8 MacBook Hacks That Every Mac User Should Know

Hacking was primarily used in old days to aid access of pertinent information from an organization or even access the individual’s data. In the recent times, hacking has taken dark connotation. The experts in IT are utilizing their skills to deliberately penetrate into confidential information for the purpose of personal gains. The ‘good days’ where intrusion of information was not regarded harmful are gone.


The act is utilized to even extract money from the target party. Many organizations employ the IT wizards to test the strengths or weakness of their systems. This is used to identify loopholes through which an attack can be channeled.

Your MacBook is excellent in power saving and also functionality.

It has some unique features that you might not be aware of. In order to master some of the element, we are going to review eight MacBook hacks that anyone should be able to perform.

Spotlight cable Used for more than one search

This is a tool which is normally used as a search engine.  It is designed to assist in locating files from various sections. Most of the people do not realize that spotlight has a capability of multiple function. It can be used as a calculator to perform simple calculations and algorithms and also to convert currency.

These are the basic features for the normal operations, which are performed on a daily basis. Instead of having an extra calculator, an individual could opt to optimize the use of this tool.  Everyone should learn to maximize the use of Spotlight in anything math related.

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Accessing Emoji Keyboard.

This is a feature which is common to smartphones. The current generation is engrossed in chatting through emails, Facebook and other common social media.

Anytime you are sending a tweet or a message, one can pull down emoji keyboard by hitting the command key+ Control+ space-bar key.

A list of emoji are displayed corresponding to those found in a smartphone. The recipient would think one is using a phone. This shortcut is only available in the MacBook and should be embraced to live-in the chat.

Optimizing Storage

Space in electronic is one of the element considered paramount to any user.  A computer with MacOS operating system can be managed easily without following long procedures. The process of offloading the weight in the computer memory can be achieved by following a simple procedure.

Click “about this Mac” –storage- manage then click review. The commands directs the owner to location of files where one is able to choose a category to eliminate.

A simple strategy that can be adopted to increase the functionality of Mac. Storage capacity of the computer is the most aspect which cannot be ignored.

One can opt to purchase for extra space in form of hard disk at subsidized price. OZCodes  provides a platform where electronics gadgets are available at subsidized prices in form of discounts.

Accessing sound settings and display faster

Navigating through system preferences is the most recognized route to adjust various settings in the Mack. However, that is a long way which can be shunned.

Next time you decide to adjust screen brightness or resolution, just click on options and the display setting get launched on the screen.

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This reduces the time taken to access the tools used to execute the mission. The same case happens to sound settings. This is the most reliable and less laborious route.


Ability to use the device without necessarily shifting or closing the window when navigating is an aspiration of techno minds. One can comfortably share information and data if one has an iOS device with a MacBook.

Seamless data sharing is witnessed between the two.

Inverting screen colors.

This is done to blind and confuse the actual appearance of the person or object. It should not be confused with Photoshop since this technique employs the basic features of color brightness.

To invoke such a command, a combination of keys are used.

The command key +options+ control + 8* are simultaneously pressed to blur the pictures and the images. The reason behind this is to hide the physical identity by either reducing the intense of the color or even deepening the same. One striking thing about this feature is its ability to hide the physical appearance completely.

Quickly see your photo

Sometime you need to quickly access your photo. This is good for photo lovers who admire regular check for the images. When multiple windows are blocking the page containing the picture, they can easily be moved aside. Placing your thumb, finger and three other fingers on track pad, then moving the three fingers away from the thumb, you slowly keep the open windows from the desktop.

In simple, the process hides the open window and expose the hidden one containing photos. It is rapid and easily accessible without much struggle.

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Understanding simple processes which can be executed at home using a Mac are by far time saving. They facilitate quick access of tools required to validate execution of a certain job.

MacBook is an awesome computer which cannot be compared to other models. Its processing speed is faster and also the storage capacity large enough to guarantee efficiency.


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