5 Best Room Booking and Reservation Software in 2021 You Should Use

In the past decade, the hotel industry has seen enormous growth, all credits to the power of the Internet.

Gone are the days when guests relied on walk-ins and phone calls to make room reservations.

Today, they want everything smooth and insanely convenient, and you have to offer them the same as your competitors would not miss a chance.

Hotels often talk about increasing the number of bookings and reservations at their property.

This is an omnipresent goal, but it comes with the difficulty of managing a lot of complex tasks.

That is exactly why online room booking and reservation software solutions are must-have for every business into the hospitality industry.

They offer an easy and convenient way of booking rooms with just a few clicks of buttons at any time and from anywhere the customers want.

Why you need a booking and reservation software?

With an increased user base comes the increased demand on your staff, great chances of errors, and longer waiting time as well.

Couple that with manual recording and extensive time spent on sorting each booking.

However, an online room booking software takes all the efforts, stress, time and errors out of managing bookings for your business.

5 Best Room Booking and Reservation Software in 2021 You Should Use 14

Once set up, it helps you to control every aspect of your online booking procedure and allows customers to make bookings with ease.

Having an online room booking software doesn’t preclude you from operating on a traditional phone booking system.

For customers who prefer it, you can offer ways to instantly book through their device of choice.

An online booking system is a software that allows your potential customer to book and pay for booking directly through your website or portal.

From a customer choosing the check-in dates, picking a time frame of the stay, to making the payment for the booking, everything is handled online.

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This greatly reduces your workload and removes the chances of errors such as double bookings.  

5 Best room booking and reservation software

Advanced booking and reservation management systems allow customers to book through a variety of methods online, including mobile devices.

Online booking and management systems bring you the easiest way to set up any booking quickly, easily, and in a hassle-free way.

It is not just convenient, but your customers will also be impressed with the easy to use and fast booking system your offer.

Let’s explore some of the best room booking software systems.


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Fareharbor is a powerful online booking and management software system designed for tour and activity businesses of every size.

Created to facilitate ease and efficiency, it offers essential tools you need to manage your day-to-day activities on one dashboard.

The software helps you to effortlessly convert your website into a powerful portal to get more bookings.

Embedded calendars, user-friendly booking process, activity display, built-in Google Analytics, eCommerce integration, and securely encrypted light frame checkout are some of its great features.

The solution is not just optimized for quicker sales, but is also fully customizable. Gathering information from customers, offering discount codes from Groupon, and selling gift cards is made easy.

Moreover, the online booking process and dashboard are fully mobile responsive and ensures an engaging user experience to the mobile users.

Fareharbor is an efficient accommodation booking software with all features and functionalities carefully crafted to grow your business.

RentRoom by Rentcubo

Image result for RentRoom by Rentcubo

RentRoom is one of the best room booking software to scale your vacation rental marketplace and allows users to book and pay securely than ever.

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With RentRoom, it is easy to receive bookings from anywhere in the world and accept secure payment from global customers.

Boasting cutting edge technology and responsive web design, it is also fully customizable.

All web and mobile platforms must be designed from the ground level to boost SEO and to attract more traffic.

That’s why RentRoom offers a 100% access to the website settings and metadata. It also offers Google Analytics integrations, which makes it easier to monitor site traffic consistently.

Revolutionary technology, multiple payment gateways, SEO friendly URL’s, apt tech stacks, booking calendars, dispute management, guest chat, etc. are some of the best features offered by RentRoom.


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Bokun is another popular room booking software from the world’s largest travel platform, TripAdvisor.

Powered by leading booking management technology, it is built specifically for tour, attractions, and activity businesses in the travel industry.

The all-in-one scalable reservation system and booking management software helps to streamline your operations, manage inventory, global distribution with OTAs, direct booking from the website, cross-selling, and product bundling, etc. Itinerary creations, custom packages, reservation management, website management, agency booking, reselling through local partners, and a lot more are featured in Bokun.

It is not just a booking and management software, it is a channel manager, inventory manager, multi-currency price management tool, and more- packed into one.


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5 Best Room Booking and Reservation Software in 2021 You Should Use 15

RMS is another top-rated hospitality management system that offers an easy-to-use, centralized management system for Hotels, Resorts, Motels, etc.

Seamless online bookings, synchronization with online travel sites, billing system, guest correspondence, etc. are some of its features.

Entirely based on the cloud, the hotel management system offers the best technology to manage multiple properties from a single place and provide access across multiple devices.

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The accommodation booking software features unique ability to manage real-time online bookings and also facilitates group booking from a property’s website, global distribution system, and third-party travel websites.

It offers great data security with 24/7 global hosting compliance and reliability.

Key features of RMS include customizable dashboard, multiple property management, point of sales, channel management, dynamic and automated pricing, all-in-one reservation system, and unlimited access.

ConvertDirect Booking Engine by Staah

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5 Best Room Booking and Reservation Software in 2021 You Should Use 16

ConvertDirect Booking Engine is an all-in-one platform with hospitality solutions for hotels, apartments, resorts, motels, and B&Bs.

Being an innovator in hospitality technology solutions, it uses cloud-based products to help hotel businesses around the world power their online growth.

Booking management, channel management, gift voucher group reservations, rate management, promotions management, reputation management, quick and easy content management, are some of the best features of this software.

It is a PCI (PCI is a global forum for the on-going development and implementation of security standards for account data protection) certified solution to accept online debit and credit card details, which are passed to you for processing online payments effortlessly and securely.

It’s easy and efficient and helps you manage your properties, booking, and reservations anytime and from anywhere.


The world is online now. In a world where customers use the Internet to discover everything, online booking systems are a necessity.

If you are not using online booking software yet, you are most likely missing out great number of opportunities.

Hope this room booking software review helped you to choose the right booking and reservation software to manage reservations and avoid scheduling errors in your business process.

Take advantage of the modern booking approach and integrate an online reservation platform with your website.

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