12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research

Best Web Survey Tools

Improving your products or services in the way your customers want those to be can boost your brand and revenue generation.

The foremost step toward this is getting to know what your customers want. One of the great ways to know it is through conducting online surveys or web surveys

Online surveys involve sending a set of questions to your customers and getting them to answer those.


The customer feedback thus collected helps you gain valuable business insights.

Many organizations and businesses are using these to gain feedback about customer satisfaction, preferred digital marketing trends, enhancing features of existing products, introducing new products or services, altering marketing strategies, etc. 

While question and answer sites also allow you to gather valuable answers to such questions, Web surveys surpass those in many ways.

You get to choose the right audience and allow them to respond to your surveys through various mediums like social media, email, mobile app, and website.

For example, using email list management for sorting out the mailers according to your target’s interests would improve the effectiveness of your survey.  

You also get to collect data quickly from a large customer base at a low cost.

So, online surveys have gained a lot of popularity over the years and address the increasing web surveying requirements of businesses; many web survey tools are available.

Some of these even offer features such as pre-written templates, respondents targeting, advanced skip logic, A/B test push notification, comprehensive analytical reports, etc. 

Here is a list of 11 best web survey tools for customer research. 

Zonka Feedback

12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 1

Zonka Feedback is specifically built for companies looking at measuring and improving customer satisfaction and creating amazing customer experiences. It has a powerful survey builder with ready-to-use survey templates and 40+ question types to create web surveys of any type and get insightful customer data.

It has effective features like the ability to white label your surveys to add your own branding and style, skip logic to make your surveys sound logical, and multilingual surveys to create effective customer surveys for diverse customers. 

When you are done with creating surveys, you can send them to the right audience with multiple channels like SMS, email, Android tablets, kiosks, and smartphones.

Besides measuring customer feedback using CX Metrics across all channels, you also get in-depth feedback reports, real-time feedback, and responses, the ability to take action and close the feedback loop.

Pricing of Zonka Feedback starts from $29 per month and it offers various plans like Professional, Growth, Enterprise, and Custom Plans. It also provides a Free Trial for 15 days.

NotifyVisitors Surveys

12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 3
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 30

NotifyVisitors Surveys is a powerful online survey maker. In it, you would find plenty of ready-made templates and useful features to design in-depth surveys.

Its advanced skip logic lets you design your survey in a logical manner.

For it skips irrelevant questions and displays only the relevant ones to each participant. 

Further, you can compare two versions of your survey by using its A/B testing feature.

And once you are done with your survey making, you can deliver it to the right audience with the help of facts like their reference websites, time spent on those, URL patterns, geographic locations, cookies, etc.

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You can also make real-time changes to your surveys through its dashboard. The tool provides you with detailed analytical reports.

Google Forms

12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 5
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 31

Google Forms offers easy to use, effective, user-friendly, and simple customer feedback survey forms. Individuals and businesses with a Google account can use it free of cost.

If you are looking for uncomplicated surveys, this is your best choice.

For instance, you receive feedback on whether customers like your products and how to make those better.

You don’t need any skill or prior experience to use these. 

The questions available for use in Google Forms surveys include short answer type, drop-downs, and multiple-choice questions.

Additionally, if needed, you can request participants to upload a file to your survey.

It also provides you with lots of controls, including regular expressions, for approving responses. And since the survey responses get automatically stored in Google Sheets, you can access it at any time. 

However, there are two disadvantages of using Google Forms.

The first is that you can randomize queries only if you randomize those throughout the survey.

The second is that you cannot create hierarchical menus, or video/image-based questions. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 7
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 32

JotForm is an affordable and practical web survey software, which has been here right since 2006. It has 7 million users, comprising small businesses, enterprises,educational institutions, and nonprofits.

You can develop both simple and complex forms with its responsive and modern looking templates. 

You can also create surveys from scratch.

Its limitless customization options and a package of integrations let you develop highly versatile and flexible surveys with no coding knowledge. 

Its survey content features include multimedia content, question design help, drag-and-drop editor, translation, changes to the living survey, and more.

Some of its advanced features include CSS modification, conditional formatting, and email and push notifications. 

While its starter plan is free, other sophisticated plans like the Bronze plan, Silver plan, and Gold plan come at reasonable pricing.

The paid plans offer more submissions, bigger online storage space, more forms, and increased form views.

You also get 24/7 customer support with JotForm. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 9
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 33

KwikSurveys is another web survey tool offering free and unlimited online surveys, polls, and quizzes and one of the largest survey platforms, with 3 million users.

It offers more than 30 survey templates. And its handy dashboard lets you create surveys quickly using a seamless drag and drop editor. 

This online survey maker empowers you to reach the right audience with its target criteria.

It also allows you to personalize respondent paths using API data, text piping, and question logic.

You can deliver your surveys via QR code for free use, website embedding, social media, short links, or email

Its responsive design lets your respondents access your surveys seamlessly through their desktops, tablets, and mobiles. 

You can gather survey data in real-time, and go for immediate analysis.

Its powerful cross-tabulation and segmentation tools let you identify trends in your data.

You can export survey reports in various file formats and other devices.

The disadvantages of this survey maker are that you cannot create open-end questions and customize the survey for your brand.

