Top 5 Search Engines Other Than Google

Let’s face it, we all get complacent.

Humans are creatures of habit who get comfort from the familiar until we bore ourselves looking at the same web page or app every single day. Then you know it’s time to strike out and explore new ground.

Trying out alternative search engines is like taking a vacation in a far-off land. You at least get a different look at the World Wide Web that refreshes your perspective.


As the Microsoft Zune ended up playing second fiddle to the Apple iPod, so Bing has been the Microsoft counterpart to Google.

While we can hardly claim that Microsoft has an ethical edge over Google, the Bing search engine does return quality search results with decent speed.

Bing does even have a couple tricks on Google, such as an innovative video search layout and results that are less filtered than Google. Bing will simply find stuff that Google won’t show.


If your personal data privacy is your top concern, DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008 just for people like you.

The upstart search engine whose name is taken from the children’s game “Duck Duck Goose” serves up search results powered by engines at Google, Bing, and other top-tier crawlers, but scraped off all user data profiling and targeted advertising.

While Google and other big web powerhouses have been criticized for their invasive data policies, DuckDuckGo has shown a higher path.


This may come as stunning news to modern web users, but there was life before Google. HotBot was one of the original search engines contending in the 1990s with the likes of Lycos, AltaVista, and AskJeeves.

It’s still going strong and has adapted and updated with the times to focus on a safer web browsing experience.

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HotBot has emerged as an industry thought the leader in online security while delivering a search experience that feels more like the classic web before it got so busy.


Speaking of the classics, Yahoo started out as the first World Wide Web directory. They’ve since acquired and bargained their way into being an all-service web portal.

While Google was still pondering what to explore after search, Yahoo was merging their fourth social media acquisition into their portfolio.

Yahoo search gives a little more weight to senior authorities on the web instead of being gamed by every SEO whiz with a new domain.

Of course, Yahoo’s culture is also different because it tries to be a walled garden off the Internet on its own, but their search engine is still in the top ranks.


Pardon us for putting it so bluntly, but users spend a large percentage of the time on the web searching for porn.

Hot takes DuckDuckGo’s attitude towards privacy and melds it to a search engine that only crawls and delivers adult website results, from dating to sexual health and wellness to video entertainment.

It’s an idea whose time has come, since adult-oriented searches is the kind of thing most people would want to do incognito anyway.

Honorable mention:

Along with, there’s a whole world of niche search indexes out there. Even though these won’t work for general purpose broad web surfing, it’s worth a bookmark just to try out some different paths to finding answers.

Stack Overflow Network – Their search indexes their own question and answer forums, going back a decade and encompassing everything from programming to physics to comic books.

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BoardReader Boardreader is a specialized engine that only crawls web forums – message boards, social networks, bulletin boards, and any discussion venue. Great for topics which don’t have good answers from official sources. – The Internet Archive is a treasure trove for historians. They host electronic media ranging from classic video games of any platform to scanned-in microfiche newspapers to music tracks ripped from old 45 records.

It’s the Internet’s junk attic, but sometimes that’s the best place to dig into some deep research.

Search Engines Other Than Google

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