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10 Best Residential Proxy Providers

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10 Best Residential Proxy Providers 8

There are dozens of providers out there, and locating reliable, fast, and dynamic proxies is not a walk in the park. The market also has many shadowy players who hawk other types of proxies veiled as residential proxies.

Residential proxies are much more expensive than data center proxies. They are worth the extra buck, though, because they are valid IP addresses supplied by internet service providers.

Each residential proxy is, therefore, a valid address meaning that they are harder to flag, track, ban, or blacklist.

This is an especially important feature for services that heavily rely on proxies, such as web scraping, or access to geo-blocked content.

Residential proxies also offer better online security for businesses that handle sensitive data through their servers.  

The best way to ensure that you are paying for the best residential proxies that there are in the market is to only buy from industry-respected and recognized businesses.  

Below are the best Residential Proxy providers of 2023 – let’s start with Bright Data Proxies!

Bright Data

Bright Data is a top provider of residential proxies with a vast pool of rotating IPs worldwide.
With 72 million monthly IPs in 195 countries, it offers features like country, city, ASN, and zip code targeting.

Performance is exceptional, boasting a 99.9% success rate and unlimited concurrent requests. The proxy control tools provide flexibility and customization.

Bright Data ensures high-quality service and scalability. It caters to various user needs and offers reliable customer support. Overall, Bright Data excels in delivering residential proxies that are reliable, customizable, and scalable for businesses and individuals.


Oxylabs is a leading residential proxy provider, with a focus on web scraping services. The company has a large pool of 30 million residential proxies that represent over 180 diverse geographical locations.

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One of the most attractive residential proxy plans is their smaller packages, designed for effective individual or SME residential proxy use.

They, for instance, have a $12 for 50GB basic package and a new Entry package with a 20 GB limit for $15 but with a minimum commitment charge of $300 per month.

Their flexible Enterprise package goes for $5 per GB. Oxylabs offers a 7-day free service trial and has an outstanding customer support department.


Residential proxy server users love Smartproxy for their flexible prices and subscriptions for different users. As an illustration, they have a Micro package that goes for $75 for a traffic limit of 5GB. Their Starter package goes for $200 for limits of 20GB.

Smartproxy has a residential proxy pool of over 10 million IPs that represent 195 different locations globally. Their versatile network is perfect for social media managers, sneaker bots, and expert scraping. They have an API that manages proxies eliminating the necessity of logging into the site.


GeoSurf has a decade of experience in scraper and crawler development, and they offer secure and reliable residential proxies. The focus of the business is the facilitation of web crawling and scraping on any webpage without being blocked. The company has 2.5 million residential IPs that represent 192 countries.  

If you have a vast geographical reach for your data mining, geolocation bypass, ads verification, or Instagram automation needs, then GeoSurf is your best bet. They, like Luminati are a pricey solution, with their cheapest package going for $450 for a 38GB limit.


Luminati is one of the largest residential proxies providers, globally. They have the most significant pool of IP addresses, and they are present in almost every city in the world. Luminati has a residential proxy pool of close to 40 million. Their proxies have also been tested and proven as some of the fastest proxies available.

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It is not a surprise then that Luminati provides residential proxies for vast Fortune 500 businesses. These companies then use it for various reasons such as price intelligence and monitoring, as well as SEO.

Nevertheless, Luminati residential proxies are not cheap, and their most affordable plan will set you back $500 each month for 40GB usage.

Storm Proxies 

Storm Proxies have four different packages for their users and offer unlimited bandwidth for their proxies. Their services are, however, only available in Europe and the US. Nevertheless, they have a pool of over 40,000 residential IPs at your disposal.

The residential proxies provider has a very friendly and responsive customer support team. They also offer 24-hour cash back guarantee should you not get instant access to their proxies on payment. Their cheapest package goes for $50 per month and has five residential proxy ports.


If you visit the Shifter (formerly Microleaves) homepage in search of residential proxies, you might get a little confused.

This residential proxy provider has labeled them as ‘backconnect proxies.’ Backconnect proxies are a modified type of residential proxies sold as per port instead of bandwidth.

Shifter proxies have unlimited bandwidth, and each of them rotates with a random global IP every five minutes to individual ports.

It has over 31 million proxies. One of their cheapest back connects proxies package goes for $249.98 for 25 ports. The proxy provider has a three-day money-back guarantee.  


Unlike other proxy server providers, you can access Proxyrack’s residential proxies via two different systems. The first process is a single port connection that will rotate your proxy. The second system is through sticky IP sessions, meaning that you can make several requests on the server before the resident proxy rotates with another unique IP address.  

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Proxyrack has over two million residential IP addresses for its customers and offers unlimited internet.

You can access metered or unmetered use of their services according to your business’s proxy use needs. Their cheapest residential proxies package goes for $15.


Unlike other residential proxies providers, the NetNut network does not run on a peer to peer method but on a DiViNetworks delivery and management solution.

DiViNetworks is a service that connects hundreds of internet service providers from various points of presence globally.

This service does not only manage ISPs but allows them to build a highly scalable and secure network with high performance.  

Proxy use on NetNut is, therefore, very reliable, fast, and with low latency speeds. They do have a free trial option should you like to try their proxy service.

Their pricing model is based on bandwidth usage, and their lowest package goes for $300 per 20 GB.


Geonode offers Rotating Residential Proxies, Unique mobile and desktop IPs, ethically sourced from real users and offered without bandwidth limits.


There you have it, the 10 best residential proxy providers that you can find in the market today. There are mild differences in areas such as customer support, costs, and availability of extra and useful features. Visit any of their websites for more information.

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