7 Ways To Write A Killer Youtube Video Description (With Example)

Youtube, as you know is one of the greatest platform for people to show case their talents and abilities in front of a global audience. There are many people who have achieved great success by making use of this platform.

Now many of you will be having a youtube channel and many of you will be planning or hopping to create one.

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For a successful youtube career it is necessary that you create videos with viral and useful content but along with this you also need to master the art of writing a perfect video description.

It may sound a bit weird but its a fact that a perfectly optimized description can help your videos to grow and gain more popularity.


In this article we will cover the best and most efficient ways which you can implement or use in order to make a killer youtube video description.

So let’s get started.

1. Use your keywords effectively

As youtube is a product of Google it understands the language of keywords better than that of the main content. You need to make sure that your video is searchable .

This is done by playing with the title and keywords in the description.

Many youtubers don’t care about SEO (search engine optimization) and their videos result to be a droop , despite of containing great content.

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Try to use the keywords of your title in the first or second line of your video description.

This will help your video to rank higher and obtain greater number of impressions.

For example if the title of your video is ” BEST ANDROID HACKS” then try to start your video description with your keywords I.e android hacks. Don’t forget to use them 3-4 times in your video description.

2.Use description or keyword tools and generators

Use tools such as Google AdWords in order to find best keywords for your description and title.

These keywords are likely to generate a lot more number of impressions and clicks on your videos.

You can also use a tool named “keyword tool for youtube” to make your description more relevant.

It has a special feature in which it allows you to find keywords for your targeted language and country audience. Optimization can be done by using a youtube description generator named a meta tag generator.

3.Make use of the “character limit”


Youtube provides you with a maximum limit of 5000 characters to play with. We are not saying that you should fill in all the characters but try to write a description of about 200-300 words (1500-2500 characters). This helps you to show Google that you have a sturdy product.

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You can also use your video transcriptions to enhance the description.

Transcriptions can be ordered online using web services like Cielo3, freelancer or fiverr.

But these services will surely increase your so called production cost.

Using time codes can also help you write a killer youtube description as it will be automatically converted into a clickable link(by youtube) so that the viewers can jump to any time segment they want.

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This will help you to receive better watch time which is largely taken into count by the youtube trending page.

If the video you have uploaded is part of a certain playlist or a series that you have created then attach the links of all the videos of that particular playlist or series in your description box. In this way you can drag traffic towards your other videos as well.

Use your social media links in order to get more fame and popularity on social platforms.

If you have an affiliate account of any online store like amazon or godaddy, use them as a way to make money. If people shop anything through your link you will be getting a particular amount of commission on every purchase they make.

5.Request the audience to share and subscribe to your channel

It’s really necessary for you to keep reminding the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

With the help of your actions you can actually force the audience to subscribe to your channel. But don’t over do it as it will annoy and irritate the audience.

Request the people to share your video on social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram so that more and more people come to know about your channel. You can also add a subscribe link in your description.

By gaining more subscribers you are actually creating fixed and regular viewers for your videos.

6.Don’t forget to give the enjoined credits

Youtube is very strict with it’s copyright issues .

If you use any music or footage that you didn’t create yourself you actually owe a credit to the original creator.

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Not doing so can bring a strike on your youtube channel which will not allow you to earn a single penny from youtube. We would recommend to give these credits at the end of your video description.

7. Choose the right tags and category

Adding ten to fifteen tags in your video description is an ideal way to make proper use of keywords. But this doesn’t mean that you can use any tag you want.

Your tags should be highly relevant to your video and description content.

A tag can be single words or phrases, but using phrases is more beneficial as it allows you to include more number of keywords.

Youtube has itself claimed that making proper use of tags can help the users find your video when they search or browse the site.

Finally it comes down to choosing the right category. Every time you upload a video, you need to select an appropriate category for it.

It’s main purpose is to attract a particular group of audience interested in the category you have chosen. So be very clear and assured about the category you choose.

With this we come to the end of this article. We hope that it helps you to write a killer description for your youtube videos.

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