Top 5 Grammar and Sentence Checker Tools

Do you look for the best grammar and sentence checker tools?

As a writer, you have the opportunity to thoroughly check some of the most popular grammar and sentence checker tools.

If you are a blogger, or author, these online sentence checker tools can help you to make your content grammatically correct and well-formatted.

Top 5 Grammar and Sentence Checker Tools 1
Top 5 Grammar and Sentence Checker Tools 4

Online grammar checker tools are helpful for those who prefer to write error-free emails, presentations, reports, articles, press releases, or even social media posts.

Here are the top 5 grammar checker tools for 2020 that you can use to make your content error-free and appealing.

So now, let us get started to acquaint with these free sentence checker tools.

1. ProWritingAid

The online tool works as your grammar checker and personal writing coach. Known as one of the best sentence checker tools for 2020, this is popular among writers.

You can use it to check spelling, punctuation, and sentence composition.

It can be integrated with MS Word, Google Docs, and Final Draft. You can download a desktop app for Mac and Windows.

It is best to help you to check your writing on any website, including Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Gmail.

So consider them to make your content error-free.


  • Reasonable
  • Relatively correct
  • Plenty of excellent features for self-editing
  • Suitable for writers   

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2. SpellCheckPlus: 

It is a valuable and grammar checker tool.

Like Ginger, the tool means to assist you to learn more about writing in a second language and the difficulties of English grammar.

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It is a virtual writing tutor that lets you paste extracts of your work – up to 2,000 characters at a time.

The tool scans your extracts for difficult language, unnecessary words, and so on.

It is a free sentence checker to find and fix errors at your content. So it is preferred to use it to check longer pieces of writing at this tool.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive grammar exercises
  • Special writing collection

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3. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most trusted writing assistant.

It not only corrects grammar at your content but also gives you complete writing feedback.

You can use the online tool to proofread and check the content for grammatical errors and spelling errors in emails, social media updates, blog posts, and articles.

This is great to check your writing across the internet. It can be integrated with chrome extension to check grammar online.

This grammar checker is ideal if you are a writer.

You may install a plugin for your web browser and make use of it free to review your social media updates, emails, and anything you write online.

Thus it means to logon to to make your content error-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Influential online grammar checker
  • Great writing insights
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

4. GrammarChecker

It is an online spell checker tool that evaluates your writing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stylistic errors.

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It assists you in finding appropriate synonyms, words, and so on.

The result is undoubtedly plagiarism-free text.

Also, the tool supports many diverse languages, such as Spanish, French, and German.

If you are looking for the best spell checker tool, it is best to use.


  • Easy interface

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5. Reverso

This is an online translator, spelling and grammar checking tool.

This can translate your text into unusual languages, including German, Italian, Spanish, and more.

It functions using a web browser, Google Chrome plugin, and Google Play.

The tool offers corrections, suggestions, and more information via an in-built dictionary.

This online writing tool helps check or translate shorter pieces of writing.


  • Easy to use
  • Useful for non-English writers

We hope this blog will assist you to proofread, edit, and make your content error-free grammatically.

Today, writing any content does not mean if it is not grammatically correct.

If you are writing for your audience or commercial purpose, use any of these tools after you make your writing done.

Online grammar check tools have many features.

If you get a tool that goes with your needs in terms of features, it is the best tool to correct your writing.

Let us know, Which one is your favorite tool to use by writing the comment below.

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