How to Close Annoying Website Overlays in Chrome and Firefox

What is a Website overlay?

Generally, an overlay is a graphical content box appearing in the middle or center of the web page compromising the background view and its content.

They are added because to show some important message or an offer to the user and in turn, annoys them as well. It’s very irritating when you get such overlay while you are in middle of reading an e-paper on a website.

Here we are with a friendly solution that can help you to get rid of such annoying overlays by just customizing your Chrome and Firefox web browser.

Solution for Chrome Web browser users

Recently, Google has added few of the extensions in their web browser that are so compatible to resist and shut down such web browsers to appear on your web pages. Here is the list of few good extensions for Chrome.
• Behind the Overlay
• Auto Overlay Remover
• f*ck Overlay

How to add any overlay extension in Chrome?

Just follow this steps
•  Go to settings and find extensions
• In the search bar of extension, enter Overlay extension name
•  Click on “ADD” on the extension display and you got your extension added

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1) Behind the Overlay

Behind the overlay is considered to be one of the most reliable overlay blockers for the chrome. It closes website overlay with just one single click. It closes all kinds of website overlay including the transparent one too.

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The keyboard shortcut is  ‘ CTRL+SHIFT+X ‘ for Windows and Linux users and ‘CMD+SHIFT+X’ for Mac.

behind the overlay - techblogcorner

2) Auto Overlay Remover

Auto Overlay Remover is just another alternative for Chrome user. The extension developers claim that it is a lightweight extension that shuts all the popup windows automatically. Unlike the previous extension, it detects and removes any website overlay by itself.  We suggest you not to use it because the extension already had problems in the past including the bugs and others and rating to this extension is also very low.

auto overlay remover - techblogcorner

3) f*ck Overlay

There are many more Overlay extensions that you can find in the Chrome extension but f*ck overlay has an impressive 5-star rating throughout its usage. Many users have loved using this Chrome extension as its a very light weight facilitated with the option of deleting anything that appears on the web browser and refreshing the page will get the content.

fuck overlay - techblogcorner

Just click on the Extension and delete your desired items out of the web page or shall we say “f*ck” item out of web page


Solution for Firefox Web browser users

There are few of the extensions that are available for Firefox and helpful to shut the overlays. Here is the list

• Behind the Overlay

• Pop-up blocker

As we discussed earlier, we can use Behind the Overlay for Firefox browser too and it serves the same purpose.

4) Pop-up blocker

Pop-up blocker is the extensions available for the Firefox browser and it has a very good rating of 5 given by its user. The extension blocks any kind of pop-up message that appears on the web page. Around 60,000 users have been using this along with their Firefox browsers.

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1 thought on “How to Close Annoying Website Overlays in Chrome and Firefox”

  1. Whats the fuckin purpose of having an extension where I have to CLICK on your extension to close an overlay?

    If it doesn’t automatically block an overlay, it’s worthless. I can just click the mother fucking “X” on the overlay to close it. You haven’t created anything here, idiot. You just moved where I have to click.

    It’s just as much a fuckin hassle to click your “extension” as it is to click the “X” on the overlay.

    You wanna create something? Then kill this dumbass project and create an extension that AUTOMATICALLY blocks an overlay with no action from the user.


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