slider is an excellent image and content slider plugin, which has almost everything that you need to create amazing sliders such as video support, different types of effects, thumbnails, hotspots, etc.

It supports seamless hardware accelerated transitions and touch navigation. It also works as a layer slider, which allows you to add HTML content in layers. It is completely compatible with all modern browsers and useful features such as 5 image positioning options, fully customizable thumbnail and tabs, user- friendly admin panel, etc, add more beauty to this plugin.

7. Slider Ultimate

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Slider Ultimate plugin allows you to create numerous sliders and add them to your WordPress website with the help of simple slider shortcodes. You can ad transition effects to your slides to make them look professional and decent.

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With this plugin, you get a wide array of features such as a custom CSS input (for modifying the slider style), customizable slider options, drag and drop slide feature, WooCommerce slider integration, etc.

8. Crelly Slider

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Crelly Slider is an ideal plugin when you need to create a beautiful slider presentation to impress your visitors/customers/clients. It comes with several features such as user-friendly admin panel, cross- browser compatibility, drag and drop builder, transitions & animations, etc.

It supports layers and allows you to add transitions effect, animations, YouTube/Vimeo videos, an informative text to your slides to make them classy and professional. You can use this slider without having any coding knowledge.

Therefore, both beginners and professionals can use it to create amazing sliders. You can also create duplicate sliders using this plugin. This plugin is completely responsive, which means sliders will be displayed easily to every screen resolution used by visitors.

9. Cyclone Slider 2

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Cyclone Slider 2 is an ideal slider plugin for WordPress, which supports images, testimonial, custom HTML, YouTube & Vimeo videos, slides. It allows you to add slides anywhere into your WordPress website using shortcode. Even amateur designers can use this plugin as it includes a drag and drop interface, allowing them to create amazing slides within a few minutes.

It has a template system, which allows developers to customize the slides and make them more appealing. The plugin is translation ready and supports RTL languages as well. The export and import feature of this plugin allows you to move your slides to other websites also.

10. Huge-IT Slider

Image result for Huge-IT Slider

Huge-IT Slider is a very useful slider plugin for WordPress, which allows you to create high-quality sliders in a few minutes and add them to your WordPress website using autogenerated shortcodes. You can also add hyperlinks to your slides to make them more authentic and reliable.

The plugin has some awesome features such as 15 different navigation buttons, 9 different positions for slider title and description. It also allows you to create useful and engaging sliders with videos available on YouTube and Vimeo.

11. Easing Slider

Image result for Easing Slider

Easing Slider is a simple and bloat-free slider plugin that is built to make slide creation work a painless assignment. It easily gets integrated with the WordPress admin area and WordPress media library, enabling you to create exquisite slides one after another. One of the main features of this plugin is that it facilitates lazy loading of images to help you site load fast.

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12. Responsive Slider by MotoPress

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Responsive Slider by MotoPress offers all essential components, features and functionalities that you would need to create beautiful slides, galleries, slideshows and add awesome visual effects and layers to sliders to make them look authentic and professional.

Responsive layout, intuitive interface, and easy navigation features– all these make this plugin an ideal tool to create slides instantly without doing any coding. It is very well optimized for touch devices and your sliders look absolutely fine on any device or screen size.

It is updated with new retina- ready controls, which makes it sure that text and images, that you use in sliders, looks vivid and can be viewed easily by visitors. You can add Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 self-hosted videos to your slides by using this plugin to attract traffic to your site.

13. WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin

Image result for WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin

If you are looking for an effective tool to showcase your featured content on your WordPress website (to catch user’s attention), then WordPress Vertical Image Slider Plugin  is the perfect option for you.

Using this plugin, you can add spineless sliders to your website easily with the help of  a template tag.

Moreover, this plugin allows you to add  media library images,  HTML tags, permalinks, posts, pages, etc, to your slider using the edit section on the admin panel.

By using the easy admin panel options, you can customize your slides to to give them a professional look and make them appealing for web visitors. For this, you need to have at least basic knowledge of CSS.


By using beautiful and attractive sliders, you can fascinate visitors and can drive traffic to your site easily. If you create sliders manually, it consumes a lot of time. The above-mentioned WordPress slider plugins make slider creation work easier. All of them have awesome features, allowing you to create numerous sliders within a short duration of time without having profound technical knowledge.




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