Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two 1

Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two

The world is becoming digitally dependant, and the dependency is increasing day by day. Everyone feels the need to be on the internet for his or her upkeep, and due to this, the concept of e-commerce has taken a superlative place. Today the digital competition has gone to another level and survival has become tougher. Merely existing in this world is not enough, if you want to rule the internet, then you have to have a lot more than just a website. The e-commerce platform on which you build your website has to be correct and the best.

A person dealing with the websites on the internet is always in a dilemma as to which plat form would be the best. The problem of making a choice between the various hosting providers is the real fight.  There are plenty of service providers out there, but best ones are only a few. Of course, everyone needs best for themselves, and it comes with two most popular e-commerce platforms. Shopify and Wocommrce are two leading e-commerce platforms that offer different features and benefits.

Both these platforms are efficient enough at their places that make it difficult for a user to choose any one of them.  We are here with a comparative study between the two platforms to make it easier for you to choose. But before we move on to the comparison, let us understand the concept of both the platforms in brief.

Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two 2


Shopify is one of the leading web hosting software which is self-hosted. You will not have to install, upgrade, or maintain the software or the web server.  Shopify comes with a great variety of themes and adds- on’s that give extra features to your store. The designs of Shopify are mobile friendly and impressively responsive. The content management system of this software helps in controlling the design, content, and navigation as well. With the SEO friendly structure and built-in e-commerce reports and analytics, Shopify is a great option for the website builders and companies.

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It is a WordPress plug-in that has various add-ons and superlative features. The combination of  WordPress and WooCommerce provides the users endless customization options and flexibility.  The payment mode with this software is easy and different. It uses BACS, PayPal and much more option can be added as per the user’s convenience. This will work at its best when you already use the WordPress. You will get an endless choice of designs and features to make your online store look like the best.  It lets you have a full control over your store.

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Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two 6

Wocommrce vs. Shopify

Each one of them has their own strengths and benefits, but it is you who have to select the one that suits you the best.  To make a choice, it is first necessary that you list down your needs, as it will help you take quicker decisions.  Here the comparison has been made based on different criteria like the prices, performances, etc. so let’s begin

#1 Design Comparison

For a website, or an online store, the design is the most important criteria. It is the outlook of your page that will reflect your standards and quality. Therefore, the design must be of superb quality and format. Coming to the two-page building platforms, Shopify has the best visual quality and out of the box design options. All of the designs are mobile responsive, so it becomes easier to access them from anywhere. The designs created by Shopify have some of the best professionals behind that strive to make the work best. The prices of the designs are however a little expensive, but the work is worth it. When it comes to the woocommerce designs, you have a sea of options. It provides its users enumerable options to chose from and gave personal touch to your page.

An honest conclusion would be that WooCommerce has some advantages over Shopify when it comes to designs as the themes provided by Shopify are limited.

#2 Price Comparison

The pricing of Shopify are clear while it is not same in the case of Wocommrce. However, the best part is that the woo commerce is a free plug-in software which makes it automatically cheap. But it will require much more work to set it up. Shopify provides a lot of ease and a much sought pricing structure you will find things a bit easier with it.

#3 Features comparison

Unlike the different pricing approach of these two platforms, the features of these two are somewhat close to each other. Shopify provides its users a lot of free options along with unlimited products, file storage fraud analysis and much more. It has the facility of multiple languages, various payment options, social media integration, and a lot more. Wocommrce is associated with WordPress, which is well known to allow third-party developers so find a woocommerce development service is not difficult task. It provides a lot of additional features that are effective as well as easy to use. You can easily make payments and adjust shipping rates and taxes, Mobile friendly and much more. It could be said that there is no clear winner in both these platforms as both are equally good.

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Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two 8

#4 comparisons between the ease of use

Ease of use refers to the fact that how easy it is to setup and manage the platform. The best thing about Shopify is that its users do not have to be having any skills to develop their page. The package comes with all the features that are necessary to give the user ease. On the other hand, WooCommerce too is easy to use like Shopify, but you have to do a couple of things on your own. You have to set up a domain name, install the WordPress, sign up for an account a lot more. This makes the task a bit time taking. Therefore, the benefit of ease of use is with Shopify. Users will find it a lot more convenient that the other option.

#5 comparison between customer support facility

Technical support to customers is one of the most important factors that make any website good or bad. Shopify is known to have the best quality customer support. It provides its client the ease of solving their query all day round via various sources like mail, phone call messages, etc. however, the case is not same with WordPress. It is good for the people who do not like to ask questions and solve their queries. Therefore, the comparison between customer supports brings out that Shopify is a lot better in supporting its customers with 24×7 customer support services.

#6 Comparison between the Search engine optimization techniques

This is another important factor to be considered while choosing a website developing platform.  Seo is something that makes your website a success. Therefore, it is very necessary to have one. In this criteria of SEO, Shopify may come second as it does not provide as much customer support as that of Woo Commerce. As Wocommrce is associated with word press it has a number of SEO experts with it that help the client in every possible way to get on the top. It is one of the biggest advantages that Wocommrce has over Shopify.

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The conclusion over the above comparison does not have a precise result as both the platforms are good in different situations. Both of them are packed with features that are absolutely perfect to develop a page effectively. If there has to be a conclusion, then it must be in favor of both of the platforms. Both are equally good in different situations and requirements.

You can use Shopify when

Woocommerce vs. Shopify- A Comparison Between The Two 10

You can go with this platform when you have a hands-off approach. If you want just to sing up and get your work done, then it is the correct platform for you. For people who do not want to face any setting up procedure and who are okay with paying a good amount for that, this platform is what they would ever wish for. It provides a reliable and fast responding system and can be accessed on mobile as well.  If you need all the feature of Shopify, then you must go for it.

You can use WooCommerce when

If you want to have full control over your store and wish to access, a wide range of site designs as well as a plug-in to enhance the functionality of your store, then this platform is the best for you. The things over woo commerce are a little time taking so if you do not mind spending a couple of hours in setting up and you are not afraid to handle tasks on your own then you can go for this option. Moreover, if you wish to have a good quality service in a minimal budget and you want to do everything on your own, and then woocommerce is all that you would want.

After reading to all the points and arguments, it is finally you who have to decide which one to go with. So choose your favorite platform and avail all the advantages now.

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