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15 Best Alternative Sites like for Live Streaming

streaming sites like
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Twitch is the online social networking platform for live-streaming videos, which almost fifteen million people regularly view.

All kinds of streamers can broadcast their content to viewers around the world. At the same time, it enables them to collect revenue from donations, partnerships, and sponsorships.

In 2014, Twitch was purchased by Amazon and got turned into a shrine of live streams, with a total value of five billion dollars.

The number of game viewers and streamers around the globe expand almost every day.

They use the platform as their capital, partially because of the lack of prominent competitors. The streaming service is available on consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

Apart from the primary focus on gamers, you can also use the platform to stream IRLs.

However, the gamer’s paradise faced a tough encounter with the recent modification in Twitch’s guidelines.

Users have been facing certain downsides due to the added traffic. Many users are naturally searching for streaming sites like Twitch.

15 Best sites like Twitch in 2021

Ever since Amazon bought Twitch, the primary source of viewership has been streaming games.

Afterward, it has expanded into non-gaming cultural areas like real-life interactions, podcast productions, cooking, and art performance.

Therefore, the different categories of Twitch alternative websites have a diverse approach to live-streaming.

Check out the best streaming platforms like Twitch

Most gamers watch gaming streams of players with exceptional skills as a learning experience to witness the strategies and approaches. The game development industry receives direct feedback from the target audience. Viewing live-streaming of games is also beneficial for novice players.

However, Twitch is a massive platform with innumerable users; it poses a risk of easily getting lost in the crowd. More importantly, you might not know how to get popular on Twitch.

As a result, many users are looking for streaming services like Twitch to find streams of new players to help them land upon multiple playing strategies and find viewers for their streams.

1. YouTube gaming

15 Best Alternative Sites like for Live Streaming 1
Youtube Gaming

Let me tell you, YouTube is most certainly the best alternative streaming platform. It has most of the features of other streaming partners. But people still search comparison between Twitch vs Youtube.

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Streamers can use Google AdSense to earn rewards and increase the audience of their gaming channels through alliances of YouTube.

Each gaming channel features a chat window, which helps the fans to associate with other fans.

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Moreover, the prominent gaming channels of YouTube are more than merely game streaming. They offer unique or comedic views on the gaming industry’s contemporary pop culture and commentary to their viewers.

Once you understand that, it is not difficult to see why people consume gaming content on YouTube. It is clear why YouTube stands out among the top game streaming sites like Twitch.

2. InstaGib TV

15 Best Alternative Sites like for Live Streaming 3

The built-in Caster of InstaGib TV enables streamers to begin streaming from the platform of InstaGib TV itself, without the assistance of any third-party streaming applications.

Like Twitch, the viewers in InstaGib TV can converse and interact with one another through the live chat window.

However, one of the platform’s drawbacks is you cannot set a limit of bandwidth without a VIP account. Apart from this downside, it remains one of the most useful Twitch like sites in the market.

If you want to start your own Live streaming site without WordPress. Check these WordPress Alternatives.

3. Mixer (Formerly Beam)

This streaming service is more than just games. The Mixer is a community for individuals who think alike. It is one of the streaming sites that work on Xbox one and play station, as they developed a service to co-stream with four other users.

The platform of Mixer is high-speed. It is among the best sites for streaming due to its statistics, real-time analytics, co-streaming, and real-time chat.

4. Vimeo

15 Best Alternative Sites like for Live Streaming 5

Despite amusement, Vimeo is a facilitating administration for transferring recordings. It is more similar to YouTube than it is to twitch. But you will come across multiple Vimeo channels with gaming content.

A client can both a free record and move up to a paid one overtime on this platform.

If you are using an open catalog, you can share up to the substance of five hundred MS per week.

They make it easy for clients to dispatch a membership benefit or to offer video content.

Suppose you are serious about building a legitimate base of membership and not depend only on Google AdSense to procure income.

