17 Flippa Alternatives and Similar Sites to Buy & Sell Websites

Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling websites, mobile apps and domain names. 

Although it’s the biggest platform to sell your websites and apps and has got many active users and offers a good selection of websites, you might find it lacking in quality at times. 

Moreover, it lets sellers enter their listing information, traffic numbers and revenue, which may get overinflated leading to unsatisfied buyers. 

One of the factors the website is facing is dealing with inexperienced sellers, as they lack experience in regards to “how to transfer websites ownership”, sometimes it might be frustrating to deal with it.

These factors encourage sellers to shift to some alternative websites. 

If you’re looking for some Flippa alternatives, then here are some excellent websites, which may help you set your e-commerce business.

Flippa Alternatives
To Buy & Sell Websites
17 Flippa Alternatives and Similar Sites to Buy & Sell Websites 7


FIH is a digital startup marketplace – a radically simplified way to acquire & exit successful online businesses around the world. Depending on if you are a buyer or seller, they have an individualized process for you.

#2. Website Broker

It’s one of the oldest and established websites that assists in buying and selling already existing websites. It’s quite convenient to use.

If you wish to sell a site, you just have to log in and fill up the basic information about the property. The information will get automatically added to the growing listings of the sites for sale.

As it offers a standard and premium list, it gives more options to the potential buyers based on the plan they choose.

#3. BuySellWebsite

Founded in 2001, the company claims itself as one of the most reliable and trusted platforms to buy and sell websites. It focuses more on the startup websites than the established ones.

Also, it offers various services such as website appraisal, buying and selling startups as well as established websites.

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#4. Motion Invest

It’s a verified website that lets buyers buy directly from them rather than an anonymous seller. This qualifies it as a premium website.

Also, if a buyer wishes to directly buy from the seller, he can do so and will only get assisted by the company. 

#5. Digital Point Forum

It’s a platform to buy and sell anything digital. It lets you have a direct conversation with brokers by which you can estimate the true value of the property if you wish to sell, or wouldn’t need to pay much if you wish to buy a website. It allows you to advertise virtually with CPM email ads and banners. 

#6. eBay

17 Flippa Alternatives and Similar Sites to Buy & Sell Websites 1

It’s the world’s largest online marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together and can buy and sell everything. Based on some parameters like traffic flow and price you can easily filter out the websites as per your requirement.

Also, it provides an online auction, where if you wish to sell your property, you can choose to accept bids for your property at a specified price, which gives all the potential buyers an option to purchase the website, and the website will remain there for a certain period of time until you get your maximum possible value. 

#7. Vineclick 

It’s a platform that helps you build your website from scratch. You can customize everything ranging from colours, logo, pictures and content according to your preferences.

It then transfers your website onto your domain. Just to ensure that your websites remain secure and updated, they charge you a flat rate, which you wouldn’t regret investing in. 

#8. Warrior Forum

It’s the world’s largest and highly active marketplace where you can meet enormous numbers of potential buyers and sellers.

You can easily discuss the property that you wish to buy or sell with brokers on various threads. It’s a highly active and responsive platform where you discuss any query or have an open discussion with the brokers. 

#9. Digital Exits

The website acts as a broker to sell your eCommerce websites or amazon businesses.

You can directly browse through the businesses to get an idea about the worth of your business. It doesn’t have a stipulated fee, you’d be charged a percentage of the sale price, once your business gets sold.  

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#10. Empire Flippers

It has also been featured on Forbes and Business Insider. It’s a platform that assesses sellers to provide buyers with authenticated information.

Just to ensure that sellers aren’t making up the numbers, it evaluates the information so that buyers can make an informed decision.

The potential buyers can browse the website to see details such as gross monthly revenue, net profit, before confirming it with Empire Flippers.

It charges a fee of $297 for first-time sellers and an additional 10-15% of the sale.

#11. Exchange (Shopify)

17 Flippa Alternatives and Similar Sites to Buy & Sell Websites 3

It’s a platform where you can buy and sell Shopify stores. It’s a good marketplace for all the potential buyers who are looking out for Shopify stores exclusively, as here you don’t have to start a Shopify store from scratch.

Instead, you get a store with established social media accounts. Also, it contains a decent amount of information for all the potential buyers and also gets verified by Shopify.

Here, a service fee is charged based on the sale amount, you’ll get to know the fees once you accept an offer from the buyer.

#12. FE International

It’s a website that acts as a broker and helps in selling business. The fee is charged once the business gets sold. Also, you get assisted by the advisors at the time of sale, which makes it one of the most successful websites.

#13. Money Nomad

It’s more than a Flippa website as apart from being an active marketplace it provides tutorials on starting a website, making money on Amazon, how to be a freelancer, how to invest money, etc.

It enlightens you with the details about the businesses when it gets launched and about the market they serve, the date they listed the business for sale, price, profit per month and ensures that the information gets verified for accuracy.

You don’t have to pay a fee to unlock a listing, you can simply download and submit it for more information.

#14. BizBuy Sell

It’s a website with over 45,000 businesses for sale for several categories including both physical and eCommerce businesses.

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There’s no broker and hence the seller has to pay for an ad and is contacted by the potential buyers. 

#15. Dealasite

It obviates the need for expensive brokers as it itself acts as a broker and provides the correct value of websites, domain names and mobile apps. You can list your website as per the categories listed on the home page.

It’s quite easy to browse as it specifies different blocks on its landing page such as most active websites, highest rated websites, highest offers, making it much more convenient. 

#16. Website Closers

The company claims to have $750,000,000 in eCommerce and sales.

Also, the website has got great reviews in terms of customer loyalty as the company assists the buyer throughout the process of putting together a pitch deck and evaluates the valuation of the business.

The website shows some FBA businesses selling in millions of dollars.

#17. The Website Flip

This is a boutique content site brokerage that sells websites in three ways: (1) they buy sites directly that match their criteria, (2) via their newsletter of buyers, and (3) via Flippa since they are an authorized broker.

The sites they usually broker are under $50,000. The only way to get access to deals is to join their newsletter.This is a good option if you have a limited budget to buy a website.

The Takeaway

If you’re currently interested in buying or selling your online business or looking to raise capital for another business venture, use a marketplace to list or a broker to sell your business.

Check out these Flippa alternatives as they will not only save your time and minimize stress but will also help you build connections and reputation across the globe.

Which Flippa Alternatives are you going to choose? Tell us in the comments section below!

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