5 Best Free Instagram marketing tools

Instagram as we all know, a social app that started in 2010 as a picture sharing platform and was first of its kind to be introduced, is today among the top biggest social media networking sites in the world. Today Instagram has more than 600 million daily active users which make it one of the biggest social networking platform on the internet with a huge fan following.


The trend of sharing pictures and videos have changed utterly since the introduction of Instagram. And now it is standing there with its own new identity, or you can say it has given birth to something new. You do not share pictures anymore, you Instagram it.

Social media has also evolved within the time, and in today’s time if you are going to launch a brand or you are going to market your business you will have to market it on social media to make it successful. The age of social media has taken over the age of advertising on TV and the print media like billboards. In its initial years, Instagram was never seen as a platform that looked suitable for social media marketing because brands saw it only as a virtual platform and the only brands that used it was virtual brands. But now in 2017, if you Google it then Instagram is one of the biggest social media marketing platforms on the internet.

According to an estimate, more than 50% brands are using Instagram and this number is expected to rise to 70% until the end of this year. What makes Instagram a good social media marketing website is its active users, its features, and also the number of tools available for it on Internet to enhance the marketing effort. Instagram marketing tools are fun, and they are so helpful that it takes so much load of work from you and makes things easier.

There are many social media marketing tools for Instagram out there, but how would you know which one to pick and which one is the best? Here are top Instagram marketing tools that you must use to improve your social media marketing campaign.

Use Buffer to manage your time on Instagram

Buffer is one of the most famous and one of the most effective tools for Instagram marketing. We all know that Instagram does not allow posting anything directly from other apps. So what Buffer does is that it can create a reminder for your Instagram posts. When the time for posting comes, Buffer automatically sends a reminder to your phone, and when it sends the reminder to your phone, the post gets posted to your Instagram wall with the caption you already wrote on the clipboard. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Buffer makes Instagram posting so much easier for you that it is hard to believe. Buffer is available in an application as well, and you can also use it directly from the website as well. With the help of Buffer, you are out there on the Internet, and you can easily manage your Instagram just like you manage your other social media websites with ease and grace. Buffer app helps you to create a consistent schedule that reaches your target audience on perfect time and improves your engagement by staying in touch with your followers regularly. So install Buffer now, because it is one of the best tools available out there for your Instagram and can help you boost your social media marketing campaign.

Use SocialRank to analyze your followers

SocialRank is also one of the most famous and one of the most useful Instagram tools that helps you to ease the marketing ways on your Instagram. This tool helps you to find and analyze your Instagram followers. You can take help of SocialRank to know what kind of followers are you getting from what place you are getting your followers and who are your most valuable followers. It just makes analyzing your Instagram audience so much easy for you. SocialRank helps you to develop relations with your followers by making you know your followers. The tool works by first importing your Instagram followers and arranging them alphabetically then you can later categorize them in whatever way you want. You can see followers from the specific geographic area; you can see your most valuable followers by seeing who engages with you the most. SocialRank also lets you know your audience according to hashtags and keywords. This helps in creating a better engagement on a specific topic. So, as you can see that the benefits of SocialRank are so much for your social media marketing campaign on Instagram, go ahead now and get SocialRank tool now so you will be able to analyze your audience perfectly and then you can engage with them to improve your marketing campaign.

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While talking about the best tools of social media marketing and for Instagram then Vibbi is a must mention. Vibbi is one of the most used tools for Instagram as it has some really good features. The main function of Vibbi is that it lets you buy Instagram likes and followers. Yes, you can buy followers for your Instagram as well, it is that easy now.

We know that in order to launch a successful social media campaign how necessary it is to have a big fan following and having more followers means that you are going to have more success. There are many ways out there to gain more followers we would not mention them here, but we will tell you that those are not the easy ways to gain followers. Those methods are hard and very much time consuming, and nobody likes to work that much and wait long enough. With Vibbi it is very easy to get followers, you can just go to the website buy your followers directly. And Vibbi does not just let you buy Instagram followers, it also lets you buy likes for your posts which could be any specific post and it can also help you in buying views for your posts.

Vibbi also lets you backup your content. If anything was to happen to your Instagram account, your images will be saved with Vibbi.


Crowdfire is a very special tool for your Instagram and it does allow you to improve your social media marketing campaign. We all know that Instagram is picture sharing app which is becoming a big deal now in social media marketing and in order to make that social media marketing successful we need to make creative and attractive posts. We need to reach out and advertise ourselves. And we need to present our products and services. But apart from these, the most important element without which all of these are not going to help us is getting followers for your Instagram and we are not talking about just random followers, we are talking about the right followers here. This is what Crowdfire allows you to do, it helps you gain more followers and reach to your Instagram account. You can grow your Instagram using Crowdfire and gain a targeted audience for your business. According to an estimate,  30% of followers you follow will surely follow you back, so that’s how effective CrowdFire is. So must get this exciting follower gaining tool for your Instagram and improve your Instagram marketing.

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SnapWidget is known to be one hell of a tool for your Instagram and other social media marketing websites which helps you to promote your Instagram on other social profiles. We all know that we can gain followers from Instagram by using different methods but we can still be able to reach a limited number of Instagram active users. So what if we can get audience not just from Instagram directly but from our other profiles as well. This is where SnapWidget helps you. This tool allows you to link up your Instagram with your other social media profiles and as well as with your websites. You can get followers from your social media accounts through Facebook and Tumblr like sites and also you can gain followers directly from your site with the help of SnapWidget’s widget. So, get SnapWidget today and help your Instagram post spread to various social networking sites, gain more followers and improve the standard of your Instagram marketing campaign.

These are some famous and very useful tools for Instagram that really boosts your Instagram marketing campaign. There are indeed a lot of tools out there that are made especially for Instagram but here are lists of top five that are best among all those tools and can help you run a smooth social media marketing campaign. So get all these tools put your Instagram marketing campaign on right track and get going.





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