9+ Best Antivirus Software's for (SMB's) Small & Medium Business 1

9+ Best Antivirus Software’s for (SMB’s) Small & Medium Business

Every user wants using devices safely and securely, but for business, the protection of devices is so much critical.

While giant companies obtain IT departments to ensure a high level of cybersecurity, small and medium businesses usually cannot afford such expenses.

But as their fellow giant competitors, smaller businesses also operate with confidential data of their customers and are accountable for the security of their employers.

The good news is that any type of company can avoid troubles of hacker attacks because modern antivirus software can provide strong protection of business data and corporate activities.

Now it’s time to look at the best business antivirus 2019.

What is the best business antivirus software?

Antivirus software becomes more and more competitive field every year, and that’s great for business – because you can choose from multiple variants coming with different functions and for a different price.

The three ultimate leaders in this marathon are Kaspersky (Endpoint Security for Business Advanced), Avast Business Solutions, and AVG Business.

1) Kaspersky

For users who are familiar with antivirus software, it must be no surprise that Kaspersky deserves its first place. It’s also the most costly software with a price of $200/year but it definitely worth it.

Kaspersky comes with the features of remote control and proprietary OS firewall management corresponding to the common requirements of the modern business.

The antivirus detection rate is 99,7% making the probability of device infection very unlikely. Also, Kaspersky provides solid anti-phishing protection and email scanning, which secures corporate online activities.

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2) Avast

Among average users, Avast is a quite popular solution because its free version provides excellent protection behind a simplicity of use.

The business organization should not ignore this software as well because Avast Business Solutions is more affordable than Kaspersky and is available for a free trial.

Avast costs $40 to $60/year depending on a plan. It comes with several unique functions such as behavioral shield and Sandbox.

Avast is also great for robust real-time scanning, password protection, and browser cleanup. The great advantage of Avast is its smooth work which is almost invisible for a user and does not overload the hardware.

3) AVG

Small businesses might find AVG the most attractive because it’s the most affordable solution for $39,95/year. Similarly to Kaspersky and Avast, AVG deserves its leading position for the high detection rates and strong protection of a corporate network.

AVG scans web links to ensure secure online activity and provides excellent ransomware protection for each device.

Several useful features accompany the antivirus software, e.g., identity protection, online shield, and File Server pack. Ultimately, you get reliable protection and a guaranteed 24/7 support for a reasonable price.

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Broader choice

The top three of the best antivirus software solutions are not alone in protecting the business. Here are some more reliable programs that businesses can choose from and feel safe.

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McAfee Endpoint security provides 99,7% protection rate just like Kaspersky, but this software is much more affordable with a price of $30,16/year per user and 60-day trial available.

Norton by Symantec might be an optimal solution for small business as it protects 5 devices for $99.99/year, up to 10 devices for $149.99/year, and up to 20 devices – for $249.99/year. Norton benefits from a simple interface and intuitive applications making the management of the network security easy and time-saving.

Panda Endpoint Protection Plus suggests two packages – the standard for $59.90/year and premium for $84.58/year while the functionality does not differ much. Panda comes with exceptional data management tools and has an anti-theft feature allowing to block stolen devices remotely.

Eset Endpoint Security provides several useful features, such as prevention of data breach, multilayered defense, and Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). The whole pack of tools will cost $165/year for 5 devices.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security is a reliable solution for business that beyond the standard protection provides a password manager, system optimizer, and an ability to shred the files. There are three available plans with a price range from $40 to $100/year.

Webroot is a good choice for the core system protection that comes with several useful tools like detailed reports and secure erase of data. This software will cost $30/year per user if you’re company obtains up to 100 devices and around $25/year if your corporation uses 100+ devices.

Last but not least, Officescan produced by Trend Micro is excellent for easy management of corporate devices because it features control of employee access along with automatic monitoring and updating that does not distract a user. Several plans are available for $40 to $100/year per one device.

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Choosing one of the best solutions will secure your corporation, employers, and customers which is vital for your high performance and development.

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