8 Best Free Text To Speech Tools Online 1

8 Best Free Text To Speech Tools Online

There are times when students and writers feel tired and they want to give a rest to their eyes and there is no better thing to relax than with software that can convert their text into spoken words.

Technology has come up with some really great inventions and one of them is the text to speech tools that make it so easy for people who are required to study for long hours but cannot afford to put more strain on their eyes but would do well with listening and comprehending.

There are several reasons why people use text to speech for their learning and education as well as work purposes. This tool has the ability to convert words into speech and also accommodates learning difficulties that so many people have. It also aids in developing speech and literary skills and gives such people a chance to work in a better way with their problems.

There are so many text to speech tools available in the market right now and the best thing about them is that many of them are free of cost too. All you need to do is install them and you will be able to enjoy better progress and learning.

They offer you a chance to explore the options and select the right text to speech software that will help you complete your tasks in a much better and quick way even when you are tired and don’t feel like reading any more.

Students need to understand that they will not only get help in studying and e-learning but they will also get good assistance in completing their assignments.

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They will be able to add narration to their course and they will also be able to come up with better presentations that will add a new dimension to their learning and provide them a chance to enjoy their education in a new way which will make them most interesting and exciting.

This article is a guide for all those students and writers who are looking forward to doing well in their careers and want some really good help in completing their tasks.

Here is a list of best free text to speech tools that will help them do better.

best free text to speech tools
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It is constantly bus in coming up with new development in research and education and remains one of the best text to speech tools that are easily available for everyone.

This is one of the best performing software on every device as the voices used are optimized for the platform and provide the right technical support during every station of the implementation process, and offers a cloud service for recording.


This software is available in several versions, including a free one that easily converts Microsoft Word documents, PDF files, and even emails into spoken words. The paid version contains a better variety of features and voices and is very significant for eLearning and online training.

Zabaware Text To Speech Reader:

This text to speech tool is also available in both free and paid versions but the paid version offers better quality CereProc and AT&T Natural Voices. The good thing about using this tool is that the text gets converted into wav audio files that can be used on any portable device for convenience.

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This tool allows the users to come up with high quality speech audio in variety of formats including mp3, wac, wma, mp4 as well as flac. There are also other online services and apps that include iSpeech Translator too that can translate speaking text in 7 languages and can read the translated text in 18 languages which makes it truly a great software for students.

Acapela Group Virtual Speaker:

With 30 languages, easy integration facility as well as several sampling frequencies and qualities, Acapela Group Virtual Speaker is one of the top text to speech software available in the market that make it ideal choice for students. It can be used from any authoring tool that students use and provides a great chance for elearning.


This tool reads any kind of document including Microsoft Word, PDF, emails and provides speech in AT&T Natural Voices for easy understanding and recognition. Having an integrated internet browser that allows the software to read any web page directly from its interface, it has proved to be a great choice in voice quality, speed, and volume too.


This is without any doubt one of the highest quality feel tools available in the market that converts text to audio quickly and includes adjustable speech parameters for speed, pitch and volume. with multilingual interface and remembers like voice parameters, dictionaries set and colors for each document setting, it has proved to be a great tool for learners.

Read The Words:

It is an online text to speech application that provides learners a free version that offers variety of voices characters, 3 languages, and the ability to create audio files up to 30 seconds in length. Its upgraded version provides unlimited audio files up to 8 hours in length, and unlimited podcasting which make it worth a try.

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Ever since they have been introduced in the market, text to speech software have taken all the hassle of consuming digital textual, making the entire process faster and more convenient for students and researchers who need to work hard and come up with quick results. No matter which of the text to speech tools you select, all you need to understand is the reason why you are selecting and check out its features that will help you work better.

Final thoughts:

You might even need to use one and then discard it in favor of another one to check out which one works best for you.

Make sure to read the specifications and judge what the text to speech tool is offering before going for the paid version. The above mentioned are best text to speech tools that will get you a chance to enjoy learning and do well.

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