How to Create a Gaming App People Will Love

The global gaming market has exceeded $100 billion dollars this year and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

The bigger players such as RockStar games, the creators of Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto have led the way for years, but platforms such as Steam and the App Store have paved the way for smaller developers to create games which appeal to the mass market. 

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If you’re thinking of creating a gaming app, then there has never been a better time.

Even if you’re not a software developer, there are a litany of programs available which make it easier than ever for anyone to create a gaming app, and can lend and helping hand with everything from design to coding.

The key to a great game is in the creativity of your idea, no matter if you’re looking to develop something for the online bingo loving crowd, Xbox fanatics, or casual mobile gamers. 

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Developing your Idea

Before you begin to think about coding and building your game, you certainly need to develop your idea.

Whether you’re looking to build an addictive arcade game or something a bit more complex, you should pay attention to current trends.

Since Fortnight broke on to the scene in 2018, multiplayer games have dominated the market.

Although a trend can lead to a market becoming saturated, a good idea could lead to a cult hit, and it doesn’t take fancy graphics either.

Take Guts and Glory, a simple game which sees the player cycle different terrain without falling off their bike. It became a huge cult hit in early 2018, despite not having any fancy graphics or story.

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Finding Inspiration

If coming up with the concept for a new game is proving challenging, why not try a twist on an original game? 

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This is an idea that is used by many successful game developers, and you could end up creating such a buzz around the new game that it becomes more popular than the original.

Great examples from this come from the world of iGaming – the term used to describe all real-money games online, be they casino games, poker rooms, or even bingo games.

Since casino gaming went online, classic games have shifted to create new stakes and an even more interesting game for players at home.

For instance, Betfair has taken a simple game of bingo to new heights by offering a range of games with different themes and incorporating extra chances to win with the “jackpot” functionality.

These innovative bingo games focus on taking players to new places with music and graphics.

For instance, in the Cleopatra’s Chest bingo game, players are transported to ancient Egypt.

It isn’t just the graphics that spice up the game, either; Betfair offers some of the biggest jackpot bingo games on the market thanks to the integration of the jackpot functionality, making the game far more interesting than anything you might find in a brick-and-mortar bingo hall.

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Developing your Game

Although you may think that the coding is the most important part of creating an app or mobile game, it is your idea that will keep players coming back for more and sharing the game with their friends.

Once you have this initial idea, you can begin to think about coding.

Here, you can decide what your game will look like, and if you don’t want to create something completely original, you could always use templates.

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If you don’t fancy developing the game yourself, you could always enlist the help of a seasoned coder, or maybe someone just starting out.

With the amount of coding courses on the market nowadays, it seems as though so many people have the skills, and they might be looking for someone to work with who brings the creative ideas — you! 

Perhaps this could be the start of the perfect partnership for a new indie gaming company, or it could be a bit of fun for a rainy day.

Creating a gaming app isn’t as hard as you might think, and if you have a good idea, you could even create something which becomes a hit.

Whether you choose to follow trends or create a game that sets a trend of its own, create a game that reflects your style, and one that you would want to play. That’s what’s key to success. 

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