How to (Fix)Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

How to (Fix)Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

As we all know that there are different types of internet connections including DSL, Cable, Fiber, 4G Broadband or Wireless.

No matter which internet type we are using, a reliable and fast speed internet is surely the need of the hour and a vital requirement to carry out our personal and professional lives smoothly.

Gone are the days when slow internet connections could be ignored for a while since nowadays there are deadlines to be covered, tasks to be completed, outputs that have to be achieved, emails that cannot wait-therefore a slow internet can prove to be a disaster for us.

How to (Fix)Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection
How to (Fix)Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection 4

Even in our personal lives, we are relying on the internet for all sorts of communication and entertainment purposes.

All the social media platforms keep us connected with our friends and family.

Not just that, they keep us informed of the events and happenings around us. Therefore, if you ever confront an internet issue, you must know how to fix it rather suffering the consequences of disconnection.

Before we proceed on how to fix an internet connection issue, it is important to understand the possible reasons that can lead to a disruption of your connection.

However, nowadays the newer technology has led to much faster rates and reliable services. Providers offer impressive customer services to take care of any connectivity issues.

For instance, if you subscribe to any of the Spectrum internet packages, Cox plans or Verizon bundles, you are unlikely to confront any major connectivity failure since such providers offer reliable networks and effective customer services.

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Still, there can be times when you might face issues regarding your internet connectivity.

There are a certain set of common issues that you can deal with yourself. Some main reasons are mentioned below:

Possible Reasons for A Disrupted Internet Connection

Slower Speeds

In case you face a slower internet speed, it can be because your device is located further from the router or your bandwidth is too thin to support multiple devices at the same time. Another possible reason can be your internet network affected by the overcrowded traffic at the peak hours leading to congestion.

Faulty Equipment

Your router or modem might be disrupting the signals. This, in turn, can be because of power outages or any outdated equipment that might need upgrading or replacement in order to provide stronger internet signals.

No Connection

You could be experiencing complete internet service outage due to any genuine reason including bad weather conditions or service faults.

Service Errors

Your ISP might be facing problems in delivering the required speeds and services as promised to you. This results in users facing network issues.

Fixing Your Internet Connection

You need to identify the root cause of the problem so you can fix it up. You can use these effective ways to gain back seamless internet connectivity in terms of speed and reliability. Here are some useful tips:

Check Your Equipment

You must check all your internet connection equipment physically including the modem, router, computer, connection cable, etc.

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Move Near to the Router

You should try moving closer to the router if you are using a wireless internet connection. Shortening your distance between the router and your device can improvise the signal strength and speed.

Try Resetting Your Router

You can also try resetting your router or modem to avoid glitches. Overheating or congestion can lead to glitches. Rebooting your computer or resetting your router can fix the interrupted connection.

Running A Virus

Your internet disruption might be a result of a malware attack. In that case, you can run a virus check to get rid of any viruses to fix your internet issue.

Check For Your Bandwidth Cap

If you are facing disruption of internet connection, there might be a possibility that your data limit for the month has ended. Your provider might be capping your connection to prevent your online access.

-Disabling Firewalls

Your firewall might be blocking your access to websites, thereby resulting in an apparent slowing down of internet connectivity. You can try disabling your firewall and accessing the websites to resolve the issue.

Double Check Password

You must try checking the password. If you have a new router, you can try re-entering your password and see if your internet starts working.

Summing Up:

The aforementioned tips can help you fix internet failures and save yourself from any frustrations. If the issue still prevails then you must contact your internet provider so that they can fix your internet connection.


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