In that case, you can earn cash from your streams and recordings on Vimeo.

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5. DailyMotion

Like Vimeo, DailyMotion is another platform to convey content from all over the world. The substance may be on-request or live.

You can share the video content on your web properties or the DailyMotion platform.

Turning yourself into a collaborator will help you adapt your videos’ substance and start acquiring revenue through the publicizing organizations.

In contrast to various administrations, gamers see this as an excellent option to communicate the streams on a different platform and extend the span.

6. Caffeine

15 Best Alternative Sites like for Live Streaming 7

By incorporating a theme similar to social media, Caffeine brings a new look to streaming. The trending and popular streamers use traditional chat windows.

Unlike them, Caffeine uses chat bubbles, which appear below the windows of every stream. It is similar to what we see in group texts.

Edge does not support this platform, and Firefox is slightly unsteady, use the Chrome browser to access Caffeine. It is a prominent alternative to live-streaming sites like Twitch.

7. SmashCast TV

Although SmashCast TV falls under the category of websites like Twitch, it has one red flag. It primarily focuses on e-sports. Basketball and football are sports on physical grounds. Similarly, e-sports are competitive games on a virtual platform.

Corresponding to Twitch, SmashCast TV offers revenue sources. But the output cash is heightened for people who are better at performing in online competitions.

This platform is undoubtedly preferable for higher quality streaming of e-sports.  

This platform raises opportunities for earning income from streams and becoming partners.

If the user is a minor, they can utilize the platform with consent from their guardians. For users over eighteen, SmashCast asks for a verified PayPal account.

New users have the scope of being successful streamers in SmashCast by following the guidelines and set of tools mentioned.

Gamers can compare various chatbots, streaming apps, and donation trackers to start earning revenue.


Although is one of the sites similar to Twitch, it is more of an alternative to the SmashCast TV platform.

It focuses mostly on the live-streaming of e-sports. They sometimes host their exclusive tournaments as well.

If you are a hard-core fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or PUBG, you will find to be a better substitute for Twitch.

9. Facebook Watch

Facebook attempted to get in on the hype of live-streaming. The fact is, Facebook Watch is a built-in feature that you can access directly from any Facebook account.

As long as you follow the guidelines, this platform showcases everything and offers a program of monetization similar to the best games to stream on Twitch related programs. The most central point of attraction is that one can grow an audience as quickly as one makes friends on Facebook.

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10. Mirrativ

As mentioned earlier, Twitch is supported on smartphones too. So an alternative to Twitch should have a similar function.

Mirrativ is a streaming app for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

You can reach viewers worldwide directly from the screen, and the viewers can interact with you through comments. Thus, it provides a decent method of promoting live communication.

11. Periscope

Launched in 2015, Periscope has been a useful tool for users to showcase their thoughts, business, and skills.

With Periscope, anyone can live-stream anywhere and anytime with a single tap on their phones. Your smartphones have a built-in station for mobile broadcasting.

12. SteamPowered

Today, we can replace gaming sites like Twitch with a robust platform called SteamPowered to evaluate the new sources of amusement in the current market.

The sole disadvantage of this service is that it does not allow adding any substances made by clients.

13. Origin

Many users have complained that they are not experiencing the best times to stream on Twitch these days.

To solve that, Origin comes with the feature of surveying the new recreations. But you will have to pay the cost of losing the ability to transfer contents made by clients.

14. Metacafe

One of the biggest platforms for client content is Metacafe.

But they do not have the facility for clients to make money from the transfers if they do not promote accomplices.

15. Picarto

Picarto is not a gaming platform in general. Multiple prompts and diversion makers generally found that clients can transfer the video illustrations created by them. 

Therefore, you can observe how all the services mentioned earlier are not precisely like Twitch. Each offers a unique quality of services.

Even though Twitch is the live game streaming leader, the competition against it is very prominent because new platforms are coming up every day.

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