How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business to Get Conversions

Facebook is the most popular social media website which was launched in 2007. Since then, the platform has received immense popularity with millions of new users joining each day from all over the globe & also launched Facebook Messenger.

Being a free and simple to use social networking website, the users can share content, photographs, videos and comment in order to express their views.

Furthermore, it also allows business owners and entrepreneurs to promote their products in order to attract more customers. Being a general interest social networking website, it also provided developers and general users to interact and use the platform for mutual interest.

Facebook marketing is considered as the most convenient and efficient way to increase business revenue.

Whether you want to promote your next launch or attract potential customers, activities such as messenger ads and personal pages can give you great support.

To help our readers learn more about Facebook marketing and messenger ads, we have performed detailed researched in order to list out some helpful findings. So, if you excited to promote your business through this amazing social networking website, we hope our findings will prove to be of best benefit.


What is Facebook Marketing?

With more than 1.2 billion people using Facebook every day, there is a high opportunity to reach out your required business customers. Just try starting with a simple page with your objectives clearly defined.

This can help you create more audience and invite people to like your page in order to promote your business quickly. Facebook has multiple advertising schemes which can be selected as per your preferences and business goals.

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Furthermore, offers such as extensions or discounts can greatly help you in achieving your desired target.

Apart from pages, Ads are another fantastic way to get your advertising platform targeted. You can also create ads according to ages, geographic areas and types of devices on which Facebook is being accessed.

Furthermore, ads are known for having powerful targeting parameters can help you attract more customers without any extra efforts.

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Facebook Messenger Ads

Promoting your ideas, products and business have never been so easier without using Facebook. Coming over to the latest online marketing trend, Facebook Messenger Ads are now considered as the latest and most efficient manner to promote your business. As they are always ready to use and easily maintainable, you can use the platform to perform one to one conversation into sales or communicate with your customers without any hassle. The Messenger ad can be accessed through the Messenger application when users click the call to action also known as CTA button. Moreover, users can also use your business page to place orders, ask questions, claim a reward or get feedback as well.

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Before you create any Messenger ad, Facebook also allows you to create a specific target audience for your business. For examples, if you have some product suitable only for adults or for a certain geographical region, filters can be easily applied in order to target specific audience only.

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Types and categories

There are two main categories of Facebook Messenger Ads which are known as Send People to Messenger (Direction) and Send Sponsored Messages to People on Messenger (Placement). Coming over to the first category, the Send People to Messenger ads are designed to be accessed through the Messenger conversation.

Your potential customers can be welcomed with a personalized experience as you can easily choose your budget, audience and News Feed Placements.

To get started with this type of Facebook Messenger Ad, you need to select your Traffic objective and start the campaign by entering the desired name.

Furthermore, users are also allowed to select the desired format and pair the with any page of their choice. Once you are done with formatting, just type a welcome message and people who click your ad will automatically be transferred to Messenger. Select your call to action and review your ad by clicking the Place Order option.

This is an absolutely great Facebook marketing technique by which you can achieve unexpected turnout within no time.

The next type of Facebook Messenger Ads is known as Send Sponsored Messages to People on Messenger (Placement). By selecting the required Traffic objective, you can send people over to your website for advertisement purposes as well. Just enter your campaign name and select the budget. Click the Continue button and choose your desired target audience.

This Ad type also allows users to add a website destination URL and link description for reference purposes. Furthermore, Messenger Ads Campaign Ideas are also great for advertisement as they are tested through chatbots and Messenger Ads. You can also send away discounts or coupons in order to stay engaged with potential customers regularly.

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The simplest way to attract potential customers

Facebook Messenger is the most convenient way to interchange messages between businesses and people. Whether you wish to set automated messages or reach people at a higher scale, there is nothing which cannot be performed through Facebook Messenger Ads.

This allows potential customers to reach their desired products and gives your business more awareness about services, transactions and launching of new products.

So, if you are excited about launch and promotion of your new product, Facebook Messenger Ads will surely help you in achieving your business goals.


There is a huge demand for digital marketing and online business promotion platforms since the last decade. To help young entrepreneurs and leaders achieve their business goals, Facebook Messenger Ads are designed to provide ultimate advertisement facilities. By following the latest online marketing trends, business owners can now reach potential customers by placing automated Messenger Ads which can be customized according to the requirements. Whether you wish to strengthen the existing relationship with your clients or wish to send them automated updates regularly, Facebook surely has to offer great business benefits.

Although this form of advertisement is expensive than others, but it certainly provides better and quick outcome. So, if you are excited about promoting your new product or some great business deals, we hope this article will prove to be of great support when using Facebook Messenger Ads.

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