How to Increase the Download Speed in UTorrent

UTorrent is the most popular sharing program for the last decade or more. But, even with the best, there can be some issues that you can try and correct.

Those issues are mostly the lack of speed and security with which your file is downloaded.

In this article, we will focus on one of them, the issue of low speed and how to get the maximum download speed out of the torrents that you are downloading.

How to Increase the Download Speed in UTorrent 1

The first thing you need to know about is the ratio of seeds and leechers. If there are plenty of seeders to the number of leechers, your torrent should be downloading with the speed of a couple of megabytes per second.

If that is not the case, your torrent is probably suffering from too many leechers.

In other words, too many people are trying to download the same thing that you are downloading from the same source.

If that’s the case, you can either be patient or try to add more trackers to your torrent. Or you can wait for the torrent to be more seed to leech friendly.

The other solution is to look for a torrent that contains the same files but has a much better seed to leech ratio. Every torrent sharing site has a list of seeds and leeches next to the file, so be sure to pay attention to them when you download your next torrent.

If there is only one torrent, of lets, say obscure 19-century philosophical book in quality scanned PDF, you have to do more work. First, you got to look for trackers.

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Trackers are like the wind, so to speak.

They appear and vanish almost at random. You never know just how many there are and what their quality is.

So you should add some quality trackers yourself if you feel like your torrent isn’t downloading as fast as it should.

To check and add trackers first, you have to open the file in Utorrent, look at the speed in the speed down the tab, and look for Properties.

Once you enter the Properties menu, find the Trackers bar and add the trackers you got from sites like Public Popcorn Tracker or tracker bitcor and Tracker Bitracking.

Once the trackers have been added, your torrent should flourish. The speed should be higher than before.

If that doesn’t necessarily help as much as you were expecting it should, or in the case that you are downloading a few torrents and one is suffering from low speed, you need to switch the priority.

Select the torrent that you are downloading.

Left-click on the title of the torrent that you wish was downloading much faster, In the bottom, the files will appear.

Just right click on some of them, or all of them, and select priority to high in the new drop-down menu that just appeared before your torrent hungry eyes.

All these settings work the same with Utorrent portable, as well as the desktop Utorrent version you download from RocketFiles with all the available specs.

In the case that that didn’t work as well as you wish it would, you will probably have to settle for less downloaded files all at once.

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This means that you should probably be setting it to 1 or 2 active torrent downloads at a time.

To accomplish this change, you have to go to Options, select the Order, and change the number of active downloads to a 1 or a 2.

Downloading everything you want or catches your whim can be quite exhilarating and tempting.

But don’t be like a child, make up your mind. Know the priority of the files that you wish to download.

Also, download files you really want, not just something that came from a thought like, Oh, doesn’t hurt getting that as well.

It will just clog your downloads and steal memory on your pc or mobile device for nothing.

There are also additional bandwidth settings that could accomplish greater torrent download speed. Some of those are:

  • Changing the upload rate to 14.
  • Changing the download rate to 1800.
  • The number of upload slots per torrent can be adjusted to a high number of 14 per torrent.
  • You can also change the number of connections per peer to a staggeringly high number of 257
  • The final bandwidth adjustment is setting the overall number of maximum global connections to 2329.

The issue of your download speed might not be with the torrent or Utorrent Portable, and it could be just a case of your Wi-FI network.

Maybe the wifi is corrupted in some sense. In that case, you can always switch to the old ways of using cable.

Just connect your pc with an ethernet cable directly to your modem, if you have such an option. If you lack a cable, they are cheap and easy to buy.

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It is always useful to have an ethernet cable lying around just in case someone is using your wifi and stealing speed that way.

The final solution to lagging torrent download speed is to try and connect to seed directly.

To do this, you have to bypass the firewall settings of the seeders with whom you are trying to connect and download the much-needed files.

This might sound complex and like a lot of work, but with the help of UTorrent, it takes just a few seconds of your time.

Go to Options, then search Preferences.

Look for the option named Connections and select it with your mouse.

There should be an option titled Enable UPnP port Mapping. See if that option is checked.

Be sure to mark it checked. This will help with your download speed and let your torrent bypass the firewall in the seeder, which is hosting the file that you are downloading.

Don’t get stressed the next time you have difficulties download some kind of file via Utorrent. Just follow the guidelines that we set out in this article, and your files should download before you cook yourself a cup of tea or coffee.


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