How to Use Split Screen on Mac {Complete Guide}

One of the amazing features of technology today is to be able to work on a split screen in one device. Split Screen as the name suggests, a feature that divides the screen between two Mac applications and enables you to use them simultaneously.

Let’s say you’re working on something where it involves copy and pastes into a Spreadsheet. Unlike before, you used to switch between apps just to copy and paste information.

But now, thanks to the current update, with the Split-screen mode, you can open your Safari browser in half of the display, while the other half is in Spreadsheet.

Cool, right?

This will improve a noticeable margin in your productivity.

Mac enables you to have at least two vertical windows and can swiftly switch between two applications without interruption from other windows.

You can drag links, text, and images from Safari into app notes, pages and so on. 

Mac users are now enjoying this multi-tasking feature that can help them with these tasks such as:

  • Playing Multiplayer games
  • Working on multiple Pages
  • For complex web research task
  • Using other apps and documents at the same time
  • Image and Video Editing
  • Reporting

Getting Started with Mac Split Screen

Okay so first, you’ll see three buttons at the top left of each Mac window: red, yellow, green. When you hover over the green button, the arrows will appear. You can press on this to open a full-screen window or contract it back.

How to Use Split Screen on Mac {Complete Guide} 1

You can follow these steps:

  1. Open the two applications you want to use
  2. Then, at the top-left corner of an app window, press and hold the green button. 
How to Use Split Screen on Mac {Complete Guide} 3
  1. While holding the green button, drag the window left or right, whichever you want to place it and release the button.
  2. Click the second app you wish to work with
  3. Adjust or resize the windows according to your preferences (press and move the center, vertical bar) If you want to make the other window smaller or bigger, click the border between your two application windows and drag cursor to your preferred size.
  4. At this point, you’ll notice your menu bar disappears. Don’t panic. Move your cursor at the upper part of your screen to make the menu bar reappear including the red, yellow, green button.
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In the split-screen view, it’s easy to switch back and forth between two documents.

You can also switch between your split-screen and other applications. Just use Mission Control or swipe left or right on your trackpad with multi-touch gestures.

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How to Use Mission Control

Mission Control as mentioned above, is a tool that allows you to see every virtual window on your Mac that you have opened. You can also use Mission Control to switch to different virtual windows between applications or move applications.

Follow and choose any of these steps to open Mission Control:

  • Swipe up your Multi-Touch Trackpad or Magic Trackpad.
  • Double-tap the surface of the Magic Mouse with two fingers.
  • Click the Mission Control key in the Dock or Launchpad.
  • Press the Mission Control button on your Apple keyboard, or press Control Up Arrow keys.
  • Drag a window to the top of the screen in OS X El Capitan.

Mission Control displays all the windows that are open on your desktop at the top of the screen, and below it. 

How to Use Split Screen on Mac {Complete Guide} 5

How to Exit Split Screen Mode on Mac:

Slide your cursor up to the top of the screen until the green button appears again to leave the split-screen and return to your 296 windows. Click to decrease the window size. The window you’re in returns to its pre-split screen. While the other window is going to enter full-screen mode.

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Benefits of Split Screen

  • Increased Productivity

Multitasking needs sufficient screen room to maintain various apps simultaneously visible, a perspective that is merely not acceptable to full-screen view alone. Research also shows that working on multiple screens can improve productivity in business that could lead to a huge leap of annual ROI. 

  • Cutting and pasting makes easier

Remove the need to switch between tabs and scroll as you work up and down. Increased visibility also reduces the chances of making mistakes and therefore loses more time fixing them. 

  • Simplified Sharing Data

Developers work with different programs at once, but the information is also widely shared, such as copying code from one application to another or opening a photo-generated in Adobe Dreamweaver. With a second screen, all of this stuff can be simplified. It’s often easier to move from one screen to the next than to use different apps on one screen.

  • A Great Way for Comparison

It is simpler, faster, and usually more efficient to compare side-by-side using two displays instead of constantly switching back and forth. Making Decisions on two different models or design can lessen your work on which is which will work for you.

  • Keep you up to date from emails and other apps

If you are interested in being more linked and available to clients or another person on your network, you may discover that a split-screen can make this much more viable.

While you may be using the main screen for most of your job, you could have your email or Facebook open in the second browser at the same time.

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Multiple applications are now accessible at your sight all at once. Don’t forget to install high-quality security software for your Mac as well.

Because macOS is becoming a popular target for malware and viruses too. Macs are just as vulnerable as Windows PCs, and you absolutely need an antivirus for your Mac.

Mac users who are working on high demand projects where a multi-tasking job is required, this split-screen feature will definitely help you out with productivity and efficiency.

And if you end up finding yourself plunging in and out of one application to check the contents from one file to another, consider this post as your simple guide.

Mac screens are bigger, and you can already place two windows side-by-side, but on a tiny MacBook, where every inch counts, Split Screen in Mac is a great feature!


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