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4 Best Practices for Push Notifications

Push notifications are powerful and incredibly effective marketing tools that many developers and marketers use.

4 Best Practices for Push Notifications 1
4 Best Practices for Push Notifications 6

They can be used to provide engaging and highly personalized notifications for their target audience.

The reason they are effective is because most users have to opt-in to them.

You are often given the option to enable push notifications, or something similar, for instance.

We live in a time when modern companies hold a greater volume of data on their customers than ever before.

That data can be utilized to create highly tailored notifications specific to their interests.

If you would like to experience real benefits from using push notifications as offered by https://www.ad-maven.com, look no further than our guide to some of the best practices for successful campaigns using these powerful tools.

Personalize the Notifications You Send Out

Just knowing what your customers do as well as when and where they do it, is not going to help you unless you find a way to utilize that information best.

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4 Best Practices for Push Notifications 7

When you formulate a push notification, it is crucial that you give some serious consideration to the message you want to send and that it applies and is of interest to the users you are targeting. 

Always Make Use of Rich Media In Notifications

With rich push notifications, you can use various forms of media such as icons, action buttons, short-length videos, and images.

You need to realize that customers and users are not always going to follow-through and click on your push notifications, so you need to quickly get the point you want to make across most directly and succinctly.

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You could do this by sending photos of a new item for sale or highlights of a recent video you posted.

It can be effective to really hit them with those kinds of messages to show them what they are potentially missing out on.

Although you shouldn’t always rely on rich media notifications, they are an important tool to use at the right time and in the right way.

Find the Best Time to Send Your Notifications

You need to appreciate the fact that many of your users are located around the world in various time zones, who have their own interests and hobbies.

You will undoubtedly find that not all your users use your apps/services at the same time.

Therefore, you need to identify the best times of the day, week, month or year to send out your notifications to the right people. 

Make Use of Emojis

You may not be the biggest fan of them, but there is lots of evidence to support the fact that emojis are highly potent when it comes to increasing brand engagement.

There are even particular emojis that work better for increasing the click-through rate.

You need to be careful to use emojis that drive home the meaning behind your message and avoid any that could either disrupt your message’s flow or be interpreted negatively.

Ideally, they should be placed at the start or end of the message, unless you are being clever and replacing a word with an appropriate emoji.

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