Types of Digital Ads & How they are shaping the Future of Business


Digital advertising or internet marketing is used by firms leverage internet to deliver advertisements to target audiences. Internet advertising adopts various channels for promotions or advertising such as social channels, search engines, emails, mobiles, banner ads and affiliate dashboards and so on. There are various popular types of digital ads, such as PPC Search ads, Display Ads, social ads and so on.

Pay per Click (PPC) Search Ads: PPC ads are those where the ad is placed as sponsored result means at the top or side of the search engine result page.PPC ads are most flexible, effective, visible to all and also known by the name of contextual ads as the ads appear in front when a person is searching through keywords.

a) Now comes to the next point is keywords. The keywords for PPC ads should be chosen by keeping in mind the business goals, target traffic and competition. Once the relevant keywords are chosen, take a look at your competitor ads.
b) Next is preparing a PPC ads copy for engaging the most audience. The Search Engine Watch defines some rules for PPC ad writing such as clear, vivid and emotional language, focus on keywords, call –to- action, no abbreviations and so on.
c) With PPC ads some additional information can also be attached in the form of ad Extensions such as call extension, app extension, sitelink, callout, review and so on.

Display Advertising: Also known as visual advertising that can be run on variety of online media and comes in formats such as video, images, text, and flash and so on. Various online channels are chosen for banner ads as a part of retargeting campaign.

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a) Now comes to the types of banner ads like Static Display Ads works like bread and butter for you. This type of ad is simply static, least expensive includes a simple image, brand logo and clear call-to-action.
b) The next level of banner ads is Video Display Ads have extremely high engagement rates includes engaging image, headline, brand logo, video and CTA as well.
c) Next term in digital ads is to engage the audience by using eye catching media called Cinema graphic Display Ads that use photography with specific movement added to catch the eye of audience.
d) To increase the engagement of audience another type is used called Flash Display Ads that uses motion and animation with the time of 15-30 seconds.
e) Pop Up Ads are also popular term in marketing and can be flavored into two flavors such as time based pop up ads that pop ups after a visitor spent some time on website. Another type is scroll Pop up that opens when visitor scroll down to particular place on page.
f) Last type is your Mobile Ads that is fast growing method of internet advertisement. It includes push notification, image ads, video ads, text ads, In-App messaging and more.

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Social Advertising: It is the best way to target the right audience and deliver the message on the channel where buyer spend more time such as various social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Best Social Channels to run Digital Ads :

In today’s era, social advertising is big platform for marketers, intend on increasing by 70% in the next year. The main advertising platforms are as follows.

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Facebook Ads: Facebook platform continues to rise and officially it has a brand space for advertising the products so that marketers’ can engage their target audience. The criteria to successfully advertise on Facebook are as Eye-Catching visuals, clear CTA, compelling messages, shareacbility and more. Facebook Ads can also help you to perform page post engagements, website conversions, video review, page likes, App installs, offer claims and so on.

Twitter Ads: This platform is used to offer the advertising options that are highly targeted and customizable. Twitter advertising provides promoted tweets, Twitter website cards, Lead Gen cards, Promoted accounts and trends and more.


LinkedIn Ads: To reach an audience with business strategy LinkedIn is used as an advertising solution and advertising platform. Strategies adopted like LinkedIn sponsored updates, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn lead Accelerator, sponsored InMail and so on.

Instagram Ads: For cinemagraphy, video imagery, phonographs Instagram is the key platform that focuses on capturing the attention of target audience. Moreover, Instagram provides facilities such as Single Photo Ads, Multiple photo carousel Ads and so on.

YouTube Ads: The key channel for watching videos online is YouTube that increases the retain upto 95% of information expressed through videos. However, various types of Ads you can implement are In-Stream Ad, In-Search and In-Display Ads and In-video overlay Ads and more.

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