5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android

Keyloggers can prove to be quite useful.

They can record the keystrokes used on a device and then rearrange them to generate potential passwords.

This functionality can enable easy hacking of someone else’s accounts, which you could need for:

  • Keeping a check on your kid’s location and online activity.
  • Checking on suspicious employees. 
  • Keeping tabs on your spouse to know who they’ve been in contact with. 

If you’re looking to get your hands on someone else’s passwords for phone spying purposes, a keylogger is what you’d want.

Would you like to know about some great Android keyloggers?

Well, sit tight as this article introduces you to 5 of the very best. 

1: Spyzie – The Leading Android Keylogger

Spyzie is a stealthy and efficient phone monitoring solution that can let you accomplish Android phone hacking and tracking within minutes.

The spyware has been awarded the title of the best Android phone spying app for the year 2020 by users as well as corporate houses.

The tool has made it to the top in the phone spying industry within its 10 year run.

It has been extensively picked up by millions of delighted user’s in more than 190 countries, spanning all across the globe. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 1

Many tech-giants, like The Verge, PC World, Android Authority, and Life Hacker have not only reviewed but highly praised the solution on their channels.

They have compared it with numerous rival spyware but Spyzie has outperformed every single one of them!

Due to its intuitive UI and neatly laid out features, Spyzie is suitable for both professional and personal uses.

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The Android keylogger it comes equipped with also contributes to the tool’s success by working like a charm and getting your passwords at the tap of a button! 

Once you’ve installed Spyzie on the target device, it operates covertly in the background to relay all data exchanged from the target device to an online dashboard which can be accessed from any web-browser of your choice. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 3

You don’t need to worry about the installation; it is malware free and takes less than 5 minutes.

Once the app is installed its icon can be hidden from the app drawer to activate its stealth mode.

From here on, Spyzie works without needing any human intervention, completely remotely.

Let’s now learn how you can hack social accounts with the best free hidden keylogger like Spyzie.

Working with Spyzie is a breeze

Spyzie is capable of running smoothly even on the devices which are not rooted.

It doesn’t want you to tinker with the target device and violate any security parameter. You don’t need to install anything on your own phone or computer. 

Ensuring complete data privacy, Spyzie doesn’t store any user data on its servers.

This not only reduces any chance of data theft or leak but also ensures that the user get’s maximum privacy. 

Here are the steps that you can use to configure Spyzie on for Android phone spying:

Step 1: Create a free Spyzie account using your email id as the username.

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 5

Step 2: Pick up a suitable plan according to the number of devices that you want to monitor. 

Step 3: Specify Android as the target OS and fill in the email ID you had initially registered with to get a link for the application download. Follow the instructions by the Setup Wizard to install and configure the app.

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Step 4: Remove the icon from the application drawer as instructed and hit ‘Start’ on the finish installation screen.

Once all this is done, you can head over to your dashboard and use the dedicated keylogger feature from the left-hand sidebar to access all account passwords of your target. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 7

2: Spyier

A definitive leader in the Android phone spying market, Spyier is an app you should surely check out.

Equipped with stealthy work ethics, Spyier runs quietly in the background and transmits every piece of information collected from the target device to an online dashboard that you can easily access. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 9

The tool doesn’t require any permission prior to its installation on the target Android device, nor does it need you to root it.

In addition to other features, Spyier also comes with an Android keylogger which makes it easy to keep a track of the target’s social media activity by cracking their passwords. 

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3: Minspy

Minspy has left its mark on the phone spy industry with its practical usability and easy adaptability.

The tool can hack into a target Android phone or tablet pretty easily. It is also capable of conducting full-fledged monitoring on the target device. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 11

Minspy’s efficient keylogger can be found in the dashboard’s left-hand side toolbar and can be accessed at the click of a button.

Like Spyzie, Minspy also ensures that you make least contact with the target device once it has been set up. 

Minspy is quite affordable and provides you with 35+ features to get your job done. 

4: Spyine

Spyine is the handiest spyware for parents in the market today.

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If you need a solution to constantly check where your kids are, you don’t need to look further than Spyine.

The app offers stellar GPS tracking functionality that’s coupled with a complete 3D street view.

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 13

In addition to offering 30+ hacking and tracking features, Spyine comes equipped with an Android keylogger which lets you break into any social or email account your target person uses.

Spyine is a very capable tool and can help you keep a tab on a target device remotely.

Well that’s what spying is, right? 

5: Spyic

Spyic is another leading phone spy solution that is very easy-to-use and can get you into a target device pretty easily.

The tool has millions of happy consumers and has been an answer to those who have wanted to hack an Android device but didn’t possess any technological know-how. 

5 Best Free Hidden Keyloggers for Android 15

You can easily get Spyic up and running in minutes. Like Spyzie, it does not want a rooted device to work on and it also comes equipped with an Android keylogger. This feature helps to crack passwords for a target’s social media application. 

To Conclude

So there you go! Those are our top picks for top 5 free hidden Android keyloggers for 2020.

All the applications are quite powerful when it comes to phone monitoring and pack a resourceful array of 30+ features.

If you’re looking for a reliable Android keylogger, these apps are the best of the lot. 

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