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12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 11
WebEngage Logo

This web survey software empowers you to create attractive and extensive surveys with its customization ability, logically branched questions, and plug-and-play layouts.

With it, you can target your audience based on their online customer behavior.

You can select from its range of aesthetically designed templates for different types of customer research needs like customer satisfaction, cart abandonment, consumer insights, market research, and more. 

You can elaborately customize your surveys.

You can also create logically branched questions and diverse-response types.

Its other likable features include multi-admin support, automatic screenshots, real-time survey modification, real-time report generation, searchable report data, and more. 

It also grants you the power to pre-set triggers to web push surveys to reach the right audience at the right time.

And as it gathers statistics like the number of survey attempters, the number of survey completers, elaborate responses of each participant, etc., you can gain a deep understanding of your customer satisfaction and preferences. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 13
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 34

This web survey making software was particularly developed for market research agencies and other research personnel.

It is user-friendly, and you can create both simple and complicated surveys with it.

Even without any technical knowledge, you can customize your survey in an easy way.

You can incorporate the level of flexibility that your respondents would look for.

It has advanced features like translating links and integration of additional tools.

It delivers real-time reports very quickly, no matter whether those are internal or external. It also lets you collect data and prepare quick reports.

You can even visualize your survey data in the form of charts and tables. And the easy to handle data extraction templates simplifies the extraction of raw data. It’s only drawback is that it lacks user interface updates. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 15
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 35

SurveySparrow is an end to end Conversational Experience Management Platform that helps you get a 40% better response rate.

Trusted by more than 20,000 customers across the globe, SurveySparrow turns your boring customer surveys into engaging conversations, with minimal effort.

You can make highly attractive surveys and share those simply through a website, social media or emails to gather your valuable customer feedbacks. If you never try to convert your visitors into customers using surveys, then this might be a good time to give it a try.


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 17
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 36

Qualtrics goes beyond the boundaries of conventional surveys.

It offers over 100 types of questions, many templates, and numerous advanced features like logical branching, email triggers, and display logic. Its reporting features are also high-end.

These include real-time web reports, choosing from 30+ graph types, and result exporting to SPSS or CSV. 

Over 1 billion surveys are conducted with Qualtrics web survey tool each year.

If you are performing multichannel marketing, you can reach respondents through different channels through mobile apps, devices, chatbots, websites, etc.

You can test your surveys in real-time and smoothly collaborate with them.

You can also enhance your survey quality with its ExpertReview.

Its built-in stats analysis and predictive intelligence help you gain new insights. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 19
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 37

HubSpot lets you create different types of customer research surveys, including the NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey, and Customer Effort Score (CSE) survey. You can deliver your survey through your email and on your website.

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The tool offers many formats from which you can choose and come up with your survey.

You get to track your surveys over time so that you can enhance your customer experience. 

Its cutting-edge feedback widget disentangles the complexity of capturing quantitative and qualitative feedback.

For it organizes, visualizes, and analyses the data collected in your dashboard. HubSpot offers a free version and a paid professional version.


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 21
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 38

Survicate allows you to develop and deliver surveys through different marketing mediums like emails, web apps, mobile apps (in Android and iOS), chat-bots, and different sections of your website. You can select from its library of predefined surveys.

It has more than 125 templates. It also has dash-boarding functions, customer survey URLs, skip logic, data analysis tools, question branching, image/audio/video support, NPS analysis, etc.

Survicate surveys reach the right users, at the right place, and at the right time. You also get to target them with the right user- group-specific questions.

The surveys are triggered as web push notifications.

These appear precisely when the users take favorable action, and hence you get to capture real-time user feedback. Get to know the five best benefits of push notifications from.

Survicate has two standalone products viz., Feedback Hub, and Feedback Button.

The Feedback Hub permits you to automatically manage customer feedback collected from multiple sources at a single location.

And Feedback Button enables you to gather website feedback quickly. Survicate also includes XLS and CSV exporting options. 


12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 23
12 Best Web Survey Tools for Customer Research 39

Earlier known as PollDaddy, Crowdsignal is a web survey tool established in 2008.

It allows you to carry out surveys in two varied ways- by inviting respondents through different marketing channels such as email, social media platforms, etc.; and by embedding surveys on your site. Its interface allows you to create surveys via drag and drop methods.

You can either choose from its ready-made templates or build one from scratch. You can also customize the feel and appearance of your surveys with it. 

It also has other powerful features like multi-lingual support, data filters, poll restrictions, etc.

You can view the survey results in real-time. And upon gathering the data, you can analyze it and share it in Google Docs, PDF, Excel, XML, and CSV.

Surveys are useful customer research tools that let you understand customer preferences better. These are economical, scalable, flexible, and convenient and simple to use.

Besides, these gather data quickly and have higher response rates than traditional survey methods.

Additionally, responses are also more genuine as they get to answer anonymously.

The popularity of online surveys is increasing dramatically as many smart marketers are opting for these to frame informed marketing-strategies.

So, numerous web survey software is developed and made available all over the web. We have listed and described only the top eleven among those.

There are still several great web survey tools that we haven’t covered in this post and find an informative write-up about those from the blog.

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