List of Facebook Emojis Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites in the present world. Over 1.86 billion users regularly visit facebook and they spend hours in facebook’s chat room.

While talking virtually you don’t have any option to show your body language or to share your emotions.

To make virtual chats more attractive, Emoji came into the front. Facebok Emoji were used first time by a Japanese mobile company.

Day by day those emoji started to gain popularity and began to be used worldwide in web pages and electronic messages.

Emoji are actually pictogram which is used to express emotions. In Facebook, emoticons are used widely in status updates and chat. Those emoticons can be used easily by a few keystrokes.

The Facebook emoticons list will also help those people who don’t know the meaning of the emoticons. Emoticon shortcuts coupled with meaning will surely help the Facebook lovers.

How to make Facebook emoticons?

Emoticons are the graphic representation of facial expression or body language or any other physical object which used in electronic communications. Some keystroke combinations produce those graphic representations on the Facebook wall or in the chat box. So to making those emoticons, you have to know about the combinations first.


Here are those shortcut keys to make you smart, sharp and fast while using the Facebook.

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What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Facebook has shortcut keys or access keys, which are used to navigate through a keyboard. For people who uses their keyboards to navigate they have to be aware of those access key combinations. Keyboard shortcuts may differ by browser.

List of Facebook Emojis Keyboard Shortcuts 1

List of FB Access Keys:

0 –       Help

1 –       Home

2 –       Timeline

3 –       Friends

4 –       Inbox

5 –       Notifications

6 –       Settings

7 –       Activity Log

8 –       About

9 –       Terms

Key Combinations for Different Browsers FB Shortcut Keys:

Select your access key combination for your browser and start to navigate. Here are the combinations for different browsers. Replace * with the proper access key and then press ‘Enter’.

Internet Explorer for PC:                         Alt + *

Firefox for Windows :                               Shift + Alt + *

Safari for Mac:                                            Ctrl + Opt + *

Firefox for Mac:                                          Ctrl + Opt + *

Chrome for Mac:                                        Ctrl + Opt + *

Chrome for Windows :                             Alt + *

Facebook Web Messenger Keyboard Shortcuts

You don’t need a mouse click while using messenger on your PC. The following shortcuts will help you in the chat box.

Go to Inbox-                                                Ctrl + i

Go to Other-                                                Ctrl + u

Go to search box –                                     Alt + /

Search conversations –                             Ctrl + g

Show/hide keyboard shortcuts –           Ctrl + q

Archive/unarchive conversation –         Ctrl + Delete

Mark as spam –                                           Ctrl + j

Start a new message –                               Ctrl + m

Send a new message –                             Alt + m


Emoji has made the Facebook chat attractive and partially realistic. But emoticons are often misunderstood and creates a communication gap between those who communicate in the chat box. Facebook shortcut navigation keys are very helpful to users and those combinations make user fast while using facebook.SaveSaveSave

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