8 Best URL Shortener WordPress Plugins to Shorten Affiliate Links

As you all know about the affiliate link cloaking, is the simpler method just to shorten the long URL’s and best method to make money for bloggers. Affiliate link cloaking has the good impact on websites that’s why it is so popular these days. These days, the digital market offers several wordpress  plugins that are helpful to perform link cloaking.  Before proceeding to further discussion, lets take a look to some benefits of performing cloaking, such as:

  • By performing cloaking it’s easier to manage long URL’s, remember and use anywhere.
  • Short affiliates URL’s don’t be like spam and can be easily used by visitors who want to purchase using affiliate URL’s.
  • Google search crawlers can easily fetch short and well optimized affiliate links.
  • By performing cloaking, it is easy to manage and track the website traffic from how many clicks converted to action.
  • Affiliate links can be easily made nofollow.


Apart from the benefits of link cloaking, check out the list of best wordpress plugins for shortening affiliate links.

  1. Thirsty Affiliates

    – It is one of the best wordpress plugin for cloaking links and used by thousands of marketers to shorten affiliate links. it has some favorable features, such as:

  • This plugin adds “Recommends” word while cloaking the link that make it easy for visitors that the website actually recommends the product to buy.
  • This plugin helps you to monitor all affiliate links under one roof and helps to inserting the links anywhere on webpage.
  • It also provides 301 redirection commission protecting link.
  • It provides custom prefixes for URL.
  • It also has feature of hierarchical link categorization
  • This plugin also provides DoFollow/NoFollow options.

2. Pretty Link Lite

This is the popular wordpress plugin to perform affiliate link cloaking to shrink, share and track your URL. Following is the features provided by it.

  • This plugin allows you to perform link shortening by using your own domain name.
  • It provides the detailed information of link tracking like IP address, region and many more.
  • It tracks the number of hits per link.
  • It also tracks the number of unique hits.

3. WordPress Wizard Cloak

This plugin helps you to cloaks the links, tracks the user information like how many hits acquired on each link and more. Few benefits of using WP wizard cloak plugin are as follows:

  • It automatically turns on the keywords of websites to links.
  • This plugin provides track information about affiliate links.
  • It automatically matches the existing links in older blog posts.
  • You can easily send information to blog visitors by setting different destination options.

4. WordPress Cloaker

The another player comes into plugin game is wordpress cloaker that helps the blogger to create custom redirection links and also helps to track the visitors clicked information on each link. Various features provides by it are as:

  • This plugin converts any long URL into short URL.
  • It also tracks how many clicks a link got.
  • It also provides visitor behavior information like destination, IP address and many more.
  • It helps to categorize the links.
  • It also provides custom permalink prefix for your link like go, visit, out and so on.

5. Simple Link Cloaker

This is the free wordpress plugin for shortening the link comes into market which is elegant and simple. The user just needs to install than activate it. It automatically starts cloaking process to your links. Few features it provides are as follows.

  • This plugin shortens your URL’s without passing website pagerank’s.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It automatically allows your links to redirect at 301 permanent redirection or 302 temporary redirection.

6. WordPress Dynamic Links

This is the advanced wordpress plugin that not only helps you to shorten the links but also performs tracking of links as well as helps to do split testing too. Apart from this few features of this plugin are as follows:

  • It helps to perform split testing.
  • It helps to generate click reports.
  • It also turns keywords into URL’s.

7. Easy Affiliate Links

By using this plugin you can easily create short links to cloak affiliate links of your website. All the affiliate links are easily manageable only at one place. Some features belongs to this plugin are as follows:

  • All links are easily accessible in the html editor.
  • You can easily assign categories to your URL’s.
  • It provides tracking information of monthly clicks.
  • By using this you can also import affiliate links from XML.

8. Click Meter Link Shortener

This plugin is very popular these days because it shares the link shortening real time status. You can easily track everything about the website visitor. Some awesome features of this plugin are :

  • It creates link by using own domain name.
  • It tracks details about traffic such as keywords, parameters and many more.
  • It allows advanced redirect options such as redirect by language, by unique visitors, by custom times, by nation and so on.
  • It also protects the affiliate code by using advanced cloaking methods.

As above the best plugins for link cloaking are discussed with their incredible features but these are not in particular order, so don’t make judgments of the importance by the above list.


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